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Many more Bios for Indian Lake are on the town historian's, Bill Zullo, website: Indian Lake NY - A History

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Inlet, NY:  Biographical Notes on Some Individuals from the 1910 Inlet census, by Donald Murdock
Notes on Early Long Lake Families, by Larry Miller

Abrams Family of Arietta
Andrews, George S. native of Sageville
Anibal, Lee S.
Anibal, Robert P.
Annable Family of Hope
Arnold Family of Hope

Arsenault Family of Long Lake

Baldwin, Descendants of Reuben; two children born in Hope
Bass, Jeremiah of Northville
Becraft Family of Morehouse
Bell and Lanphear Families of Indian Lake
Bennett, Basile of Morehouse
Bennett Family of Hope
Berry, Edward of Wells
Boh Family of Morehouse
Boshart, Albert C. of Inlet
Bouquin Family of Morehouse
Bowman, Julius Frary (Civil War vet) of Hope
Bowman, Julius F.
Bradt / Bratt Family - descendants of Nicolaus Bratt of Wells
Braley Family of Long Lake
Brand Family of Morehouse
Brooks Family of Indian Lake
Brown Family of Wells, The Early
Brown families of Indian Lake, Notes on some
Brown, Descendants of Josiah P. and Sarah Louisa (Bennett) of Indian Lake
Brown, Le Roy S. - native of Wells
Brownell - see Carpenter, Brownell and Harris Families
Buchelle Family of Morehouse
Butler Family of Morehouse
Buyce, Orra and Michael of Gilmantown
Buyce Family of Gilmantown

Call, Descendants of Samuel of Lake Pleasant
Cargin Family of Wells and Yates Family of Day (Saratoga co.)
Carpenter, Brownell and Harris Families of Northville -  this family has ties to Wells also
Carpenter, William H. - residing in 1850 census in Hope
Clouthier - see Thompson, Clouthier, and Freemont Families of Wells
Conklin, Descendants of Isaac of Hope
Courtney, Descendants of Francis of Lake Pleasant
Cramer Family of Benson
Cross, Luther Lake, Jr. - grandchild of an early county resident
Cumming Family of Morehouse

Davis, John R. - of Indian Lake
DeBraine Family of Morehouse
Delmarsh Family of Inlet
Dods Family of Benson - a very detailed genealogy with several generations of Bartholemues Dods and many detailed sources.
Dunning, Descendants of Amos of Arietta and Lake Pleasant
Dupont Family of Morehouse
Durand, Hon. George H. of Morehouse
Durand Family

Eglin Family of Benson - a very detailed genealogy with several generations of John Eglin and many detailed sources.
Erb Family of Morehouse

Farley and Fraser Families of Indian Lake
Fountain Family of Wells
Francisco, Descendants of Hezekiah, of Morehouse
Fraser - see Farley and Fraser Families
Graef Family of NYC and NJ - part of the Kreuzer Family writeup
Fraser Family of Morehouse - part of the Kreuzer Family writeup
Freeman, Arthur G. of Long Lake
Freemont - see Thompson, Clouthier, and Freemont Families of Wells
French Family of Morehouse

Gillis, Joseph of Hope
Grant Family of Benson
Grennell, William H.
Groff Family of Hope - a link to the Fulton GenWeb site.
Groff, Frederick Randolf (WWI vet) of Hope
Groff, John of Hope, Rev. War vet.
Groff, Descendants of John, of Hope

Hagedorn Family of Morehouse
Hall, James B. of Long Lake
Hanson Family of Morehouse
Haremaker Family of Morehouse
Harrington Descendants - later generations resided in Wells
Harris - see Carpenter, Brownell and Harris Families
Harris, Peter
Harris, William
Hinkley / Hinckley Family of Wells
Hoffmeister Family of Morehouse
Howland, Oscar of Lake Pleasant
Hurrelle Family of Morehouse
Hurter Family of Morehouse
Hurter, George of Morehouse

Ingraham, Descendants of Quartus of Hope

Jennings Family of Long Lake
Johnston Family of Benson
Jubin Family of Morehouse

Kassing Family of Morehouse
Kathan, Descendants of Capt. John, of Hope
Kathan, Descendants of Rensselaer (Ranslow) S. of Hope
Kellogg, Samuel Cleveland; connections to Rudeston and Morehouseville
Kenote, Margaret Euleta; 9 Generations of Ancestors, including the Boh family of Morehouse
Kenwell, Isaac of Indian Lake
Koch Family of Morehouse - part of the Kreuzer family writeup
Krebs Family of Morehouse
Kreuzer, Earl of Morehouse
Kreuzer Family of Morehouse

