Descendants of Loring Peck

Partial Family History!

The following is only a partial family history gleaned primarily from online sources as well as census, pension lists, and the History of Hamilton County by Ted Aber and Stella King.

Pease beware: there may well be errors within this biography as many of the sources used were not primary sources!

There must be many more descendants of this man. If you have further info or corrections, please contact me!

1. Loring Peck

1. Loring Peck was born 19 Jan 1744/45 in Bristol, Bristol County, RI to Jonathan Peck and Hannah (her surname may be Wood, Lain or Loring). He had 2 brothers and 8 sisters. Loring was married on June 14, 1767 to Sarah Richmond. Sarah was born in Bristol, June 17, 1746 and died April 20, 1774. He was married second to Jane Burke who died on 20 Jun 1825 in her 71st year. Loring died 29 July 1833 in his 90th year.

Loring was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. His service to his country ended in 1797 and in 1798 he and his family moved to Armenia, Dutchess county, NY. In 1811, they moved to Lake Pleasant, Hamilton county, NY. He began receiving a pension for his military service starting 19 May 1820 (backdated to 24 Apr 1818).

1774 - Bristol, Bristol, RI
1790 - Bristol, Bristol, RI
1800 - Amenia, Dutchess, NY
1810 - Amenia, Dutchess, NY
1820 - Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, NY
1830 - Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, NY

From "Tales From an Adirondack County," Ted Aber and Stella King. © 1978. Prospect Books.

The 3 gravestones in the family plot read as follows:
"Col. Loring Peck, a patriot of the Revolution, died July 29, 1833 in his 90th year
Jane, his wife, died June 20, 1825 in her 71st year"
Loring Peck, Jr., died May 5, 1861 in his 80th year"

Of his military service this book states:
"he had entered military service at an early age. By January 1775, he had become a captain. During the War of the Revolution, Peck was promoted to major. In 1794, as commander of the Senior Class Regiment of Rhode Island troops of Newport and Bristol Counties, he became lieutenant colonel, a rank he help throughout his continuous service through 1797. He was also a member of the Rhode Island Legislature for many years."

Children of Loring Peck (Bristol records would likely show others):
 child, born and died on 10 July 1768
 child, died 14 Jul 1771
 Sarah Peck, b. 8 Mar 1772, d. 8 Aug 1773
1.1.William Burke Peck, b. 27 Aug 1783, d. 22 Jun 1849
 Loring Peck, b. 17 Mar 1782 in RI, d. 5 May 1861 (1850 and 1860 census are fairly consistent with a birth of about 1785, but his gravestone says died in the "80th year of his age").
1.2.Dr. George Peck, b. 13 Feb 1788
 Frances Peck, b. abt 1790 in RI, m. William Swaze. Her daughter Frances married John V. Ramsey (b. 1812) and had a daughter Mary Ramsey who was born in McConnelsville, OH and who married Charles Turner.
 Sarah Peck, b. abt 1791 (per pension file)
1.3.Richard Peck, b. 9 Oct 1792 in RI.

1.1. William Burke Peck

1.1. William Burke Peck was born on 27 Aug 1783 in RI. He died 22 Jun 1849. He was married on 22 Jan 1821 to Elizabeth Keese who died in 1845.

William Burke Peck - served in the war of 1812 - held an army commission and saw service on the frontier or Canadian Line - the first town clerk when the town of Lake Pleasant was established on April 7, 1812

1820 - Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, NY

Child of William Burke Peck and Elizabeth Keese (others?):
1.1.1.Phebe Peck, b. 29 Mar 1825, d. Sep 1849, m. George W. Washington who was born in Mount Vernon, VA (grand nephew of Gen. George Washington)

1.2. Dr. George Peck

Clinton County Historical Society, IA provided much of the information on Dr. George Peck. Some info on the children was found at (through the LDS church).

1.3. Dr. George Peck died on 13 Oct 1838 in Clinton county, IA. He married Elizabeth Dunning, also of Hamilton county, who was born in 1796 in VT and died on 10 May 1840 in Clinton Co., IA. There is a monument to him in Rose Hill cemetery Cammanche, Clinton co., Iowa.

