Descendants of Peter F. Weaver of Wells

These are ancestors of our Contributing Editor, Annie Weaver. If you are related to this family (or think you might be), Annie would enjoy talking with you!

Generation No. 1

1. PETER F. WEAVER was born November 22, 1799 in Fonda, NY and died April 18, 1881 in Wells, NY. He married Christina Showerman January 9, 1823 in Fonda, NY.

Notes for Peter F.Weaver:

Came to Wells area before 1835 from the Fort Plains area of the Mohawk Valley.
Owned land on the West River Road in Wells, NY.
In Federal census for Wells from 1840-1880.
Will is in Deed Book 46 in Hamilton Co. Clerk's Office.

Children of Peter Weaver and Christine Showerman are:

2.i. Phoebe Maria "Nora" Weaver, b. 1823; d. Aug.9, 1886; m. Henry Whitman
3. ii.Levina (Louisa) Weaver, b. September 17, 1826; d. June 4, 1911; m. Nathan Asa Willis. 
4.iii.Julia Ann Weaver, b. May 19, 1828; d. February 23, 1879; m. Daniel Elias Kellog
5.iv.Elizabeth Weaver, b. January 30, 1831; d. April 24, 1867; m. 1.) Ayers 2.) William Thompson.
6.v.John Weaver, b. December 6, 1832; d. February 2, 1905; m. Permelia Carpenter. Weaver, b. 1838; d. October 2, 1889; m. 1.) Camp 2.) William Thompson.
8.vii.James R. Weaver, b. October18, 1839; d. January 18, 1916; m. Matilda Whitman.
9.viii.William Peter Weaver, b. August 18, 1840; d. May 24, 1895; m. Isadora Mattice.

Generation No. 2

2. PHOEBE MARIA 'NORA' WEAVER ( PETER) was born 1823, and died August 9, 1886. She married HENRY WHITMAN abt. 1840. Buried in Wells Methodist Cem.


Listed in the Federal Census for 1840-1870
Resided on West River Road, Wells, NY
Buried Wells Methodist Cem.

Children of Henry Whitman and Phoebe Weaver are:

 i. Oliver Wesley Whitman, b. July 15, 1841; d. June 3, 1921; m. Anna McCable
 ii.William S. Whitman, b. Feb. 5,1845; d. Aug 16, 1913; m. Laura F.
iii.Charles Whitman, b. March 9,1848; m. Emma Jane
iv.Emily A. Whitman, b. 1850
v.Pamelia A. Whitman, b. April 25, 1852; d. April 3, 1853
vi.Hamlet Whitman, b. 1855; d. 1944; m. Mary H. Craig
vii.Charlotte Whitman, b. 1858; d. April 16, 1862
viii.Hattie Whitman, b. 1861

3. LEVINA ( LOUISA) WEAVER (PETER) was born September 17, 1826 and died June 4, 1911 in Wells, NY. She married Nathan Asa Willis abt. 1848.

Notes for Nathan Asa Willis:

Listed in Federal Census from 1850-1870 in Wells.
Baptised 1825 in Lake Pleasant NY.

Children of Nathan Asa Willis and Levina Weaver are:

 i. George Willis, b. 1848
 ii.Mary Jane Willis, b. 1853
iii.William Asa Willis, b. 1855; d. April 16, 1929; m. Sarah Lee
iv.Charles Willis, b. 1866

4. JULIA ANN WEAVER (PETER) was born May 19, 1828 Stone Arabia, NY, and died February 23, 1879. She married DANIEL ELIAS KELLOG.

Notes for Daniel Elias Kellog:

Went by the name Elias.
Listed in NY State Census from 1892-1905.

