Descendants of Josiah F. Wood of Long Lake

By Annie Tanyeri and Joanne Murray

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This is NOT intended to be a COMPLETE record. It is however, a study of this family taken primarily from sources available online on various free and fee sites. Everything in this family biography should be checked against primary sources, where available, for the best accuracy. Annie is descendent of Josiah F. Wood and would enjoy hearing from anyone interested in this family. She can be contacted at

Josiah F. Wood was born 31 January 1800 in Castleton, Rutland Co., Vermont and died 2 June 1867 in Long Lake, Hamilton Co., NY. He married Martha "Patty" Culver 14 December 1829. She was born 9 July 1809 in Bolton, NY to David and Lucy (Clark) Culver and she died 21 January 1895 in Pottersville, Warren Co., NY.

Josiah and Patty lived for a time in Essex County, New York before removing to Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York about 1846. Josiah and his family were some of the first settlers to the area known as Raquette Lake; and their son, Jerome, is claimed to be the first white child born there.

Josiah's brother, William, settled in the same area where he farmed and held various town positions. In the late 1850's, William married Celia Ann Whitman and by 1860 had moved to Essex County where they had five children; Lydia, Cordelia, Mary, William and Lucinda, nicknamed "Baby".

Josiah was in poor health and by 1860 was unable to support his family without the aid of his son, William. When William enlisted for service in the Civil War, he sent most of his pay home in support of his parents and siblings. Josiah was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth from which he died in the summer of 1867. He was buried in Long Lake Cemetery. Their son, William, had been killed in the war and Patty was left without means of support. She moved into a cabin on property her son William had purchased and began the process of applying for a dependent mother's pension. The first attorney she employed neglected the case and she was compelled to find a new attorney and begin the process again. After several years, Patty was finally granted the pension. She was still living in Long Lake in 1883, but after, moved to Warren County where she died in 1895.

  Josiah and Martha "Patty" (Culver) Wood had 10 children:
    1.  Martha Wood, b. September 1831 in NY
    2.  Cynthia Wood, b. 1835 in NY
    3.  Alonzo Wood, b. February 1835 in NY
    4.  William Wood, b. 1837 in Lewis, Essex Co., NY
    5.  Harriet Wood, b. 1840 in NY
    6.  Sophronia Wood, b. 1843 in NY
    7.  Samantha Wood, b. 1844 in NY
    8.  Amy Wood, b. 1848 in NY
    9.  Jerome Wood, b. 21 July 1849 in Long Lake, Hamilton Co., NY
    10. Franklin R. Wood, b. September 1855 in Long Lake, Hamilton Co., NY

1.  Martha Wood was born September 1831 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and she died between 1910 and 1920. She married Eben Alonzo Smith in 1856. He was born July 1825 in New York and died between 1900 and 1910.

Eben Alonzo and Martha settled in Chestertown, Warren County, New York where he was engaged as a farmer. They had three children there with only their son, Josiah, surviving in 1900. After Eben's death, Martha lived with her son in Luzern, Warren County.

  Eben Alonzo and Martha (Wood) Smith had 3 children:
    1.a.  Unknown Smith, born and died before 1900
    1.b.  Harriet Smith, born 1861 in NY and died before 1900. She 
            married Samuel M. Close about 1879. He was born 1854 in NY.
    1.c.  Josiah A. Smith, born July 1871 in NY. He married Margaret in 
            1900. She was born August 1883 in NY. They had no children. 
            In 1910 Josiah and Margaret lived in Luzern, Warren Co., NY 
            and his mother, Martha, lived with them. By 1920 they had 
            moved to Hadley, Saratoga Co., NY where Josiah was employed 
            as a laborer in a paper mill and Margaret cared for her mother, 
            Janette. In 1930 the couple lived in Corinth, Saratoga Co. 
            where Josiah was employed as a laborer for the Railroad.

2.  Cynthia Wood was born 1834 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died 14 January 1885. She married Hiram Hathaway about 1858. He was born 1807 and he died 15 November 1876.

