Descendants of Samuel Call
Lake Pleasant


The Call Family of Hope (3rd Generation)

Picture was taken by the Sacandaga River on "the flats" just below the Call family residence on Route #30 between Northville and Wells.

Standing back row: William Robbins, Edward Call, far right Walter Call his son

Second row: Frank Robbins, far right "Maggie" Margaret Wadsworth Call

Front row seated: Frank Brown

Generation No. 1

1.  SAMUEL CALL was born August 14, 1799, and died June 17, 1869.  He married SALLY ABRAMS November 11, 1821.

Children of SAMUEL CALL and SALLY ABRAMS are:
2. i. LYSANDER CALL, b. September 29, 1834; d. January 3, 1918.
3. ii. SAMUEL R. CALL, b. Abt. 1828.
4. iii. SILAS B. CALL, b. 1829.
iv. ADELINE M. CALL, b. 1832; d. 1906.
vi. DAVID CALL, b. 1838; m. ELIZABETH.

Notes for DAVID CALL:

A clerk by occupation the light-haired, blue-eyed David, aged 22,  went to Wells in April 1861 and enlisted for military duty for two years as a private in Captain William R. Hyslop's Company C, 32nd Regiment NY Vol. 

Generation No. 2

2.  LYSANDER CALL (SAMUEL1) was born September 29, 1834, and died January 3, 1918.  He married JANE ANN PAGE, daughter of HENRY PAGE and MARY FAULS.

Children of LYSANDER CALL and JANE PAGE are:
5. i. EDWARD DARWIN CALL, b. January 8, 1874; d. August 15, 1962, Hope, Hamilton Co. NY.
ii. WALTER CALL, b. 1869.
iii. ZILLA CALL, b. 1854; d. October 2, 1863.
iv. JOHN E. CALL, b. 1860.
v. MARY VIOLA CALL, b. 1858; d. May 13, 1859.
vi. SAMUEL CALL, b. 1870; d. September 3, 1882.

3.  SAMUEL R. CALL (SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1828.  He married (1) EMILY (CALL).  He married (2) MELISSA A. (CALL).

Children of SAMUEL CALL and EMILY (CALL) are:
i. EMMA W.3 CALL, b. 1849.
ii. SILAS S. CALL, b. 1852.

Notes for SILAS S. CALL:

In 1880 a sizable new hotel was built by Silas Call on the hilltop back of the court house, overlooking both Lake Pleasant and Sacandaga Lakes. First called "Kun-Ja-Muck Inn,", it was later known as "Call's Hotel". Finally it was named the Sacandaga Lake Hotel by the proprietor, J. Thomas Stearns. The new Sacanga Lake Hotel was a large three-story building with two-story verandas on two sides and a small porch on third-floor level.  Hugh Call was listed as one of the guides in an advertising folder and special round-trip fare had been arranged of $11.25 to include stage fare and all charges from New York City to the hotel and return. Silas Call leased his hotel to Annie M. MacMartin for three years from April 1, 1890 to April 1, 1893. A similar contract was executed on January 15, 1894 with J. Thomas Stearns of NYC. for one year with the privilege of renewing the lease and the option to buy the entire property for $14,000.  In 1904 the Sacandaga Lake Hotel burned to the ground. In 1907 J. D. Morley rebuilt the inn.

i. AGNES CALL, b. 1859.

4.  SILAS B. CALL (SAMUEL1) was born 1829.  He married SUSAN.

Children of SILAS CALL and SUSAN are:
  i. GEORGE CALL, b. 1853.
ii. JAMES CALL, b. 1855.
iii. SUSAN CALL, b. 1857.

Generation No. 3

5.  EDWARD DARWIN CALL (LYSANDER2, SAMUEL1) was born January 8, 1874, and died August 15, 1962 in Hope, Hamilton Co. NY.  He married MARGARET BELLE WADSWORTH, daughter of WILLIAM WADSWORTH and MYRA CARPENTER.

6. i. WILLIAM RANDOLPH4 CALL, b. October 26, 1899, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY; d. September 19, 1938.
7. ii. HERBERT EDWARD CALL, b. January 12, 1903, Hope, Hamilton Co. NY; d. December 10, 1954, Lowville, NY.
8. iii. EVERETT ALLEN CALL, b. December 15, 1904, Hope, Hamilton Co. NY; d. March 7, 1939.
9. iv. WALTER WADSWORTH CALL, b. January 20, 1910, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY; d. September 4, 1975, Schenectady, NY.
10. v. WOODROW WILSON CALL, b. September 21, 1912, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY; d. May 4, 1970, Cooperstown, NY.

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