Children of Daniel Elias Kellog and Julia Ann Weaver are:

 i. Phebe E. Kellog, b. 1848; d. bef 1850
 ii.Elias Kellog, b. 1850
iii.George A. Kellog, b. 1852; d.March 16, 1886; m. Oliva
iv.Mary Jane Kellog, b. 1853; d. May 5, 1882
v.Susanah Kellog, b. 1856; d. July 24, 1877

5. ELIZABETH WEAVER (PETER) was born January 30, 1831 in Stone Arabia, NY and died April 24, 1867 in Wells, NY. She married 1.) Ayers and 2.) WILLIAM THOMPSON

Notes for William Thompson:

Listed in Federal Census from 1850-1870
Listed in NY State census from 1892-1905
Lived in Pumpkin Hollow Road, Wells NY

Children of William Thompson and Elizabeth Weaver are:

 i. Ira Thompson, b. May 1852; d. October 28, 1915 in Wells, NY; m. Nancy Jane Gardner, November 26, 1889 in Wells, NY.
 ii.William A. Thompson, b. 1855; m. Mary R.
iii.Emily Jane Thompson, b. April 6, 1858; d. Oct 9, 1871
iv.Mary E. Thompson, b. May 27, 1859; d. Nov 26, 1889 in Wells, NY; m. William Jefferson Weaver Jan 5, 1880 in Wells, NY.
v.Eliza Jane Thompson, b. December 25, 1865; m. Joseph G. Wood

6. JOHN WEAVER (PETER) was born December 6, 1832 in Wells, NY and died February 2, 1905 in Wells, NY. He married PERMELIA CARPENTER, daughter of JOSEPH ADELBERT CARPENTER and HARRIET ABRAMS, August 13, 1859 in Wells, NY.

Notes for John Weaver:

Married by Squire Rose Whitman, witness David Abrams and Ellen Whitman of Wells, NY
Listed in Federal Census in 1860-1870
Listed in NY State Census in 1892
Buried Wells Methodist Cem.
Will in Deed Book # 45 in Hamilton Co. Clerk's Office.

Children of John Weaver and Permelia Carpenter are:

10. i.Mary L. Weaver, b. October 12, 1859; d. October 11, 1863; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
11.ii.William Jefferson Weaver, b. May 5, 1860; d. June 10, 1901; m. 1.) Mary E. Thompson, 2.) Maude Whitmore
iii.Joseph Alvah Weaver, b. April 2, 1862; d. September 21, 1887; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
iv.Richard E. Weaver, b. November 2, 1863; d. September 16, 1887; m. Carrie Whitman; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
12.v.Peter Lewis Weaver, b. July 3, 1867; d. August 18, 1945; m. 1.) Charlotte Nichols 2.) Caroline Slack L. Weaver, b. February 9, 1869; m. Eliza Prentiss
vii.Jennie M. Weaver, b. December 14, 1870; d. Sept 26, 1889; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
viii.Chester S. Weaver, b. March 3, 1873; d. May 18, 1875; buried Wells Methodist.
14.ix.Samuel Abram Weaver, b. December 12, 1875; m. Clara Stead
15.x.James Edgar Weaver, b. July 22, 1882; d. December 6, 1966; m. Lula Burton

7. LUCINDA WEAVER (PETER) was born 1838 and died October 2, 1889. She married 1.) Camp 2.) William Thompson. After 1867. She is buried in Willard Cem. Hope NY.

8. JAMES R. WEAVER (PETER) was born October 18, 1839 and died January 18, 1916 in Wells, NY. He married MATILDA J. WHITMAN.

Notes for James Weaver:

Listed in the Federal Census of 1870.
Listed in the NY State census from 1892-1905
Buried in Wells Methodist Cem.

Children of James R. Weaver and Matilda J. Whitman are:

 i. Helen Weaver; m. Marcus A. McIntyre
 ii.Margarite E. Weaver, b. 1867; m. George Knowles
iii.Emma E. Weaver, b. 1868;d. May 26, 1926; m. Cyrus D. Blowers July 1,1890 Wells, NY
iv.Martin Henry Weaver, b. July 29, 1871; d. 1963; m. Jessie Lee Gifford
v.Jerome "Roma" Weaver, b. March 26, 1874; d. July 11, 1940 Gloversville, NY; m. Emeline Morrison December 22, 1898, Wells, NY.
vi.Gertie B. Weaver, b. 1876; m. James A. Morrison July 2, 1895 Wells, NY
vii.Edward Carl Weaver, b. 1879; d. January 1939
viii.Ralph Weaver, b. February 6, 1882; d. February 6, 1939; m. Abbie Ryan November 27, 1907 Wells, NY
ix.James Verner Weaver, b. 1886; m. Helen Vaneaver
x.John Victor Weaver, b. 1886; d. January 4, 1887

