Harrington Descendants of Hamilton County

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First Generation

1. John Errington "The Immigrant". Born 1575. Died 1631 ,drowned in Boston Harbor.  He married Ann Clinton.

They had the following children:
2.i.  Benjamin Hearnden.
ii.  Robert Errington; Born 1616. Died 1707.  He married Susannah George.
iii.  Abraham Errington; Born 1620. Died ? .  He married Rebecca Cutter.
iv.  Rebecca Errington; Born ? . Died ? .  She married John Watson.

 Second Generation

2. Benjamin Hearnden. Born 1618. Died 1687.  He married Elizabeth White, year unknown, possibly in Providence, RI.

Benjamin's father John, drowned in Boston Harbor shortly after the family's arrival from England.  He (Benjamin) went to live with an uncle.  When he was about 15 years old, Ben embraced the Baptist faith, then under ban in Massachusetts.  His uncle remonstrated with him without effect, finally punishing him severely and as a final resort tying him to a post and administering a floging which was most unmerciful; threatening to turn him over to the authorities if he persisted in his heretical opinions.  As soon thereafter, as possible, he arranged his escape stealing away from his uncle's house penniless and alone with his bible, a fish line and a few other articles done up in a hankerchief and carrying a scanty supply of provisions.  He believed that the God he worshipped would care for him in some way and enable him to reach the Roger Williams settlement in safety.  The trust was rewarded when, hungry, footsore and weak, he fell in with a family of Quakers, headed by William White, towards the same goal.  They welcomed him, gave of their simple fare, caring for him until he became strong enough to assist them.  He repaid them in labor caring for the team or when necessary to unload the wagon.  He crossed the swollen streams and ravines, sometimes carrying the oldest daughter Elizabeth.  The acquaintance with Elizabeth ripened into an enduring love and soon after their affival in Providence, RI; she became his wife and in time the mother of his nine children.

In Providence, they settled on Harrington Lane, now Rochambeau Ave.  He fought in King Phillip's War and acquired considerable property, chiefly land.  Possibly because of his bitterness towards his uncle, he changed his name to Herendeen and for two generations the name was spelled Herendeen, Herndern, Hearnden interchangably with Herington, Herrington, and Herrengton.

Tradition states that while still in Rhode Island, Elisha was approached by a land agent from Warren County, NY and was shown a quantity of small beech nuts which were represented as being buck wheat grown in Warren County.  This inducement brought him to Warren County, NY; a virgin wilderness with  no roads wider than a path.  His nearest store and grist mill were located on Half Way Brook, some 12 miles away in Queensbury Town.  It is said that on one occasion, he had gone to the mill alone, but with an extra pack horse, and having experienced some delay, was returning home late in the evening.  Driving ahead of him in the narrow trail, the pack horse burdened with a quarter of fresh beef; wolves attracted by the odor pursued him and the situation soon became critical.  With his hunting knife, he occasionally sliced off a hunk of meat and threw it back on the trail, and while the wolves fought over it, he continued to lash his horses to their utmost speed.

The good wife, Dorcas, from the home in the little forest clearing near the top of the mountain, heard the howl of the wolves as it grew to a roar and echoed along and across the mountains, knew well the meaning.  Quickly, she and the children gathered brush and wood and built a large bonfire in the door yard.  In the course of a few minutes they waited until they saw the foaming and panting horses dash from the blackness of the forest into the glow of the home fireside and into safety.

During a winter, a yearling heifer had died in the log barn, a few paces from the house.  After a day or two the wolves began to feed on the dead heifer at night.  Elisha left the door open and fastened a rope to it, and with the other end of the rope attached to a cross beam near the roof of the barn.  After supper he instructed his son, Elisha, Jr. to sit on the beam and hold the rope and pull the door shut as soon as several volves came in.  In the early part of the evening he pulled the rope and caught four wolves, but Elisha Jr. dared not dismount from his perch until daybreak when his father came and thrust the muzzle of the long bar rifle through the cracks between the logs of the barn and shot the two remaining wolves.  The other two had been killed in the fight that followed when the wolves found that they were in confinement.

The old log residence was one room, 16 feet by 20 feet, with one door and no windows, and a large stone fireplace used both for heating and cooking.  In the ceiling was a square hole and a latter nailed to the wall which led to the dark loft in which the children slept (there were 14).  It was at this home in about 1820 Dorcas made the pronouncement "The nest is too full" whereupon, Elisha provided a team of oxen and a covered wagon for four of the fourteen children and they went west presumably to Ohio.

