Bradt / Bratt Family of Wells

Ancestors and Descendants of Nicholas Bratt of Wells

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1.  Possible descendant of Baard Bratt born in 1120. Link not established at this time.

First Generation

2. Andries Arentse Bratt. Born 1578/1579 in Fredrikstad, Smaaleneenes, now Ostfold, Norway. Died 1690 in Schenectady, NY. Occupation descendant of Baard Bratt, born in 1120.   He married Aeffi (Eva or Eve) Kinetis, About 1610 in Fredrikstad, Smaaleneenes, now Ostfold, Norway. Born 1584 in Fredrikstad, Smaaleneenes, now Ostfold, Norway.

They had the following children:
3. i. Albert Andriessen Bratt
ii. Arent Andriessen Bratt

Second Generation

3. Albert Andriessen Bratt. Born 29 Aug 1607 in Fredrikstad, Smaalenenes, Now Ostfold, Norway. Died 7 Jun 1686 in Albany, NY. Occupation  Tabacco planter, ran 2 large sawmills on Noman's Kill.  He married Annetje B. Barents Rottmer, 11 Apr 1632 in Hervormde Kerk, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Born 1608 in Altenbruch, Hannover, Germany. Died 1661 in Albany, NY.

They had the following children:
i. Aefje (Eve) Bratt; Born 1632. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY. 
4. ii. Barent Albertse Albertssen Bratt 
iii. Storm Van Der Zee (Bratt); Born 1636 at sea. . 
iv. Engeltje Bratt; Born 1638. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY. 
v. Gisseltje Bratt; Born 1640. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY.
vi. Andries Bratt; Born 1644. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY. 
vii. Jan Bratt; Born About 1647/1648. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY.
viii. Dirck Bratt; Born About 1650. Colonie of Rensselaerswyck NY.

Thrid Generation

4. Barent Albertse Albertssen Bratt. Born 22 Oct 1634 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Died After 1716 in Albany, NY.  He married Susanna Dirckse Meyer, About 1655 in Albany, NY. Born About 1634 in Albany, NY. Died 8 May 1722.

They had the following children:
i. Anthony Bratt; Born About 1657.  He married Willempie Teunisz. 
ii. Marritje Bratt; Born 1662.  She married Egbert Teunisz. 
iii. Dirk Bratt; Born About 1664.  He married Anna Teunisz. 
iv. Anna Bratt; Born 1666. 
5. v. Johannes Barentse Bratt
vi. Johanna Bratt; Born 1670. Died 1711. 
vii. Daniel Bratt; Born 1672. Died 1733.  He married Elizabeth Lansing. 
viii. Jacob Bratt; Born 1674. Died 1746.  He married Aefie Everts Wessels. 
ix. Isaac Bratt; Born 1676/1678.  He married Divertie Wessels. 
x. Sara Bratt; Born 1680.  She married Reynier Van Iveren. 

Fourth Generation

5. Johannes Barentse Bratt. Born About 1673 in near Albany, NY. Died 20 Oct 1711 in Schaghticoke, NY.  He married Maria Keteluyn, 7 May 1693 in Albany, NY. Born 1675 in Albany, NY. Died 18 Oct 1754.

They had the following children:
i. Susanna Bratt; Born 1693. Died 1697. 
ii. Jochem Bratt; Born 1695. Died 1736. 
iii. Anna Bratt; Born 1701. 
6. iv. Bernadus Bratt 
v. Johannes Bratt; Born 1705. Died 1761. 
vi. Margarita Bratt; Born 1707. 
vii. Anthony Bratt; Born 1709. 

Fifth Generation

6. Bernadus Bratt. Born 29 Aug 1703 in Albany, NY.  Died ? 1773.  He married Eva Van Patten, 23 Dec 1748. Born 13 Nov 1712 in Schenectady, NY.

They had the following children:
i. Johannes Bratt; Born 1741. Died 1822. He married Sara Van Antwerp. 
ii. Agnietie Bratt; Born 1743. She married Gerrit Lansing. 
iii. Maria Bratt; Born 1749. 
7. iv. Nicholas Bratt
v. Jochem Bratt; Born 1757. 
vi. Rebecca Bratt; Born 1761. 

Sixth Generation

7. Nicholas Bratt. Born 8 Jul 1750 in Schenectady, NY.  Died Approx 1830 as listed on the 1830 Wells census.  Nicholas and Barbara moved to the Wells Settlement from the town of Providence (Saratoga County), and had a sawmill at the lower end of town in 1802 or 1803.  He married Anna Barbara Overacker, daughter of Michael Overacker & Anna Barbara  Stover, 1772. Born About 1752 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer,  NY.

