Rhodes Family Treasures

Donated by Jacki Frederick Coolidge

This is a work in progress. More information will be added as time permits.

"I recently obtained 2 very large containers from my deceased grandmother. These containers are full of pictures, postcards, letters, birth/ marriage/ death announcements, newspaper clippings, deeds, recepits, address books, etc. My family was from Gloversville, Mayfield, Bleecker, Benson areas. It is all a bit overwhelming, however I really feel the need to have to info out there." - Jacki


Background Info

George D Rhodes was born Apr 1851 in Benson, son of William P. Rhodes. Both George and William were Civil War veterans (see Hamilton County Civil War Database). George died Jan 1929 in Gloversville and is burried at Green Hill Cemetery, Amsterdam. He married Rhoda Coward and they had 2 children: Fred Rhodes born 1877 and Ida Rhodes born 1879 (Both born in Benson). Ida married Louis Barlow born Apr 1877, Montgomery died Mar 1940 Gloversville. Louis and Ida lived on the corner of Bleecker St and Lafayette St in Gloversville. Louis was the son of Nathan L Barlow born Apr 1847 Charleston, died in Gloversville and Eliza Cramer born Apr 1856, died in Gloversville. Nathan and Eliza lived on West Eighth Ave.

My grandmother Dorothy Mildred (Haigh) Barlow (previous owner of this family collection) was born in 1913 in Herkimer. Her mother was Mildred Moose Haigh born in Germany and came to America with her family in 1884. Mildred married Ernest Haigh in 1907 in Lowell Massachusetts. He and his parents came to America from England in 1880. Mildred and Ernest had 2 girls, Marguerite and Dorothy. Marguerite was born in 1911 and died in 1935. Ernest died in 1915.

Dorothy grew up in Herkimer and in her early 20's she spent some time in NYC modeling. Then she fell in love. Dorothy married Fred Barlow in 1937. Fred was a mechanic, his family owned Barlow Inn on Bleecker Mountain (which burned down in 1977), most of the surrounding land on the mountain and had champion hunting dogs. Dorothy worked in the glove factory for many years. Fred was 1 of 2 children. His brother Robert was born in 1907 and died 1972.

The house where they lived was built in 1890, and when Dorothy and Fred were married, Fred's parents Louis and Ida gave the house to them as a wedding gift. Many family members died in that home and her large 3rd floor attic was the family storage area. Dorothy and Fred had one child; my mom. She was 40 when she had my mom and got very sick. My mom and I moved to Florida in 1983 when I was 8 and my grandfather died a month later. I went home every summer and I remember playing in that attic, putting on hats and jackets.

All of my friends called her Grandma Dorothy and even if I was not there, they'd still stop by if they saw her on the porch. She was loved by everyone who knew her. Dorothy was a long time member of the Freemont Methodist Church, and was in a card club. As Dorothy got older, the winters got harder for her so she would come to Florida for the winter months, then go back to Gloversville in the Spring. My grandmother remained in that house until she died here in Florida in Feb 2001....3 days before her 88th birthday.



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