Hiram Hathaway's first wife, Percis, died in 1857 and he married Cynthia as his second wife. He was the uncle of Celia Ann who married Cynthia's uncle, William Wood. Cynthia's mother was Selah Hathaway, sister of Hiram Hathaway. The family made their home in Westport, Essex County, New York where Hiram was engaged as a farmer. Hiram had several children with his first wife and five or six children with Cynthia. One source lists Howard Hathaway, born 1857, as a child of Hiram and his first wife; however, he is not listed on the 1860 census with Hiram and Cynthia, as are two of Hiram's other children. Howard is listed with the family on the 1870 census where his age is given as twelve. Hiram died in the winter of 1876 and Cynthia in 1885. They were both buried in Hoisington Cemetery, Westport, Essex County, New York.

  Hiram and Cynthia (Wood) Hathaway had these five children:
    2.a.  Alonzo Hathaway, born June 1860 in NY. He married Louise M. in 1895.
    2.b.  Juliett Hathaway, born 1863 in NY
    2.c.  Alvah Hathaway, born 1864 in NY
    2.d.  William Hathaway, born 1866 in NY
    2.e.  Emma Hathaway, born 1868 in NY

3.  Alonzo Wood was born February 1835 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and he died after 1910. He married Ophelia C. in 1856. She was born June 1837 in New York and died after 1910.

In 1860 Alonzo and Ophelia lived in Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York near Alonzo's parents where Alonzo was employed as a hunter. Their eldest son was probably born there. By 1870 the family had moved to Boonville, Oneida County where they lived for several years with Alonzo being employed as a laborer and guide. During the 1880's and 90's, Alonzo was the proprietor of an Adirondack hotel in Old Forge called "Wood Camp" which had a capacity of 30. The 1900 and 1910 censuses show Alonzo and Ophelia living in Webb, Herkimer County, New York where they were the proprietors of a boardinghouse and then a hotel, possibly "Wood Camp" referred to above. Of the five children born to them, only 4 were still living in 1900.

  Alonzo and Ophelia C. Wood had 5 children:
    3.a. Alfred Wood, born 1858 in <Long Lake&rt;, Hamilton Co., NY
    3.b. Oscar Wood, born 1860 in NY. May have married Frances A. 
           about 1886 and had a daughter in 1888 named Stella M. who 
           married a Mr. Giltz. This family lived in Jefferson County, NY.
    3.c. Josiah A. Wood, born 1864 in NY. He married Bessie K. about 1889. 
           The couple had no children. In 1896 Josiah was employed as a 
           guide in Old Forge and in 1910 was listed as the proprietor of 
           a summer hotel in Old Forge.
    3.d. Cornelia S. Wood, born September 1866 in NY. She married Robert 
           Ellis in 1900. He was born September 1858 in NY. In 1900 they 
           couple lived in Webb, Herkimer Co., NY.
    3.e. Mildred M. Wood, born June 1872 in NY. She married Milo E. Bull 
           in 1891. He was born March 1862 in NY. In 1896 Milo was the 
           proprietor of "Forest House", formerly called "Arnold Camp", 
           an Adirondack hotel in Old Forge. The 1900 census gives his 
           occupation in Webb, Herkimer Co., NY as Day Laborer. The 1910 
           census of the same place gives his occupation as Guide in the 
           Adirondack Park. Milo and Mildred divorced and in 1920 Milo 
           lived in Utica, Oneida Co., NY where he was employed as a 
           watchman in a cemetery. Mildred was living in Syracuse, 
           Onondaga Co., NY where she was employed as a nurse for a 
           private family. Milo E. and Mildred M. Bull had one child, a 
           son named Arthur Bull. He was born in February 1893 in New 
           York and he married Elizabeth about 1913. She was born about 
           1892 in NY. Arthur and Elizabeth Bull had a daughter named 
           Dorothy Bull, born about 1914. In 1930 the family lived in 
           Utica, Oneida Co., NY where Arthur was employed as a chauffeur 
           for a granite company.

4.  William Wood was born 1837 in Lewis, Essex County, New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and he died 9 July 1864 near Petersburg, Virginia.