They had the following children:
i.  Benjamin Hearnden; Born 1650. Died 1694.  He married Lydia Wells.
ii.  Alice Hearnden; Born 1652. Died 1718.  She married Daniel Brown.
iii.  Joseph Hearnden; Born 1652. Died 1694.  He married Sarah ?.
iv.  Sarah Hearnden; Born 1654. Died 1677.  She married David Whipple.
v.  Mary Hearnden; Born 1658. Died 1696.  She married Andrew Edmonds.
vi.  William Hearnden; Born 1660. Died 1727.  He married ?.
3.vii.  John Harenton (Harrington).
viii.  Thomas Hearnden; Born 1665. Died 1737.
ix.  Isaac Hearnden; Born 1668. Died 1727.

 Third Generation

3. John Harenton (Harrington). Born 1662. Died 1736.  He married Lydia Cranston. Born Approx 1662. Died 1729. They settled in Scituate, RI.

They had the following children:
4.i.  Jonathan Harrington
ii.  John Harrington; Born 1699. Died 1744.  He married Mary Jenks.
iii.  Josiah Harrington; Born 1702. Died 1786.  He married Elizabeth Bennett.
iv.  Joseph Harrington; Born 1705. Died ? .
v.  Elizabeth Harrington; Born 1707. Died ? .
vi.  Stephen Harrington; Born 1708. Died ? .  He married Elizabeth Shippee.

 Fourth Generation

4. Jonathan Harrington. Born 1705. Died 1786.  He married Sarah Foster.

They had the following children:
i.  Stephen Harrington; Born 1740. Died 1812.  He married Patience Eldred.
ii.  Rufus Harrington; Born 1745. Died 1821.  He married Elizabeth Aylesworth.
iii.  Matthews Harrington; Born 1745. Died ? .
iv.  Mercy Harrington; Born 1749. Died 1823.  She married Job Eldred.
v.  Daniel Harrington; Born Before 1750. Died 1798.  He married Sarah Carpenter.
5.vi.  Elisha Harrington.
vii.  Jonathan Harrington; Born Before 1760. Died 1813.
viii.  Sarah Harrington; Born 1766. Died ? .  She married Nicholas Jenks.
ix.  Dorcas Harrington; Born 1767. Died ? .  She married Joseph Goodspeed.
x.  Job Harrington; Born 1768. Died 1834.  He married Elizabeth ?.
xi.  Hannah Harrington; Born 1771. Died ? .
xii.  Mary Harrington; Born ? . Died ? .  She married Isaac Stratter.

 Fifth Generation

5. Elisha Harrington. Born Approx 1754. Died ? . They lived in Warrensburg, NY.  He married Dorcas Thomas. Born 1767. Died 1843.

They had the following children:
i.  Betsy Harrington; Born 1782. Died 1859.  She married ? Bennett.
ii.  Garner Harrington; Born Approx 1788. Died ? .
iii.  Joseph Harrington; Born Approx 1790. Died ? .
iv.  Jonathan Harrington; Born Approx 1791. Died 1857.  He married Rachel Reynolds.
v.  Lydia Harrington; Born 1792. Died 1836.  She married George Mattison.
vi.  Hannah Harrington; Born 1792. Died ? .  She married Job Wilcox.
vii.  Elisha Jr. Harrington; Born 1794. Died 1873.  He married Elizabeth Gates.
viii.  Polly Ann Harrington; Born ? . Died ? .  She married ? Boswick.
6.ix.  Benjamin Harrington.
x.  Joseph Harrington; Born 1809. Died 1880.
xi.  Susan Harrington; Born 1812. Died 1865.  She married Joe (Tucker) Harrington.
xii.  Sarah (Sally) Harrington; Born ? . Died ? .  She first married ? Farley.  She second married Albin Gould.
xiii.  Elsie Harrington; Born ? . Died ? .  She married Simon Rice.
xiv.  Polly Harrington; Born ? . Died ? .

 Sixth Generation

6. Benjamin Harrington. Born Approx 1805/1809. Died 1887.  He married Hannah Gould (see Gould Linage).

They had the following children:
 i.  Harriet J. Harrington; Born 1838. Died ? .  She married Alonson Harrington (cousin).
ii.  Matilda Harrington; Born 1841. Died 1915.  She married Charles Reynolds.
iii.  James B. Harrington; Born 1844. Died 1927.  He married Maretta Mattison. Born 1863. Died 1904.
7.iv.  Elmira (Myra/Mira) Harrington (Twin).
v.  Elvira Harrington (Twin); Born 1846. Died ? She married Myron Early.
vi.  Albon E. Harrington; Born 1848. Died 1931.  He married Eliza Morehouse. Born 1861. Died 1898.

 Seventh Generation

7. Elmira (Myra/Mira) Harrington. Born 1846. Died?  She married John Bradt (see Bradt Linage). Born Jan 1844 in Wells, NY. Died 1888.

John and Myra Wadsworth Bradt lived in a house just above Charles and Martha on the Windfall Road in Wells, Hamilton County, NY.