Dr. George Peck was a physician, surgeon, surveyor and engineer. He served in the war of 1812.

In 1836, Dr. George K. Peck of Lake Pleasant, N. Y., was a guest of Elijah Buell. He searched a good town site and settled on what he considered the ideal place to lay out a city and selected the name Camanche then went to Chicago to sell lots in the new community.

In 1837, Dr. Peck's son Franklin K. built the first structure, a hewed log house 18 by 20 feet which was soon sold to Chicago businessmen who opened a general store.

Children of George Peck and Elizabeth Dunning: Mary Ann Peck, b. 22 Feb 1814 (prob. in Lake Pleasant) John R. Peck, b. 8 Jan 1816 (prob. in Lake Pleasant) Elizabeth Peck, b. 22 Dec 1818 (prob. in Lake Pleasant) Sarah L. Peck, b. 6 Aug 1822, m. Ora Stockwell, jr. Jane Peck, b. Jan 1826, m. Charles Harrison Frances C., b. 11 Dec 1827 George Peck, b. 4 Feb 1830, m. Sarah Addelade Maines (or Meanes?).
1.2.1.Franklin K. Peck, b. 10 May 1812 in NY
1.2.2.Loring D. Peck, b. 6 Aug 1820, d. 14 April 1847 aged 25 years, near Camanche, IA

1.3.1. Franklin K. Peck was born 10 May 1812 in NY and died 20 Mar 1888. He married on 20 Mar 1838 to Frances E. Brown who was born about 10 Apr 1818 in KY and died 8 Dec 1899. Her parents were born in Virginia. They are buried in Rose Hill cemetery, Camanche, Clinton county, IA.

1850 Lyons, Clinton co., IA - farmer
1860 Clinton, Clinton co., IA - farmer
1870 Clinton, Clinton co., IA - farmer

Children of Franklin K. Peck and Frances E. Brown: M. Peck, b. 13 Oct 1839 in IA B. Peck, b. 10 Feb 1841 in IA B. Peck, b. 1 Sep 1843, d. 1845 Peck, b. 24 Sep 1844 in IA Peck, b. 11 Nov 1846 in IA Peck, b. 16 Sep 1848 in IA, d. 20 Nov 1858 Peck, b. 26 Jan 1850 in IA, d. 2 Dec 1858 Peck, b. 20 Oct 1851 in IA Peck, b. 18 Jan 1854, likely died young K. Peck, jr., b. 17 Feb 1855, d. 8 Dec 1858 Peck, b. 9 Nov 1856, d. 24 Sep 1857 G. Peck, b. 29 Apr 1858, d. 7 Aug 1900 Peck, b. 22 Aug 1860 Peck, b. abt 1861, d. Aug 1861 ("baby Louise") Hamilton Peck, b. 11 Jun 1863

1.3. Richard Peck LDS info provided some children info.

1.3. Richard Peck was born 9 Oct 1792 in RI. He married Lavinia Kasson who was born about 1797 in NY. They are buried in Broadalbin Village cemetery, Fulton county, NY. Richard's gravestone states his birth and death as 1792 - 1873.

Richard Peck served as a private in his brother's Co. in the War of 1812. He became Hamilton county's first judge at the time of it's formation on Feb. 12, 1816. He later served as member of the State Assembly in 1836. For many years, he and his brother were chosen alternately supervisor or town clerk of their town.

1830 - Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, NY
1840 - Wells, Hamilton, NY
1850 - Wells, Hamilton, NY, farmer
1860 - Wells, Hamilton, NY, farmer
1870 - Wells, Hamilton, NY, county judge

children of Richard Peck:
Caroline Peck, b. 28 Dec 1819 Maria Louisa Peck, b. 28 Aug 1828
1.3.1.William B. Peck, b. 24 Sep 1822, d. 1864
1.3.2.Nancy H. Peck, b. 29 Mar 1825, d. 28 Jul 1875, m. Ulysses H. Cowles. They're buried in Wells cemetery, Wells, NY.
1.3.3.Charles H. Peck, b. 14 Jun 1832
1.3.4.Walter B. Peck, b. 28 Feb 1834

1.3.1. William B. Peck was born in 1822 and died on 15 Dec 1863 while serving his country in the Civil War. He married Frances M. who was born in 1828 and died 31 May 1890. He has a gravestone in Wells cemetery, but no dates.