William worked as a guide and hunter in his Adirondack Mountain home. When his brother, Alonzo, married and started his family, William, being the oldest son at home, took on the responsibility of supporting his parents and younger siblings. He purchased a piece of property in Raquette Lake, which he left for his parents to use when he enlisted for military service in the Civil War. William enlisted 15 August 1862 at Newcomb, NY at the age of 25 and was mustered into Company E, 118th NY Infantry on 30 August 1862. William spent some time in Plattsburgh where his unit was being organized before leaving the state for Washington, DC. Once there, the 118th performed guard duty for several months. William was among the many soldiers who became ill while encamped at the Capital and from April to June 1863 he was sick in Finley Hospital. During his time in the service, William wrote several letters home (see transcription of his letters on this site). He continued to support his family financially by sending home most of the money he received as pay. The following year, In June of 1864, William was detached from his unit as a sharpshooter and it was while performing this duty that he was shot through the head and killed on the morning of 9 July 1864 near Petersburg, Virginia. When his father died three years later, his mother applied for a dependent mother's pension. William Wood Post, No. 570 Grand Army of the Republic, was named in his honor.

5.  Harriet Wood was born 1840 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died 15 December 1927. She married Charles H. Smith who was born about 1832 in NY to Benjamin Smith. He died 10 February 1901.

Charles and Harriet made their home in Chester, Warren County, NY where Charles was a farmer. They lived in the home of Charles' father, Benjamin. They never had children of their own, but when Harriet's sister, Amy, died shortly after giving birth to a set of twins, Harriet and Charles took the surviving twin and raised him as their son. Charles died in 1901. In 1920, Harriet can be found living with her nephew in Chester. She died seven years later. Both Harriet and Charles were buried in the Old Cemetery in Pottersville, Town of Chester, Warren County, New York.

6.  Sophronia Wood was born 1843 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood.

Sophronia never married. In 1860, at the age of 18, she was employed as a domestic in the home of Stephen and Betsey Hays in Elizabethtown, Essex County, New York. Her uncle, William Wood, lived next door to the Hays family. In 1870, Sophronia was employed as a domestic servant in the home of John and Jane Davis in Newcomb, Essex County, New York. In her mother's affidavit dated 1871, Patty gives Sophronia's place of residence as North Hudson, New York.

7.  Samantha Wood was born 1844 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died after 1910. She married 1st Reuben Howard about 1864. He was born about 1832 in New Hampshire and died between 1880 and 1892. She married 2nd George E. Brown 11 April 1900. He was born about 1835 in New York and died after 1910.

Reuben and Samantha made their home in Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York where Reuben was a long time Adirondack guide. By 1880 they had moved to Indian Lake, Hamilton County, NY and in 1892 Samantha was living there as a widow. The couple had two children together with only one surviving in 1910. After Reuben's death Samantha married George Brown . They removed to Johnsburgh, Warren County, New York where they were living without occupation in 1910. George owned the farm on which they lived and Samantha's brother, Franklin, who lived with them, took care of the farm work.

From the 19 April 1900 News (provided by Bill Zullo, Indian Lake Historian to Annie Tanyeri) "George E. Brown of North River and Mrs. Samantha Howard of Blue Mountain Lake were married at high noon, 11 April, at the home of the bridegroom, by the Rev. Fred Mattison, pastor of the Baptist Church of which he and Mrs. Brown are devoted members."

  Reuben and Samantha (Wood) Howard had 2 children:
    7.a.  Anna Howard, born about 1865 in <Long Lake, Hamilton Co.&rt;, NY
    7.b.  Barton Howard, born about 1869 in <Long Lake, Hamilton County&rt;, NY

8.  Amy Wood was born about 1848 in New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died 1873 in Long Lake, Hamilton County, NY. She married Robert M. Thornton about 1870. He was born 1848 in Canada and died 1910.