9. WILLIAM PETER WEAVER (PETER) was born August 18, 1840 in Wells, NY and died May 24, 1895 in Wells, NY. He married ISADORA MATTICE, daughter of DAVID SOLOMON MATTICE and RACHEL RICHMOND.

Notes for William Peter Weaver:

Listed Federal Census of 1870-1880
Listed in NY State Census of 1892
Buried Wells Methodist Cem.
Will in Deed Book # 46 in Hamilton Co. Clerk's Office

Children of William Peter Weaver and Isadora Mattice are:

 i. Jesse Josiah Weaver, b. February 4, 1868; d. February 28, 1889; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
 ii.Ida May Weaver, b. February 11, 1868 Wells, NY; d. July 28, 1956; m. 1.) David Sturges 2.) Howard Sturges; buried Speculator Cem.
iii.Emma Weaver, b. January 11, 1873; d. December 1, 1955; m. 1.) David Walter Courtney 2.) Chancey Thayer Courtney; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
iv.Mary Weaver, b. January 11, 1873; d. June 18, 1918; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
v.Carrie E. Weaver, b. August 6, 1876; d. October 4, 1900; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
vi.Katie I. Weaver, b. October 2, 1877; d. January 12,1881; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
vii.William Arthur Weaver, b. August 3, 1879;d. October 29, 1926; m. Inez Schilling
viii.Ruby Edith Weaver, b. July 7, 1882; d. February 15, 1973; buried Wells Methodist Cem.
ix.Robert Hugh Weaver, b. December 31, 1884; d. March 15, 1950; m. Alice Miller
x.Florence "Biddie" L. Weaver, b. May 14, 1887; d. August 14, 1925; buried Wells Methodist Cem.

Generation No. 3

10. MARY L. WEAVER (PETER, JOHN) was born October 12, 1859 and died October 11, 1863. She is buried in the Wells Methodist Cem.

11. WILLIAM JEFFERSON WEAVER (PETER, JOHN) was born May 5, 1860 in Wells, NY and died June 10, 1901 in Marcus, Iowa. He married 1.) MARY E. THOMPSON daughter of WILLIAM THOMPSON and ELIZABETH WEAVER, January 5, 1880 in Wells, NY. 2.) MAUDE WHITMORE.

Notes for William Jefferson Weaver:

Went out West to Iowa.

Children of William Jefferson Weaver and Mary E. Thompson are:

 i. Earnest Richard Weaver, b. May 1, 1882 in Wells, NY; d. March 30, 1943 in Gloversville, NY.; buried Prospect Cem., Northville, NY
 ii.Agnes B. Weaver, b. February 9, 1884 in Wells, NY; d. August 24, 1972; m. 1.) William Berry 2.) Todd Lawton
iii.Lula E. Weaver, b. January 25, 1887 Wells, NY; d. April 10, 1900 Wells, NY; Buried Cashville Cem., Wells, NY
iv.Claude Allen Weaver, b. December 22, 1888 Wells, NY; d. December 8, 1954 Sutherland, Iowa; m. 1.) Lotti Charlette Farquhar 2.) Linda Alice Farquhar

12. PETER LEWIS WEAVER (PETER, JOHN) was born July 3, 1867 Wells, NY and died August 18, 1945 Lake Pleasant, NY. He married first CHARLOTTE ADELINE NICHOLS daughter of JOSEPH FRANKLIN NICHOLS and ALMIRA WILBUR and second CAROLINE ALZINA SLACK daughter of CHARLES REUBEN SLACK and MINNIE JANE MCINTYRE.

