James B. Hall
WWII Veteran of Hamilton County, NY

Submitted by Patricia LeBlanc

James B. Hall
Date unknown, but likely just after returning
from overseas as he's wearing all his ribbons.


James B. Hall is one of many veterans from Hamilton county who saw a large portion of the US and the world through service to his country in WWII. He also saw active combat in Europe and was wounded and received a Purple Heart. He was the son of James C. and Anna (Quinn) Hall of Long Lake. He had one sister, Margaret (Peg) Hall Horvath. Their mother, Anna, came from Crossmaglen, Ireland when she was 17 yrs old.

His discharge papers (160k)
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During his service, while stationed in Texas, James met and later married Doris Barnes. Just before James left they found out that their first child was on the way. Doris returned to Texas to be with her family until James returned. After the war, James returned to his wife and they then both traveled with their young child back to Long Lake where he was hired in 1946 as the Game Warden (Conservation Officer) stationed in Long Lake. They lived there until 1967, when they moved to Warrensburg. James took the position as Captain of the Region Five Conservation Office there. He retired in 1975. After that, they spent their summers in Long Lake and their winters in Fla., until their deaths. James died 7 Jan 1993 and Doris died one month later on 7 Feb 1993.

Below are some notes in James own words of his experiences in the service of his country.

James B. Hall - Notes on travel and occurances - World War 2

Left Long Lake on May 13th 1941 - to Albany for physical - on to Camp Upton, Long Island - arrived on May 16th.

Left Camp Upton on June 17th to arrive at Camp Croft Sc. on June 18th. Basic training as Infantry Engineer - left Camp Croft on September 27th to join the 13th Infantry - 8th Division at Fort Jackson Sc. Left Fort Jackson on September 30th to join Co. H already on Maneuvers in North and South Carolinas.

Trained as Machine gunner, and anti-tank gunner. Returned to Fort Jackson December 1st - December 16th on leave to Long Lake via N.Y.C. arrived December 17th - Left Long Lake on December 24th to Shelton Conn. Spent Christmas with sister, Margaret. December 27th left via Bridgeport and N.Y.C. to Fort Jackson arrived December 29th.

Left Fort Jackson by truck convoy February 12th to Key West Fl. - Protecting coast from submarine attack. - Made rank of Corporal while there. Left Key West on March 26th arrived at Fort Jackson on March 29th. Stayed at Fort Jackson and enjoyed the area and the friendship of the Patrick family until June 16th. However, I did have leave from Apr 11th to Apr 20th. Went to Long Lake and N.Y.C.

Left Fort Jackson June 16th to Camp Forrest Tenn. as Cadre Sgt. arrived June 17th. Trained troops - Left Camp Forrest and Friend Goldia Kitchen - on October 28th to Fort Benning Ga. Officers Training school. Graduated February 3rd, 1943. Left by plane to N.Y.C. then by train to Long Lake February 4th. Left on the 9th to go to Shelton Conn. visit Sister. Left Shelton February 11th via N.Y.C. to Camp Howze at Gainsville (or Gainville?) Texas. Assigned to 84th Division - 334th Infantry co. D. Trained troops at Platoon Leader 81 MM mortars - Met Doris early in May. Left Texas July 19th arrived July 21st. Met Margie Mellow at Long Lake - on vacation. Left Long Lake on July 27th arrived the 29th at Gainsville (or Gainville), Texas. Enjoyed Camp Howze and Doris and her family until September 14th then left for maneuvers in Louisiana then to new station at Camp Claiborne La. Nov 17th.

Doris visited me at camp and we decided to get married. Told the family about on December 15th. Made 1st Lt. on January 1st 1944. Married on January 3rd at Army Chapel, Camp Claiborne. February 8th to Long Lake with Doris. Stayed until the 12th then to Shelton stayed until 15th then to Gainsville (or Gainville) to visit Doris's family then to Camp Claiborne on the 20th. Training until April 22nd then to Long Lake until the 26th when I went to N.Y.C. with Doris and Sis came to Baltimore to see me.

>On May 2nd I left Fort Mead to Devens Mass. & POE (or DOE?) - Sailed for Europe May 10th. Doris returned home to Texas alone.

Landed - Colombie, a French liner (converted) at Scotland then via train to Wales - Spent about two weeks in England and Wales then sailed to France - Landed Utah Beach, Near St Mere Eglise Replacement depot until about July 1 - then entered actual combat with M Co. 314th Infantry - 79th Division - In Normandy - Fought our way across France with tanks of General Patton armor, and other units. Detoured for a couple days to Belgium then on toward the German Border - November 12th received cable announcing birth of [private] on November 5th - On November 14th in an attack situartion near Ancerviller France I was hit by shell fragments from artillery and mortar fire and was returned to England through a couple hospitals in France. Was released from the Hospital in late February 1945. Trained troops and prepared troops for shipment home until September then sailed on the Queen Mary to N.Y.C. - to Fort Dix - to Fort Mommouth N.J. Got to Texas for [private] 1st Birthday - Several leaves and Retirement boards proceedings until March 25th Seperation from service effective that date.


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