Tales of an Adirondack County by Ted Aber:
In 1863, William B. Peck resigned the office he had held for many years as county clerk and entered the army, stating in a letter to a relative that he was anxious "to hand down to my children the inheritance so nobly bequeathed to them by their honored grandsire." He was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness on May 8, 1864.......

William B. Peck Enlisted 10 Dec 1863 at Wellstown, age 39, as Private, Co. G, 93rd NY Infantry. Mustered in 10 Dec 1863. Promoted to Corp. 15 Dec 1863. Killed in action 7 May 1864 at Wilderness, VA.

Widow (Frances M. Peck) filed 9 Feb 1865, App #82392, Cert #52650

1850 - Arietta, Hamilton, NY, lumbering
1860 - Lake Pleasant, Hamilton, NY, county clerk
1870 - Wells, Hamilton, NY, his widow and kids
1880 - Wells, Hamilton, NY, his widow and kids
1883 pension list: Wells, Frances M. Peck, Widow, cert. #52650, $8 from Oct 1867

Children of William B. Peck and Frances M.: A. Peck, b. about 1849 in NY. Peck, b. abt 1852 in NY. He was married about 1880 to Harriet ("Hattie") and had son, Ralph, born in Aug 1887. His wife and son are living in Gloversville in 1900. Peck, b. Aug 1851 (or 1852?) in NY, died 1949, buried in Wells cemetery, Wells, NY Peck, b. abt 1854 in NY. C. Peck, b. abt 1856 in NY. B. Peck, b. abt 1858 in NY. Peck, b. abt 1860 in NY. Peck, b. abt 1862 in NY.

1.3.3. Charles H. Peck was born about 1833 in NY. He married Susan Ann Manderville who was born about 1840 in NY. She is buried in Prospect Hill cemetery, Northville, Fulton county, NY.

Charles H. Peck enlisted 21 Aug 1862 at Wells, age 30, as Private, Battery D, 4th Reg't NY Heavy Artillery. Mustered in 21 Aug 1862. Was paid a town bounty (Wells) of $50.00 on 26 May 1863. Wounded in service. Discharged for disability 20 March 1864 at Fort Ethan Allen, VA.

1850 - Wells, with parents
1860 - Wells, with parents, farm laborer
1870 - Mayfield, Fulton, NY - wife and kids with David Newland, age 32.
1880 - Northampton, Fulton, NY - wife (married) and kids

Children of Charles H. Peck and Ann: V. Peck, b. 12 Sep 1859 (8 mos old in 1860 census), m. Mr. Gardner, had son John born about 1879 in NY. About 1893 she married William T. Elgin (his 3rd wife) and lived in Benson in 1900. Peck, b. abt 1862 in NY Peck, b. abt 1868 in NY Peck, b. abt 1873 in NY Peck, b. abt 1875 in NY

1.3.4. Walter B. Peck was born about 1834 in NY. He married Lura L. Cowles who was born about 1839 in NY, daughter of Ulysses H. and Nancy Cowles of Wells). Walter has a stone in Wells cemetery, but no dates on it.

Walter B. Peck enlisted 7 Aug 1861 as Corp., Co. G, 7th WI Infantry. Mustered in 17 Aug 1861.Promoted Sgt. (date not stated). Promoted 1st Lieut. 5 July 1864. Promoted Captain 22 Oct 1864. Wounded 6 Feb 1865 at Hatcher's Run, VA. Mustered out 3 July 1865. Residence at time of enlistment: Grand Rapids, Wood Co., WI

1850 - Wells, wife father
1860 - ?
1870 - Wells, farmer, with father
1880 - Wells, teamster, living separate from wife

1883 Pension List: Wells, cert. #96844, $20 from April 1869. Cause: GSW left hip & pelvis

Children of Walter B. Peck and Lura L. Cowles: B. Peck, b. abt 1867 in NY, d. 4 Jan 1898, buried in Wells cemetery.


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