Notes for Peter Lewis Weaver:

Buried Fish Mt.Cem, Lake Pleasant NY
Farmer, motel proprietor, merchant and rented out camps.
Had the first telephone in his area.
Will in Deed Book # 94 in Hamilton Co. Clerk's Office.
Baptized April 12, 1945 Grace Methodist Church, Lake Pleasant NY
Trustee for Airdville School

Children of Peter Lewis Weaver and Charlotte Adeline Nichols are:

16. i. Archibald Lewis Weaver, b. September 1, 1889 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. August 2, 1963
17.ii.Buel E. Weaver, b. July 5, 1891; d. March 8, 1973; m. 1.) Dorothy Parslow 2.) Myra Seeley
18.iii.Edna Amelia Weaver,b. February 18, 1893; d. January 23, 1975; m. Alvah Howard Slack.
19.iv.Leman Henry Weaver, b. March 15, 1894; d. December 3, 1979;m. Hazel Ada Mergatroid
20.v.Alonzo A. Weaver, b. May 20, 1898; d. August 2, 1952 P. Weaver, b. July 5, 1900; d. 1962; m. 5 times
22.vii.Joseph Franklin Weaver, b. July 5, 1900; d. 1953; m. Alice Saxton
23.viii.Frederick Weaver, b. June 1902; d. May 31, 1973; m. Maude Kibler

Children of Peter Weaver and Caroline Slack:

 i. Leroy Peter Weaver, (private)
 ii.Floyd Richard Weaver, (private)

13. JOHN L. WEAVER (PETER, JOHN) was born February 9, 1869 in Wells, NY; m.
Eliza Prentiss

Notes for John L. Weaver:

Went to Iowa

Children of John L. Weaver and Eliza Prentiss are:

 i. Myra Weaver
 ii.Ruth Weaver, m. August 4, 1954 in Lake Pleasant NY to Joel Danforth
iii.Nellie Weaver, m. Elmer Pearson
iv.Edith Weaver
v.Lucille Weaver
vi.Alice Weaver
vii.John Weaver

14. SAMUEL ABRAM WEAVER (PETER, JOHN) was born December 12, 1875 in Wells, NY and died in Ft. Ticonderoga, NY. He married Clara Stead.

Notes for Samuel Weaver:

According to Jack Leadley he was a printer.
According to others he was a jeweler in Ticonderoga, NY
Newspaper account says he was in serious condition in Ticonderoga in Nov., 1937

Children of Samuel Weaver and Clara Stead are:

 i. Kenneth Stead Weaver, b. February 21, 1907; m. Florence Haines June 27, 1931
 ii.Muriel Weaver, b. July 29, 1908; m. 3 times , Lee Beecher, Frank Stage, Earl Crookshank

15. JAMES EDGAR WEAVER (PETER, JOHN ) was born July 22, 1882 Wells, NY; d. December 6, 1966 Gloversville, NY. He married LULA RUBY DOROTHY BURTON daughter of GEORGE BURTON and NANCY AUGUSTA MORRILL, July 6, 1905 in Lake Pleasant, NY. He is buried in Speculator Cem., Speculator NY.

Notes for James Weaver:

A carpenter and lumberman.
At age 16 went to Iowa to live with brother then return to Lake Pleasant, NY.
Went by the name Edgar.
Listed in NY State Census from 1905-1925

Child of James Weaver and Lula Ruby Burton is:

 i. Raymond Edgar Weaver, b. February 13, 1907; d. October 5, 1988; m. Edna Mabel Hine on June 29, 1929.

Generation No. 4

16. ARCHIBALD LEWIS WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born September 1, 1889 in Lake Pleasant, NY and died August 2, 1963.

Notes for Archibald Weaver:

Buried Fish Mt. Cem., Lake Pleasant, NY
Called Archie
A farmer, teamster, star route mail carrier.
End of July, 1918, left Long Lake for recuiting camp near Syracuse for WWI.
PFC 3 Co. 152 Depot Bridgade
1916 worked on constructing Hamilton Inn in Lake Pleasant, NY.

