Notes From an Interview with
Floyd R. Weaver and
Marion M. Lamphear Weaver
By Nathaniel Weaver

        Floyd Weaver grew up in the town of Lake Pleasant. He lived with his father, Peter L. Weaver (1867-1945), and mother, Caroline A. Slack Weaver (1890-1940); in what is now the Floyd and Marion Weaver house. Peter Weaver bought the land from Hiram Nichols ca 1880 (Great Uncle of Peter's first wife), and built a house on it between 1890 and 1900.

        While growing up Floyd had to do chores around the house. Some of these included taking care of the animals, keeping the wood box full, keeping the icebox full, and anything else that needed to be done. During the day Floyd would find time to play with the younger of his older brothers. One of their favorite games to play was cowboys and Indians.

Peter L. Weaver's store and home, Lake Pleasant, NY
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        Floyd's father cut down trees and carted them out of the woods for another man. He later owned a store, barroom, hotel, and then bought a sawmill to cut lumber. Peter used the lumber to build cabins, which he rented out to people. Floyd's mother worked hard on the homestead and helped when needed. His grandfather, Charles R. Slack (1860-1933), worked in the woods for a while. He later made ax handles, sleighs, and did other woodwork.

        Marion Weaver also grew up in the town of Lake Pleasant. She lived with her parents until her father, William H. Lamphear (1907-1940), died in a hunting accident when she was four.  She grew up with her grandparents, Sandford B. Courtney (1882-1961) and Alvira M. Page Courtney (1900-1958), in what is now Joe and Ruth Rowe's house.

        Before Marion's father died he worked as a laborer and guide. Her grandfather took care of camps while their owners were away. He also worked around the house and milked the cows. Her grandmother worked at home. She also did laundry for Hillcrest Motel and for the men who worked on the new road that came through in 1946 and 1947. Alvira cooked for the Knoxes, Col. V. Phillips, and Petherbridges as well as cleaning the camps her husband took care of.

        Floyd and Marion grew up in a town where everyone knew everyone. Winters were a little colder and had more snow. Some of the towns community gatherings included a school Christmas play, the Methodist Christmas dinner, Sunday school picnics, and a ladies aid meeting where the Methodist women made quilts.

        Floyd and Marion remember some of the buildings that were around Lake Pleasant that are gone now. One of the old stores was Call's Store owned by Ed Call. After his death his wife, Margaret, owned it with George Kibler as clerk. George Fuller later purchased it and changed the name to Fuller's store. The Lake Pleasant post office was in a room adjoining to Fuller's Store. It used to sit across from the Courthouse on the South Side Road.

Osborne Inn, Speculator, NY

        In Speculator, John Gifford used to own a meat market across the road from the now Lane Emporium on Route 30. The Schoonmaker's owned a drug store, on Rt. 30, where the Lemon Tree is located now.  Also in Speculator, Bob Osborne owned an ice cream parlor, which was near the Osborne Inn. Asa Aird used to own a sawmill on Route 8 about were Kevin Braunius's house is now.

        There were many Hotels in the area. The Hamilton Inn was owned by Bill Osborne and sat across from the present day golf course. It later burned down but you can still see the sidewalk that led up to it. Whites Motel, owned by Ed White, sat on the corner of where the Tamarack road and Fish Mountain road cross, it also burned down. Another hotel in Lake Pleasant was the Lawlor Hotel, which burnt down ca 1927.

        The first Lake Pleasant Fire Station was made out of an old schoolhouse in 1945. You can still see the building as it sits next to the new fire station on the South Side Road. Before it was built the town put out fires with a bucket brigade. Marion Weaver first attended church in a camp on Route 8. It was later moved across the road and turned into a bowling alley. It is now a hardware store called Stephensons.

        Through the years the town of Lake Pleasant made many changes. The first telephone line was in between 1912 and 1915. It was owned by Peter L. Weaver and was connected to Call's store in Lake Pleasant, Fred Morey's hotel on Piseco Lake, and William Dunham's store on Piseco Lake. The First rubber tired snowplow came in 1929. Electricity first came in ca 1930 and the first TV was in 1950. They also redid part of Route 8 between Lake Pleasant and Piseco in 1946 and 1947. You can see some of the traces of the old road in front of Airdville Cemetery.

        Floyd and Marion married August 1, 1955 in the home that Floyd was brought up in. They lived in a home across from the homestead that was made up of the cabins that Floyd's father built in the early 1900's. Today Floyd and Marion are living in the homestead that was built by Floyd's father.


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