They had the following children:
i. Barnadus (Barent) Bratt; Born 13 Jan 1774 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer, NY. Died 1840 in Grass Lake, MI.
8. ii. John Bratt
iii. Charles Bratt; Born 18 May 1779 in Schaghticoke, Rensselear, NY. Died 18 Oct 1865. 
iv. Eve Bratt; Born 15 Apr 1781.
v. Anna Barbara Bratt; Born 23 Oct 1783.
vi. Rebecca Bratt; Born 22 Mar 1785.
vii. Nicholas Bratt; Born 1787.
viii. Catharine Bratt; Born 21 Jun 1790.
ix. Jacob Bratt; Born 26 May 1792 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer, NY. Died 1880. 
x. Michael Bratt; Born 1799. Died 1870. Buried in Wells, NY.  He married Chiry. Born 1805. Died 1883.

Seventh Generation

8. John Bradt. Born 1778 in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer, NY. Died 1858. Buried in Wells, NY. Occupation.  He married Hannah Hoyt, 1 Jan 1799. Born in NYS.

They had the following children:
i. William Bradt; Born 1802. Died 1870. Occupation farmer and overseer of the poor in 1850.  He married Sarah Francisco.
ii. Maria Bradt; Born 1811 in Cherry Valley, NY. Died 1846.  She married David Abrams. 
9. iii. John (Jesse) Bradt
iv. Lavina Bradt; Born 1823 in Cherry Valley, NY. Died 1902 in Wells, NY.  She married ? Berry.
v. Anna Barbara Bradt; Born 1826 in Wells, NY. Died 1896.  She married David Abrams. 

Eighth Generation

9. John (Jesse) Bradt. Born 1813 in Cherry Valley, NY. Died 17 Apr 1888.  He married Elizabeth Abrams. Born 1817.

They had the following children:
i. William H. Bradt; Born 1836 in Wells, NY.  He married Jane Stearns.  Born 1836 in MA.
ii. David Bradt; Born 1841. Died 1873.  He married Margaret. Born 1842.
10. iii. John Bradt
iv. Ira Bradt; Born 1849.  Buried in Luzerene, NY. 
11. v. Orin Bradt
vi. Almeda A. Bradt; Born 1855. 

Ninth Generation

10. John Bradt. Born Jan 1844 in, Wells, NY. Died 1920.  Buried in Wells, NY (with no stone).  He married Elmira (Myra/Mira) Harrington. Born 1846.

They had the following children:
i. Benjamin (Bennie) Bradt; Born 17 Sep 1872. Died 21 Apr 1903. Buried in Wells, NY. 
ii. Dennis Bradt; Born 1873. 
  iii. William J. Bradt; Born Jul 1876. Died 1952.  He married Maude Steward. 
iv. Effie A. Bradt; Born 1879. Died 1928. Buried in Goodman Road Cemetary, Baker's Mill, NY.  She married Charles R. Harrington. Born 13 May 1880. Died 26 Aug 1945.
12. v. Charles Henry Bradt
vi. Vira H. Bradt (Twin); Born 1885 twin to Ira. Died 1962.  She married Mark Earley. 
vii. Ira Bradt (Twin); Born 1885.  He married Eva Clark. 
viii. Eathel M. Bradt; Born 1888.  She married Henry Pettit. 

11. Orin Bradt. Born 28 Jul 1852. Died 19 Nov 1920. Buried in Wells, NY.  He married Carrie L.. Born 30 Sep 1865. Died 7 Dec 1927.  Occupation taught school in 1880.

They had the following children:
i. Addie Jane Bradt; Born 1882. Died 1951.  She married George Simons. 
ii. Mildred Bradt; Born 1890 in died at young age. 
iii. Walter Bradt; Born 1894. Died 1942.  He married Doris. Born 25 Jul 1905. Died Apr 1972 in Wells, NY. 
iv. Arthus (Arthur) Bradt; Born 1898. Died 1967. Buried in Alquoin Cemetary.  He married Theresa Savage.

Tenth Generation

12. Charles Henry Bradt. Born 8 Feb 1881 in Wells, NY. Died 16 Feb 1971. Death Address-Edinburg, NY. Buried in Wells, NY. Occupation farmer, lumberjack, Adirondack Guide.  He married Martha June Stuart, 23 Dec 1905 in Wells, NY. Born 23 Aug 1888 in Wells, NY. Died Dec 1951 in Wells, NY. Buried in Wells, NY. Occupation homemaker.

They had the following children:
i. Benjamin Bradt; Born 1907 in Wells, NY.  Died 1908 (6 months old)
13. ii. Mildred C. Bradt.
iii. Myra Bradt.  She married Norman Goldsmith.
14. iv. Mary Bradt; Born 1 Apr 1915 in Wells, NY.  Died 2 Apr 1999. 
v. Carl Bradt; Born 8 Sept 1917 in Wells, NY. Died 8 Nov 1995 in Martin Memorial Medical Center, Stuart, FL.  Occupation worked as a glove cutter, later was a jeweler. 
15. vi. Paul Bradt.
16. vii. Samuel Bradt.
17. viii. Claude Ira Bradt.
18. ix. Howard Bradt.
19. x. Martha (June) Bradt.


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