They had the following children:
i.  Benjamin Bradt; Born 17 Sep 1872. Died 21 Apr 1903.  Buried in Wells, NY.
ii.  Dennis Bradt; Born 1873. Died ? .
iii.  William J. Bradt; Born Jul 1876. Died ? .
iv.  Effie A. Bradt; Born 1879. Died 1928. Buried in Goodman Road Cemetary, Baker's Mill, NY.  She married Charles R. Harrington. Born 13 May 1880.  Died 26 Aug 1945.
8.v.  Charles Henry Bradt.
vi.  Vira H. Bradt (Twin);Born 1885. Died 1962.  She married Mark Earley.
vii.  Ira Bradt (Twin); Born 1885. Died ?
viii.  Eathel M. Bradt; Born 1888. Died ? She married Henry Pettit.

 Eighth Generation

8. Charles Henry Bradt. Born 8 Feb 1881 in Wells, Hamilton County, NY. Died 16 Feb 1971 Edinburg, NY. Buried in Wells, NY Cemetery. Occupation farmer, lumberjack, Adirondack Guide.  He married Martha June Stuart (see Stuart Linage), 23 Dec 1905 in Wells, NY. Born 23 Aug 1888 Wells, NY. Died Dec 1951 Wells, NY. Buried in Wells, NY Cemetery. Occupation homemaker.

They had the following children:
i.  Benjamin Bradt; Born 1907 in Wells, NY. Died 1908.
9.ii.  Mildred C. Bradt.
iii.  Myra Bradt.
10.iv.  Mary Bradt.
v.  Carl Bradt; Born 8 Sep 1917 in Wells, NY.  Died 8 Nov 1995 in Martin Memorial Medical Center, Stuart, FL. Occupation worked as a glove cutter, later was a jeweler.
11.vi. Paul Bradt.
12.vii. Samuel Bradt.
13.viii. Claude Ira Bradt.
14.ix. Howard Bradt.
15.x. Martha (June) Bradt.

 Ninth Generation

9. Mildred C. Bradt. Born 6 Aug 1910 in Wells, NY.  She first married Frank Harrington. Born ? Died ?  She second married John Stuart. Born ? Died ?

10. Mary Bradt. Born 1 Apr 1915 in Wells, NY. Died 2 Apr 1999 in Fulton County Facility, Gloversville, NY. Buried 5 Apr 1999 in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville. Occupation homemaker.  She married Harry Russell.

13. Claude Ira Bradt.  He married Ruby Anna Ellithorpe, daughter of Jesse Frank Ellithorpe & Hattie Isabel May, 5 Jun 1948 in Mayfield Methodist Church, NY. Born 21 Aug 1924 in Batchlerville, NY. Died 13 Apr 1989. Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetary, Northville, NY.

 10th Generation

16. Betty J. Russell. Daughter of Harry Russell & Mary Bradt. Born 1942. Died 1993. Buried in Speculator Cemetery, Town of Lk Pleasant, NY.  She married Charles R. Harrington. Born 1938. Died 1988. Buried in Speculator Cemetery, Town of Lk Pleasant, NY.

They had the following children (note only those that are no longer living are shown):
i. Gregory C. Harrington; Born 11 Sep 1961.  Died 9 Sep 1999. Buried in Speculator Cemetery, Town of Lake Pleasant, NY.

17. Adolphus Keith Bradt. Born 16 Jan 1949 in Gloversville, NY. Died 17 Jun 1995. Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville, NY


