Notes on Early Long Lake Families

Donated by Larry Miller

Edmund Preston and his family came here from Vermont and lived in a small house at Fishing Brook on the road between Long Lake and Newcomb. Although he listed his occupation as farmer, he also ran a sawmill. The family left the area around 1869.

Thomas Carey had come to the town in 1845 from Vermont married Jane Dornburgh . Shortly after the census, they left and for a brief time lived in Indian Lake and Forked Lake before returning to Long Lake. Their son Reuben worked as a caretaker at Brandreth for many years.

William Austin and his wife came from Vermont and built a log home, cleared and farmed about 30 acres on the lakeside.

William Helms listed his occupation as farmer but he was equally adept at hunting and trapping. He lived with his wife and six young children in a small log home and took in boarders. The house was located near little Forked Lake and the river connecting it with Forked Lake.

Amos Hough also stated that his occupation was a farmer but served as a first class guide. He arrived at Long Lake around 1840 with his wife Lovina and children. He later lived on Raquette Lake in the home occupied by Matthew Beach. The arrangement was for Hough and his son to take care of Beach for the rest of his life. (Beach died in 1862)

Lyman Mix also from Vermont was appointed in 1855 to lay out a road between Lake Pleasant and Long Lake. He worked this project with Illiam Wood. Although he too listed his primary occupation as farmer, he also served as the school teacher in Long Lake.

Isaac Robinson came here in 1841 also from Vermont and worked as a farmer and guide settled on the west shore of the lake

William Henry Stanton and his wife Lydia moved with their children from the shores of Lake Champlain to a vacant farm on the west shore of Long Lake between the homes of two of the first settlers, Joel Plumley and David Keller.  Although he was a chair maker by trade, he too lists his occupatiion as farmer.

Joel Plumley a Mass born resident of Vermont arrived here in the early 1830ís and farmed land on the western shore of Long Lake. He and his family are regarded as the first permanent settlers in the area

David Keller and his family came from the Town of Root in Montgomery County soon after Plumley.

Peter Van Valkenburgh arrived by 1843, he was a New York state resident.

The Kellogg's arrived from Vermont in 1846

Zenas Parker arrived prior to 1838, also a resident of Vermont


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