Robert Thornton was born in Canada to Irish born parents and came to the United States in 1868. His occupations as listed on consecutive censuses of Long Lake, Hamilton County, NY are Sawyer, miller, and laborer. THE STORY OF ROB THORNTON AND AMY WOOD

Circa 1870 Amy Wood, daughter of Josiah F. and Martha Patty Wood was married to Robert Thornton in Long Lake. According to the 1870 census records she was "keeping house" and he was a Sawyer. Family oral history has it that he was a guide and a teamster. He was from Canada and the family knows very little about him before he married Amy.

On 31 March 1873 Amy gave birth to twins, Victor and Victoria Thornton. Victoria died almost immediately after she was born, and Amy died within the month. Victor, however, survived. Since Rob was not capable of taking care of such a small baby, his late wife's sister, Harriet Wood, along with her husband Charles Smith, took Victor in and raised him. It is not known if he was ever legally adopted, but probably not because Victor is referred to both as son/adopted/nephew in different census years. Harriet Smith is described in later census records where Victor was head of household as his Aunt. Charles and Harriet had no children of their own and were thus very able to care for Victor.

Robert Thornton remarried Emogene Plumley and they had a son Erwin. Robert and his second family are all buried in the Long lake Cemetery. Robert did not keep Erwin with him, either, so as a young teenager he is found living with relatives in Long lake.

In the Wood plot in the Long Lake cemetery are apparently two unmarked graves that one source I read referred to as appearing to be one adult and one child. It is very possible that this is the grave of Amy and Victoria Thornton, however, we have no way of knowing now.

Victor E. Smith married Margaret Fagan of Minerva, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Bell) Fagan, b. 12 Feb 1881, died June 1960. Victor died in Nov 1942 in Witherbee, New York, where he worked in the mines for Republic Steel. They had six sons who lived to adulthood and four other children who died as babies.

Rob Thornton did not stay in close contact with the family, for whatever reasons, however his son knew him, and the story has always been openly repeated in the family "oral history". By Annie Tanyeri

  Robert M. and Amy (Wood) Thornton had 2 children:
    8.a.  Victoria Thornton, born 31 March 1873 in <Long Lake, 
            Hamilton Co.&rt; NY and died 1873 in <Long Lake&rt; 
            Hamilton Co., NY.
    8.b.  Victor E. Thornton, born 31 March 1873 in <Long Lake&rt; 
            Hamilton Co., NY and died November 1942 in Witherbee, 
            Town of Moriah, Essex Co., NY. He married Margaret Fagan 
            in 1900. She was born 12 February 1881 in NY to Thomas and 
            Mary (Bell) Fagan and she died June 1960. Victor had been 
            raised by his aunt and uncle, Harriet and Charles Smith and 
            while probably not officially adopted, he used the name Smith. 
            The family lived in Chester, Warren County, New York in 1910 
            and 1920 where Victor was employed as a laborer and a clerk 
            in a grain store. The family then removed to the village of 
            Witherbee in the town of Moriah, Essex County, New York where 
            Victor found employment as a miner. As stated above, Victor and 
            Margaret had ten children, six of whom lived to adulthood, all 
            sons. The four children who died as babies were: Gertrude K., 
            born 11 September 1902 and died 25 April 1903; Margaret Mary, 
            born 23 June 1916 and died 3 February 1917; Harriet V., born 
            12 April 1918 and died 22 April 1918; and Max Thornton, born 
            1922 and died 1922. Both Victor and his wife Margaret were 
            buried in the Old Cemetery in Pottersville, Town of Chester, 
            Warren County, New York.

9.  Jerome Wood was born 21 July 1849 in Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died 14 April 1923. He married 1st Rosellen Keller about 1874. She was born 10 November 1850 and died 16 January 1876. He married 2nd Hannah "Anna" Hodgson in 1890. She was born about April 1862 in England and died in 1933.