, ?, spouse of child of 2
, Ann, spouse of 14
, Charles R. Harrington, spouse of 16
, David Whipple, spouse of child of 2
, Dorothy, spouse of 12
, Frank Harrington, spouse of 9
, Jean, spouse of 11
, John Stuart, spouse of 9
, Tina, child of 16
?, Elizabeth, spouse of child of 4
?, Sarah, spouse of child of 2
Aylesworth, Elizabeth, spouse of child of 4
Bennett, ?, spouse of child of 5
Bennett, Elizabeth, spouse of child of 3
Boswick, ?, spouse of child of 5
Bradt (see Bradt Linage), John, spouse of 7
Bradt, *Charles Henry 8
Bradt, *Claude Ira 13
Bradt, *Tamara Lee 19
Bradt, Adolphus Keith 17
Bradt, Amanda, child of 17
Bradt, Benjamin, child of 7
Bradt, Benjamin, child of 8
Bradt, Beverly, child of 12
Bradt, Carl, child of 8
Bradt, Dennis, child of 7
Bradt, Eathel M., child of 7
Bradt, Effie A., child of 7
Bradt, Ellen, child of 14
Bradt, Howard 14
Bradt, Ira, child of 7
Bradt, Jeffery, child of 14
Bradt, Kevin, child of 12
Bradt, Martha (June) 15
Bradt, Mary 10
Bradt, Mildred C. 9
Bradt, Myra, child of 8
Bradt, Paul 11
Bradt, Paula, child of 11
Bradt, Peter, child of 11
Bradt, Samuel 12
Bradt, Susan, child of 14
Bradt, Timothy Charles 18
Bradt, Vira H., child of 7
Bradt, William J., child of 7
Bradt, Zacheriah Charles, child of 18
Brown, Daniel, spouse of child of 2
Carey, Ginger Michele 20
Carey, Paul Francis, spouse of 19
Carey, Vanessa Lynne, child of 19
Carpenter, Sarah, spouse of child of 4
Cato, Emory Terrin, child of 20
Cato, Samuel Dean, spouse of 20
Clinton, Ann, spouse of 1
Cranston, Lydia, spouse of 3
Cutter, Rebecca, spouse of child of 1
Earley, Mark, spouse of child of 7
Early, Myron, spouse of child of 6
Edmonds, Andrew, spouse of child of 2
Eldred, Job, spouse of child of 4
Eldred, Patience, spouse of child of 4
Ellithorpe, *Ruby Anna, spouse of 13
Errington, Abraham, child of 1
Errington, John "The Immigrant" 1
Errington, Rebecca, child of 1
Errington, Robert, child of 1
Farley, ?, spouse of child of 5
Foster, Sarah, spouse of 4
Gates, Elizabeth, spouse of child of 5
George, Susannah, spouse of child of 1
Goldsmith, Norman, spouse of child of 8
Goodspeed, Joseph, spouse of child of 4
Gould (see Gould Linage), Hannah, spouse of 6
Gould, Albin, spouse of child of 5
Harenton (Harrington), *John 3
Harrington (cousin), Alonson, spouse of child of 6
Harrington, *Benjamin 6
Harrington, *Elisha 5
Harrington, *Elmira (Myra/Mira) 7
Harrington, *Jonathan 4
Harrington, Albon E., child of 6
Harrington, Betsy, child of 5
Harrington, Brenda, child of 16
Harrington, Charles R., spouse of child of 7
Harrington, Daniel, child of 4
Harrington, Dorcas, child of 4
Harrington, Elisha Jr., child of 5
Harrington, Elizabeth, child of 3
Harrington, Elsie, child of 5
Harrington, Elvira, child of 6
Harrington, Garner, child of 5
Harrington, Gregory C., child of 16
Harrington, Hannah, child of 4
Harrington, Hannah, child of 5
Harrington, Harriet J., child of 6
Harrington, James B., child of 6
Harrington, Job, child of 4
Harrington, Joe (Tucker), spouse of child of 5
Harrington, John, child of 3
Harrington, Jonathan, child of 4
Harrington, Jonathan, child of 5
Harrington, Joseph, child of 3
Harrington, Joseph, child of 5
Harrington, Joseph, child of 5
Harrington, Josiah, child of 3
Harrington, Lydia, child of 5
Harrington, Mary, child of 4
Harrington, Matilda, child of 6
Harrington, Matthews, child of 4
Harrington, Mercy, child of 4
Harrington, Polly Ann, child of 5
Harrington, Polly, child of 5
Harrington, Robert, child of 9
Harrington, Rufus, child of 4
Harrington, Sarah (Sally), child of 5
Harrington, Sarah, child of 4
Harrington, Stephen, child of 3
Harrington, Stephen, child of 4
Harrington, Susan, child of 5
Hearnden, *Benjamin 2
Hearnden, Alice, child of 2
Hearnden, Benjamin, child of 2
Hearnden, Isaac, child of 2
Hearnden, Joseph, child of 2
Hearnden, Mary, child of 2
Hearnden, Sarah, child of 2
Hearnden, Thomas, child of 2
Hearnden, William, child of 2
Hunt, Marlene, spouse of 12
Jenks, Mary, spouse of child of 3
Jenks, Nicholas, spouse of child of 4
Leadley, Cindy, child of 15
Leadley, Donald, spouse of 15
Leadley, Donna, child of 15
Leadley, Nancy, child of 15
Mattison, George, spouse of child of 5
Mattison, Maretta, spouse of child of 6
Morehouse, Eliza, spouse of child of 6
Pettit, Henry, spouse of child of 7
Plantt, Walter Frederick, spouse of 19
Reynolds, Charles, spouse of child of 6
Reynolds, Rachel, spouse of child of 5
Rice, Simon, spouse of child of 5
Russell, Betty J. 16
Russell, Donal H., child of 10
Russell, Harry, spouse of 10
Shippee, Elizabeth, spouse of child of 3
Stratter, Isaac, spouse of child of 4
Stuart (see Strart Linage, Martha June, spouse of 8
Thomas, Dorcas, spouse of 5
Watson, John, spouse of child of 1
Wells, Lydia, spouse of child of 2
White, Elizabeth, spouse of 2
Wilcox, Job, spouse of child of 5

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