17. BUEL E. WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born July 5, 1891 and died March 8, 1973. He married 1.) Goldie 2.) Dorothy Parslow.

18. EDNA AMELIA WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born February 18, 1893 in Lake Pleasant, NY and died January 23, 1975 in Oakdale, New London, CT. She married ALVAH HOWARD SLACK son of BENAJAH OSCAR SLACK and JANE ELIZABETH AIRD. She is buried in Fish Mt. Cem., Lake Pleasant, NY

Notes for Alvah Slack:

Buried Fish Mt. Cem., Lake Pleasant, NY
Jack of all trades and guiding.
Listed in NY State Census of 1915 and 1925

Children of Edna Weaver and Alvah Slack are:

 i. i. Mabel Florence Slack, b. November 16, 1911 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. February 22; m. William Joseph Quarry May 11, 1936.
 ii.Carmen Phillip Slack, b. March 20, 1913 Speculator, NY; d. December 21, 1961 Middlesex, Ct.; m. Philena Eleanor Christmas November 25, 1939 in Burlington, Vt.
iii.Kenneth Clifton Slack, b. March 4, 1917 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. January 2, 1989 Austin, Texas; m. September 16, 1944 Rebecca Arlene Clark.
iv.William Howard Slack, b. July 18, 1922 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. August 29, 1994; m. Diana Messano March 5, 1947
v.Hansen Alvah Slack, b. February 10, 1926 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. February 1994; m. Cynthia Lewis
vi.Boy Slack
vii.Girl Slack

19. LEMAN HENRY WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born March 15, 1894 Lake Pleasant, NY and died December 3, 1979 in Ohio. He married Hazel Ada Mergatroid.

Children of Leman Weaver and Hazel Mergatroid are:

 i. Ada Adele Weaver, b. March 9, 1916; (private)
 ii.Leman Mergatroid Weaver, b. June 26, 1921; d. September 7, 1983; m.
Pauline Frances Smith February 14, 1941
iii.Fred Weaver, (private)
iv.Hazel Osie Weaver, (private)
v.Ivy Marie Weaver, (private)

20. ALONZO A. 'Lonnie" WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born May 20, 1898 and died August 2, 1952. He is buried in Fish Mt. Cem., Lake Pleasant, NY

Notes for Alonzo Weaver:

1915 farmer
1935 living in Gloversville, NY

21. JOHN P. WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born July 5, 1900 Lake Pleasant, NY and he died in 1962. He married Gertrude Gott, Emma Earing, Alicia Brisben, Anna Leadley and Ellen Saxton.

Notes for John Weaver:

1916 worked on constructing Hamilton Inn in Lake Pleasant, NY
Ran away from home at age 15 or 16.
Caretaker at Moffitts Beach Campsite.
1941-52 Town of Hope Town Clerk.

Child of John Weaver and Ellen Saxton:

 i. Ruth Weaver, b. 1928; married 1.) Livingston 2.) John A. Danforth

22. JOSEPH FRANKLIN WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born July 5, 1900 and he died 1953. He married Alice Saxton.

Notes for Joseph Weaver:

Went by Frank
Ran away from home at the age of 15 or 16.

23. FREDERICK WEAVER (PETER, JOHN, PETER) was born June 1902 and died May 31, 1973. He married MAUDE KIBLER daughter of JACOB KIBLER and MINNIE SIMONS on June 30, 1928 in Wells, NY.

Notes for Frederick Weaver:

Member of the Wells Pilgrim Holiness Church
Listed in the NY State Census of 1925

Children of Frederick Weaver and Maude Kibler are:

 i. Eleanor Beverly Weaver, b. July 2, 1925; d. January 9, 2000; m. Eugene Hammer May 31, 1952
 ii.Clayton Frederick Weaver, b. November 2, 1929; d. February 2, 1993; m. Leona McGill
iii.Minnie Ada Weaver, (private)
iv.Ruth Milicent Weaver, (private)
v.Patricia Ann Weaver, (private)


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