Ancestors of Frederick Randolph Groff of Hope

A Veteran of World War I

Pictures of Ft. Hamilton were sent 
to his sister Jessie. 



Generation No. 1

1.  Albert Groff  (Eliphalet, John P., John) was born August 14, 1855 in Hope, New York, and died June 12, 1940 in Hope, New York.  He married (1) Carolyn "Carrie" Carpenter February 26, 1878 in Hope, New York, daughter of Caleb Carpenter and Adeline Kathan.

Notes for Carrie:
She loved children and family. She once told a friend, "I had fourteen children and wish I could have had fourteen more." She had a stroke when she was about fifty. At that time she lived on Franklin Street in Gloversville and her daughters took care of her.

Children of Albert and Carrie are:

1) Maude Claire Groff, b. January 17, 1900, Gloversville, NY; d. May 30, 1954.
2) Herbert "Crosbie" Groff, b. October 19, 1879; d. January 6, 1890, Hope, New York. Died in a dyptheria epidemic. Tombstone in Willard Cem., Hope, Hamilton Co., lists by the name the family always called him, Crosby.
3) Martha Adeline "Mollie" Groff, b. March 31, 1881, Hope, New York; d. February 23, 1941, Gloversville, New York. Married Eugene Day Scribner.
4) Albert Lee "Lee" Groff, b. November 21, 1882; d. January 24, 1890, Hope, New York. Tombstone identifies him as "Lee". Cause of death dyptheria. These brothers died just days apart.
5) Henrietta Elnora "Nora" Groff, b. May 27, 1887; d. September 14, 1921.
6) Neal Groff, b. August 15, 1888, Hope, New York; d. May 14, 1892, Hope, NY. Died in his father's arms. Cause of death Scarlatina
7) Inez Groff, b. October 8, 1889, Hope, New York; d. December 14, 1889, Hope, New York. Buried in Hope Valley Cemetery, Hope, NY.  Tombstone identifies her as "Baby Daughter."
8) FREDERICK RANDOLPH GROFF, b. December 27, 1896; d. March 8, 1965; m. Carrie. Served in World War I. Was stationed at Ft. Hamilton, NY before going overseas. In his father's will, he was left "The Groff Ice Company" (photo, on Fulton GenWeb site) and two pieces of property in Gloversville. Fred and Carrie had only one child, a daughter Alice, named for his sister Alice. Both of these girls died young.
9) Alice Evelyn Groff, b. March 3, 1902; d. January 4, 1921, Hope, New York.Cause of Death: Ear abscess
10) Jessie May Groff, b. December 2, 1890, Hope Hamilton Co. NY; d. October 10, 1964, Gloversville, Fulton Co. New York.
11) Ruth Alice Groff, b. August 4, 1906, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY.
12) Myra Belle Groff, b. January 1, 1885, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY; d. November 28, 1953, Gloversville, Fulton Co. New York.
13 & 14) Two other graves just marked "baby"

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