Descendants of John Kathan, Capt., of Hope

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Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 KATHAN, CAPT. was born 1706 in England, and died November 23, 1787 in Vermont.  He married MARTHA MOORE 1727, daughter of JOHN MOORE and HASADIAH FAIRBANK.  Came to America in 1729 and lived awhile in Worcester, MA, Settled on Bemis Rock, Dummerston, Vt., Jan 5, 1782--8 miles above fort Dummer near Putney Rail Road Station. Was in the French and Indian War, a soldier in Crown Point Expedition 1755.

Children of JOHN KATHAN and MARTHA MOORE are:
2.i.DANIEL2 KATHAN, LT., b. February 1, 1740, Worcester, Worcester Co., Mass.; d. October 17, 1807, Dummerston, Vt..
3.ii.JOHN KATHAN, JR., b. January 7, 1732; d. June 3, 1802.
4.iii.ALEXANDER KATHAN, b. April 22, 1729, On board ship; d. February 14, 1825.
5.iv.MARGARET KATHAN, b. October 6, 1730, Massachusetts; d. October 18, 1779, Vermont.
v.MARY KATHAN, b. October 18, 1734; m. JOHN SARGEANT, COL., December 16, 1780.
vi.MARTHA KATHAN, b. May 8, 1736; m. ASA HOLGAIR, July 22, 1764.
viii.CHARLES KATHAN, LT. COL., b. March 26, 1743; m. ELIZABETH (KATHAN). Was living in Roxbury, Mass. 1771


Generation No. 2

2.  DANIEL2 KATHAN, LT. (JOHN1) was born February 1, 1740 in Worcester, Worcester Co., Mass., and died October 17, 1807 in Dummerston, Vt..  He married RUTH (BARET) BARRETT May 6, 1764 in Hinsdale, Chesire Co., NH, daughter of ISAAC BARRETT and SARAH NEWTON. One record shows her born in Hinsdale, NH. She probably moved to Hinsdale as a child.

Charles, Rufus, Susanna, Eunice, Daniel, Lydia, Pheobe and Dolly.

3.  JOHN2 KATHAN, JR. (JOHN1) was born January 7, 1732, and died June 3, 1802.  He married LOIS MOORE September 11, 1766, daughter of JOSHUA MOORE and ELIZABETH SAWYER. Resided in Dummerston, Vt. Lois was from Bolton.

Children of JOHN KATHAN and LOIS MOORE are:
Gardner, John, David, Prentice, Betsey, and Lois

4.  ALEXANDER2 KATHAN (JOHN1) was born April 22, 1729 in On board ship, and died February 14, 1825.  He married (1) MARGARET BAIRD December 4, 1755 in Leicester, MA.  He married (2) MARY (HART) DAVENPORT December 21, 1806. Resided on the farm of his father. Mary was the widow of Charles Davenport of Dummerston, VT.

Mary, John, Daniel, Thomas and Elizabeth

5.  MARGARET2 KATHAN (JOHN1) was born October 6, 1730 in Massachusetts, and died October 18, 1779 in Vermont.  She married (1) BENJAMIN MOORE May 15, 1755, son of FAIRBANK MOORE and JUDITH BELLOWS.  She married (2) MOSES JOHNSON, LT. January 26, 1764, son of NATHAN JOHNSON.

Margaret and Benjamin Moore had two children. The younger was born Dec. 7th, 1757. Captain Fairbanks Moore (father of Benjamin) lived with them at Brattleboro, Vermont and slept below in their log house; Margaret, Benjamin and the children slept above. In the middle of the night of March 6, 1768 Indians came and made a noise and Captain Moore went to the door. They attacked him and his son went to help him. Both were killed by hatchets. Margaret put on some of her clothes (in her confusion drew on three pairs of Captain Moore's long stockings) took the children and fled by the back door up a sled road where her husband had drawn wood the day before. The Indians brought them back to the cabin. They found some lard which they melted in a kettle, some beans which they added to the lard and when the concoction was cold they put it into a bag and started with her and her children for Canada. They went up West River which flowed past into the Connecticut River and not far from the settlement. The party crossed over the Green Mountains to Otter Creek, up the creek to Lake Champlain, and up the Lake to Canada. At first they kept the children from Mrs. Moore, but soon let her have the younger child and assisted her in carrying it. They traveled for ten days and lived principally on the beans and lard. Margaret and her children were redeemed by Col. Peter Schuyler in the Fall of 1760 for 400 livres ($74) and returned to her parents in Fulham (now Dummerston Vt). They had not heard from her until that time.

13.i.ELIZABETH3 JOHNSON, b. 1769, Putney, VT; d. 1846, Pawlet, VT.


The above are ancestors of:
Generation No. 5

24.  ADELINE (SARAH)5 KATHAN (RENSSELAER (RANSLOW) S.4, CHARLES3, DANIEL2, JOHN1) was born November 28, 1839 in Town of Day, Saratoga Co., NY, and died October 7, 1923 in Hope, buried in Willard Cem., Hope, Hamilton Co., NY.  She married CALEB RANDOLPH CARPENTER, son of ROBERT CARPENTER and BETSEY CLARK. Caleb enlisted Jan 16, 1863 as Sergt. 26th Reg., 17th Brigade. In 1892 he worked as laborer on the road they were building through hope. At one time he was the Justice of Peace. He is buried in Hope.


Also the Superintendent of Highways for Hamilton Co., JOHN S. KATHAN, born June 11, 1900 at Raquette Lake, was a son of SCHUYLER KATHAN, born 1862 in Conklinville, a direct descendant of Capt. KATHAN.


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