George Hurter of Morehouse

Many Thanks to Carol Ford, Morehouse Town Historian, for donating this item!

George Hurter

Born 1881 - Died 1954

Son of George and Amelia (Schall) Hurter
of Morehousevillle

    George Hurter was known as a Craftsman and Gunsmith. 

    George not only could make a rifle, but was known to every person in this small community as a well known guide, hunter, and fisherman.  He became acquainted with many sportsmen throughout the state for his expert work on repairing the most exquisite rifle. 

    George has practically made an entire rifle with the exception of the barrel.  George made other skillful lines.  He made a violin in 1906.  The violin is still in good condition and was made from spruce and maple wood.  It took him more than a month at odd times to complete it.  He was considered one of the best fiddlers in this part of the woods. 

    Other articles he made included fishing rods, boats, paddles, oars, axe handles, peavy handles and sleighs.  Some of these possessions are still around.  George made his home on the Hurter Road just off the Erb Road in Morehouseville, NY.


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