Arnold Family of Hope

This is NOT intended to be a COMPLETE record. It is however, a study of this family taken primarily from sources available online on various free and fee sites. Everything in this compilation should be checked against primary sources, where available, for the best accuracy. The authors of this work are not related to this family!

1.  Aaron ARNOLD was born 1812 and died 29 Mar 1884. He married Hannah. She was born 1829 and died 3 Apr 1883 and her maiden name may have been COLE (see

Aaron ARNOLD and Hannah had the following children:
  1.1.  Aaron ARNOLD, b. Oct 1843 (1900 census states Oct 1840, but earlier census records indicate an later year date)
  1.2.  Philena ARNOLD, b. Jun 1849, m. John BORST
  1.3.  Francis ARNOLD, b. about 1852
  1.4.  Bradley ARNOLD, b. Mar 1853
  1.5.  Watson ARNOLD, b. 1856, d. 1935. He fought in the Spanish American War 28th Battery Field Artillery and is buried in Hope Falls cemetery.
  1.6.  Leman ARNOLD, b. about 1857
  1.7.  Rosine ARNOLD m. Simeon TRAVIS.
  1.8.  Marion ARNOLD, b. 1861, d. 1906, m. Loren E. Edwards
  1.9.  Fabius ARNOLD, b. 1863, d. 6 Jul 1889
  1.10.  Alice ARNOLD b. about 1865
  1.11.  Ida ARNOLD, b. about 1868 - she's living with William Williams and Fidelica in the 1870 census and not specifically listed as a daughter in the 1880 census in Aaron Arnold's home.

1.2.  Philena ARNOLD was born Jun 1849. She married John BORST about 1869. He was born about 1847.

John BORST and Philena ARNOLD had the following children:
  1.2.1.  Lizzie BORST, b. Jun 1872
  1.2.2.  Ella BORST, b. about 1874, died between 1892 and 1900.
  1.2.3.  Jesse BORST, b. Feb 1876
  1.2.4.  Charles BORST, b. Jul 1878
  1.2.5.  Eva BORST, b. Jun 1882

Also living with Philena and her husband in the 1880 census is Clarence Arnold, age 1. In 1892 he appears to be living with Rosine and Simeon Travis, age 13, but with the surname of Travis, not Arnold.

1.4. Bradley ARNOLD was born 1853 and died 1905. He married Emma about 1879. She was born Dec 1859 and died 1927

Child of Bradley ARNOLD and Emma are:
  1.4.1.  David ARNOLD, b. Jul 1879

1.6.  Leman ARNOLD was born about 1857. He married Ella who was born about 1858.

children of Leman ARNOLD and Ella:
  1.6.1.  Esker ARNOLD b. about 1873
  1.6.2.  Marian ARNOLD b. about 1880

1.7.  Rosine ARNOLD was born 29 Jun 1860 (but 1860 census lists her as 11 months old) and died 7 Dec 1898. She married Simeon TRAVIS on 7 Feb 1885. He was born 8 Jan 1859 and died 8 Mar 1940 a son of Hiram TRAVIS (11/2/1832-6/19/1857) and Lucinda Van HEUSEN (11/13/1841 - 11/27/1908).

Children of Simeon TRAVIS and Rosine ARNOLD are:
  1.7.1.  Ward TRAVIS, 19 Nov 1885, died 26 Sep 1888
  1.7.2.  Gertrude TRAVIS, b. May 1892
  1.7.3.  Florence TRAVIS, b. Apr 1896, d. 26 Apr 1975 m. Nathaniel C. INGRAHAM

1.8.  Marion ARNOLD was born May 1861 and died in 1906. She married about 1884 to Leamon Eugene EDWARDS. He was born Mar 1859 and died in 1918. He appears to have used the name Eugene as his census records are under this name or under "L. Eugene".

Children of Leamon E. EDWARDS and Marion ARNOLD are:
  1.8.1.  Floyd EDWARDS, b. 12 May 1886, d. 1933
  1.8.2.  Susie EDWARDS married George CONKLING
  1.8.3.  Leamon EDWARDS, b. 30 Oct 1893, d. 1918
  1.8.4.  Lura EDWARDS, b. Jan 1898, d. 1929, m. Mr. RICE
  1.8.5.  Frank EDWARDS, b. 1901, d. 1918

George Conkling

Susie and son, Leamon, Conkling

1.8.2.  Susie EDWARDS was born 25 May 1892 and died Mar 1976. She married first George CONKLING. He was born in 1874 and died in 1918. She married second [unknown] ROOSA. She married third [unknown] THOMPSON.

Children of Susie EDWARDS and George CONKLING:  Leamon CONKLING, b. 18 Nov 1913, d. Apr 1975  Ruth CONKLING, b. 1915, d. 1918  Catherine CONKLING m. Edgar J. ARSENAULT

Children of Susie EDWARDS and ? ROOSA  Loren ROOSA

Catherine ("Katie") Conkling
with her daughter

(Click to Enlarge)  Catherine CONKLING was born 31 May 1916 and died Jan 1984. She married Edgar J. ARSENAULT. He was born 8 Oct 1905 in New Brunswick, Canada and died 3 Jan 1997. According to his obit he moved in 1922 to Northville, NY and is found there in the 1930 census (which shows that he immigrated in 1928).


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