Jerome is claimed to be the first white child born in the area of Long Lake known as Raquette Lake. He was mentioned in several of the letters his brother William wrote home while serving in the Civil War. Apparently the two brothers enjoyed hunting together and it was probably this time spent together that prepared Jerome for his future occupation as a guide. Jerome lived at home with his mother until his marriage to Rosellen about 1874. The year their son was born, Rosellen died at the age of 25 and Jerome's mother, Martha, cared for the infant while Jerome worked as an independent guide in the Raquette Lake area. In 1881, at the age of 5, Jerome's son died and was buried in Long Lake Cemetery with his mother Rosellen. Hannah (sometimes seen as Anna) emigrated from England in 1888 and in 1890 she and Jerome were married. The following year they had a son. The family continued to reside in Long Lake where at age 60, Jerome was still employed as a guide. Jerome died in the spring of 1923 and was buried in Long Lake Cemetery. Hannah died ten years later, in 1933.

  Jerome and Rosellen Wood had 1 child:
    9.a.  Edmond J. Wood, born 1876 and died 1881. Buried in Long 
            Lake Cemetery, Hamilton County, NY.

  Jerome and Hannah had 2 children:
    9.b.  William Jerome Wood, born 3 February 1891 in Prattsville, 
            NY. He married Alice E. Chubb in 1913. She was born 1891 
            in North Dakota. William, like his father, made his home 
            in Long Lake, Hamilton County, NY where was employed as an 
            independent guide. On 5 June 1917 he was registered for 
            the draft in Hamilton County. His physical description at 
            that time was as follows; Grey eyes, Light hair and Portly 
            build. The 1930 census records that he was a Veteran of WWI. 
            William J. and Alice E. Wood had these 7 children: 1) Ellen 
            "Helen" M. Wood, b. abt. 1916; 2) Erwin Prentise Wood, b. 
            abt. 1917; 3) Gertrude Wood, b. 1920; 4) Ernest Wood, b. abt. 
            1922; 5) Josiah Alonzo Wood, b. abt. 1928.; 6) Dorothy Wood, 
            b. 1931; and 7) Gerald "Buck" Wood, b. 1935.
    9.c. Unknown Wood, born between 1900 and 1910

10.  Franklin R. Wood was born September 1855 in Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York to Josiah and Martha (Culver) Wood and died after 1920. He married 1st Caroline about 1878. She was born 1848 in New York and died 11 October 1881. He married 2nd Nellie Hough between 1882 and 1887. She was born 1860 and died 1887. He married 3rd Emma in 1894. She was born May 1867 in New York and died before 1910.

Franklin, called "Stuttering Frank Wood", was the youngest child born to Josiah and Martha. He was only about 12 years old when his father died and may have been sent to live with relatives as he is not found on the 1870 census with his mother and he is not mentioned at all in her affidavit dated 1871 in which she lists all her children. At some point he returned to Long Lake. He married Caroline about 1878 and the following year their daughter Amy was born. Three years later, in 1881, both Caroline and Amy died and were buried in Long Lake Cemetery. Franklin married second, Nellie, but after a few years, she too died. She was buried in Long Lake Cemetery as well. The 1892 state census of Long Lake lists Frank as a laborer. Two years later Frank married Emma, whose maiden name may have been Bacon. They had a daughter together and in 1900 the family resided in Long Lake where Frank's occupation was as a hotelkeeper. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 Emma died and Frank and his daughter moved to Johnsburgh, Warren County, New York where they lived with Frank's sister and her husband, Samantha and George Brown. Frank handled the work on the farm George owned. In 1920 Frank lived with his daughter and her family in Johnsburgh and was employed as a laborer in the mines.

  Franklin and Caroline Wood had 1 child:
    10.a.  Amy Wood, born 6 December 1879 and died 1881. She was 
             buried in Long Lake Cemetery.

  Franklin and Emma Wood had 1 child:
    10.b.  Ethel Ouita Wood, born August 1897 in New York. She 
             married Arthur Holcomb about 1914. He was born about 
             1887 in New York. In 1930 Arthur and Ethel Holcomb 
             resided in Johnsburgh, Warren County, NY where he was 
             employed as a laborer in a coal yard. At that time, 
             the couple had 3 children: 1) Elizabeth Holcomb, b. 
             abt. 1915; 2) Frank C. Holcomb, b. abt 1916; 3) 
             Caroline B. Holcomb, b. abt. 1919.

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