Lamphear, Descendants of John of Greenwich, Washington Co., NY. - later generations in Lake Pleasant
Lane Family of Morehouse
Lanphear - see Bell and Lanphear Families
Lawrence Family of Lake Pleasant
Lawrence Family of Wells and Arietta
Lawton, Squires, the Family of, of Hope
Lobdell, Bradley N.
Lynn, Richard - brother Daniel of Long Lake

Macomber, Eleanor of Lake Pleasant
Maheux, Eugene of Morehouse
Marache Family of Morehouse
McGinn and McDonald Families of Indian Lake
Mott, James M. - several siblings in Indian Lake
Morehouse Family of Morehouse
Mulholland Family - 2 children of
The Murdocks of Inlet - memories of growing up in Inlet with detailed Murdock family info.
Murray Biography of Andrew, Jr. of Long Lake

Olmsted Family of Hope
Olmstead, Descendants of Joseph of Hope

Palmateer Family of Benson
Palmer, R. J. - a daughter lives in Long Lake
Parker, David Shotwell
Partello, Charles M. of Morehouse
Partello Family of Morehouse
Partridge, Seth C. - married in Hope
Pauly, J. C.
Peck, Loring, Desendants of
Place, William Hall - native of Benson
Politsch Family of Benson
Porter, Selah A. of Hope
Porter, Sumner

Raux Family of Morehouse
Reed, The Family of Almon S. of Indian Lake
Reed, Descendants of John of Benson
Reed, The Reverend Myron S. of Wells
Remonda Family of Morehouse (short)
Remonda Family - of Morehouse (long)
Rhodes Family Treasures
Rooney, James
Rudes, Descendants of Eli Rudes, of Arietta
Rudes Family of Arietta
Rudler Family of Morehouse
Russ Family of Morehouse
Russell, William A. - native of Hope

Sabattis, Mitchel of Long Lake
Satterlee Family (John S.) of Lake Pleasant
Schall Family of Morehouse
Schreyer Family of Morehouse
Slack, Benajah of Amsterdam - descendants of his son, Roswell, moved to Lake Pleasant and Wells.
Slack, Descendants of Roswell and Esther, of Lake Pleasant and Wells.
Slack Veterans of Lake Pleasant
Smets, William A. of Morehouse
Smith, Albert J.
Smith, Clarence W.
Soper, C. P. (M. D.) - began his medical practice at Indian Lake
Squires, Darius Squires of Long Lake
Stafford, D. C.
Stone, One line of Descent from Daniel Stone of Salem Mass. - including Martha Conklin wife of Eliphalet Groff of Hope.
Stuart, Descendants of John of Wells (one line of descent)
Stuart Family of Wells
Sturges, Descendants of Banks of Lake Pleasant
Sturges Family of Lake Pleasant
Sullivan, Thomas D. and family of Long Lake

Thacher, George Hornell - summer resident of Blue Mountain Lake
Thompson, Clouthier, and Freemont Families, of Wells
Tifft, Jonathon G. of Morehouse and NYC
Tomlinson, see Wood and Tomlinson Families of Wells
Tucker Family of Morehouse

Uebele Family of Morehouse

Van Arnam, George E.
Vanderhoof, Ezra
Vanderwarker Trail, The - Indian Lake
Van Slyke, John of Benson
Viele Family of Indian Lake

Wadsworth Family of Hope, includes photo of the children of William Hamilton Wadsworth.
Wadsworth, Descendants of Phillip R., of Hope, Civil War
Washburn, Alfred B. - of Benson
Washburn, Alfred B. of Benson (son of Eliphalet) - a link to the Fulton GenWeb site (under Gloversville bios.).
Washburn, Eliphalet of Benson
Washburn, James
Wayne, George - his father was born at Lake Pleasant
Weaver, Descendants of Peter F. of Wells (some descendants moved to Lake Pleasant)
Weaver, Notes from an Interview with Floyd R. and Marion M. Lamphear Weaver - Lake Pleasant
Welch Family of Long Lake
Wheelock Family of Indian Lake
Whitman, Descendants of Isaiah - Wells
Whitman, Rev. Nelson
Wilbur, Beriah of Indian Lake
Willard Family of Gilman
Williams, William
Willis, Hon. Samuel - native of Lake Pleasant
Winchell Family of Morehouse
Wood Family - Philo C. Wood of Inlet
Wood Family of Long Lake
Wood and Tomlinson Families of Wells
Wurster Family of Morehouse (includes Pension info)
Wurster Family of Morehouse - also under Kreuzer Family writeup

The life and adventures of Nat Foster, trapper and hunter, by Curtiss, Arthur Lester Byron, 1897 (300 pages) - scanned copy of the entire book (last book in the list)!  A link to the Cornell University MOA Collection.
A visit with Sabael Benedict about 1848 - A link to the Ne-Do-Ba (Friends), an Abenaki website.
Manzer Family posted on Ancestry Message boards


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