Hoffmeister family of Morehouse

A while ago Joanne Murray and I compiled a biography of the Hoffmeister family. Recently, a descendant of this family, Julie Jones, contacted me and has provided much more family information and the spendid photos herein! She is a grandchild of Mae Hoffmeister Edmonds. Check out her own website. Thank you Julie!


Frederick and Louisa Finkman Hoffmeister

1.  Frederick Hoffmeister, born 11 Sep 1813 in Hannover, Germany and died 19 Apr 1880. He married Louisa C. Finkman, born Mar 1824 in Hannover, Germany, immigrated about 1848 and died on 13 Oct 1900. They are both buried in the Morehouse Methodist cemetery.

They first resided in NYC where their son William F. was born. Frederick was a "Sugar Baker" in NYC which means he was a pastry chef, not as in breads.

After moving to Morehouse, Frederick and Louise built the Hoffmeister House. Their children later owned and ran it as an Inn. Christine provided the meals, William had a blacksmith shop on the premises, and Charles and Augustus would guide people to and from Morehouse Lake. By 1915 August's wife, Mary J., was the postmaster for Hoffmeister and ran the post office from the inn.

Children of Frederick and Louise Hoffmeister:

1.1.  Frederick William Hoffmeister, born Jul 1850 in NY City and died 1934. He was listed in the 1850 census as Frederick W. but in later censuses he was listed as William F. so his rightful name is probably Frederick William, but he went by William Frederick. He was single in 1910.

Christina and Will Hoffmeister

1.2.  Charles V. Hoffmeister, born Feb 1854 [or 1855] in NY, died 1936. He was married about 1906 to Charlotte M.. She was born about 1876 and her marriage to Charles was her second, having married previously to a Mr. Conrey. From her first marriage she had two children, 1) N. Marie, born about 1896 and 2) G. Louis, born about 1898.

Charles and Charlotte Hoffmeister had at least the following children:

1.2.1.  Frances Louise Hoffmeister, born about 1907. She married Kenneth Blue, the son of Arch Blue of Cold Brook, Herkimer county, NY.
1.2.2.  Charlotte M. Hoffmeister, born 20 May 1912.
1.2.3.  Charles V. Hoffmeister, born 20 May 1912, died 20 Aug 2000.

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From left: ??, Christina Hoffmeister, ??,Gus and Phenie Hoffmeister, possibly Will Hoffmeister?

Gus Hoffmeister and his grandson Sheldon R. Edmonds,
taken about 1928

1.3.  Augustus ("Gus") H. Hoffmeister, born 27 Mar 1857 possibly in NY City and married about 1893 to Mary Josephine ("Phenie") Combs. She was born 11 Feb 1871 in Grant, Herkimer, NY, a daughter of George Edmond Combs and Mary Cornelia Orcutt. They lived in the Town of Morehouse. In the 1915 census he is listed as a carpenter. Augustus ran the stagecoach from Grant up to Hoffmeister for 16 years and also to Herkimer. Phenie was a teacher in Hoffmeister (and probably in Grant early on too). She also ran the store and Post Office. They had a camp (Camps?) in the mountains and Gus would be given lists before they went in of stuff the guests wanted brought in that week. He had these huge baskets that he would pack full and then drive in with his wagon to deliver the goods. He'd go in about once a week with stuff they wanted. When cars started running along the highway, they had a gas pump put in.

Phenie’s daughter, Mae Hoffmeister Edmonds, was also a teacher and was in the last graduating class in the Herkimer Teachers’ School. After marriage she stopped teaching and became a seamstress. The exact reason for her carreer change is unknown. However, at this time, it was common practice to not hire or renew the contracts of married female teachers. A pregnant woman was not allowed to teach, and in some school districts, female teachers weren’t even allowed to be seen with a male companion. If a woman was married the nearly all male school boards and superintendents felt that she would become pregnant and thus not fulfill her teaching contract.

Gus died 20 Nov 1935 in a hospital in Utica, Oneida, NY. Phenie died on 23 Sep 1928 in a hospital in Utica, Oneida, NY.

Augustus and Josephine Hoffmeister had the following children:

1.3.1.  George F. Hoffmeister, born 13 Jun 1894, Morehouseville. He served in WWI. Died 6 June 1954, Grant, Herkimer, NY. He married May Boyce. She was born 13 May 1904 and died 23 Aug 1995 in Grant, Herkimer, NY.
1.3.2.  Mae Agnes Hoffmeister, born 13 Aug 1896 in Morehouseville and died 30 Oct 1977 in Utica, Oneida, NY. She married Victor Herbert Edmonds a son of James Henry Edmonds and Maylie Flourilla Mellen. He was born 12 May 1895 in Herkimer, NY and died 25 Feb 1967 in Utica, Oneida, NY. They had 4 children.

Mae and George Hoffmeister
taken about 1898

Mae Hoffmeister Edmonds
and Eva Combs Partello
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Eva Combs Partello was the aunt of Mae Hoffmeister, however, they were only 14 years apart and resided in the same town. According to Julie Jones, they were "great together".


Christina Hoffmeister

1.4.  Christina Hoffmeister, born abt Jul 1859 in NY and was single in the 1910 census. She died in 1944. Christina was pronounced "Christ "eye" n" and without the "a" sound on the end.


The Hoffmeister House

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This building, located on top of a hill, had two very large dining rooms in which meals cooked by Christina Hoffmeister, were served. They catered to both hunters and tourists and had a livery stable. Charles Hoffmeister would take those who wished back into the area of Morehouse Lake. He had a mule that he used to haul their possessions and they would stay at the lake for a while as it was a long walk. Gus ran the stage and he took great big baskets of supplies in to the hills for the tourists and hunters etc who stayed there and his wife also ran the store. The Inn is no longer standing although the barn is still there.

Hoffmeister house
taken about 1875 or so from the other side of the house and showing the barn across the road.

Louise Hoffmeister in foreground

"One of the Hoffmeister men driving"
Possibly Frederick, husband of Louise?


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Outline of the homestead: if you look carefully you can see the outline worn in the ground

Enlarged area of the photo above showing some of the town buildings


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View from Hoffmeister House to the South

"Hoffmeister Camp"

(Click on Image to Enlarge the Building)

"Here is a photo of something of my great great grandparents - the Hoffmeisters. I was told it was their camp. It was back in the woods and not on Rte 8." - Julie Jones

Original Homestead

"I'm not sure this is true, but I was told that this was the original home for the Hoffmeisters until they could get a house built. Then it must have become a barn." - Julie Jones

This building looks a lot like the picture of the "Ice House across the road from the Hoffmeister House" in "Morehouse Past and Present".

"Post Office and Store, Hoffmeister"

Family Verbal History and Photos from Julie Jones!
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