Earl Kreuzer of Morehouse


Earl Matral Kreuzer

Born Dec. 8, 1901    Died March 1, 1996

Earl came to Morehouseville after his mother died in 1912.  He helped his uncle George on the farm, and in hunting season helped him guide hunting parties.  He was 14 yrs old.  After his Grandmother's house burned down he went back to Albany.

His first job was driving a grocery cart.  Then he went to work at Shupps truck garage, where he learned all about their parts.  Next he went to work for a bank where he earned $500.00 a year and received $50.00 for a Xmas present.  Following that he worked on locomotives and learned all about their parts.  Then Earl drove a bus and he also ran a gas station for a while.  He then worked with a man selling ice and driving an ice truck.  All this work was in and around the Albany area.

By this time he decided to get married, but the marriage didn't last long as they were only together three weeks.  Earl decided it was time to come back to Morehouseville.  He went to work for Seymour Krebs and his wife who were the keepers of G. Lake.  I guess jobs didn't last long in those days or he just didn't find what he was looking for as he went from there to work on the state road.  Then Earl went into lumbering and this job lasted for over eleven years.

Again he decided to get married, this time to Eleanor Lewis from Long Lake.  Earl built him and his new wife a new home.  Around this time he started to run the Morehouseville store, where he was for a while.  Also he was trapping, and guiding hunting parties.  After he was married he also drove a truck selling fruit and fresh baked goods all around the county.  Then came another divorce.  I don't know how long he was married to Eleanor, it was a while.  Earl never had any children, but later in years he married a lady who had three girls, which he raised.  After this, yet another wife was gone.

Earl continued to live in Morehouseville running his store, buying and selling land in town, and living by himself in a little place down by the West Canada Creek.  He talked to the animals in the woods that were around his place and lived a quiet life.  He liked cooking with wild herbs and such things, as plant roots.  People didn't go much for his type of cooking but it must have been good for him because he lived to be 95 yrs old.  In the end he could no longer live alone so he went to the Masonic Home in Utica, NY., where he died in 1996.

He was a very well  known man and liked by everyone.

Just a little extra --- Earl was also a farmer.  He grew everything, including potatoes from white Rose seed potatoes which his father got from Maine more than a 100 years ago.  He was also our town historian for a few years and he could really tell you some stories about some of his experiences!


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