Partello Family of Morehouse

Daniel Theodore Partello, son of Theodore Partello, was born July 1850 and died in 1906.  He came from Galway, Saratoga county, NY.  Due to his superior strength his friends called him "Simpson".  He married about 1875 to Josephine Eugenia Maheux, daughter of Eugene Maheux and Adel Bennett.  Adel was the daughter of Basilo Bennett; follow the link for further information on Basilo Bennett's family.  Josephine was born July 1855 and died in 1917.  They were married in Josephine's father's hotel, shortly after which the hotel burned down and all of the newlyweds possessions were destroyed, including the wedding presents.  The location of this hotel was in Morehouseville.  They are both buried in Methodist cemetery near the former Morehouse Methodist Episcopal Church, in Hoffmeister, NY.

Daniel and Josephine lived on French road in Morehouseville, where they raised a family of 12 children:

  1. Walter Augustus Partello, born 1876, died 1963, buried Methodist cemetery at Hoffmeister.  He never married and resided in Mechanicville, Saratoga county, NY.
  2. Eugene Theodore Partello, born 25 Nov 1877, residing in 1915 on French Rd at Hoffmeister.  He was a farmer and had a backsmith shop.  He sold his farm and some of his brothers helped him drive his livestock to Cherry Valley, New York where he farmed for several years.  Later Eugene married Johana Nichols.  He again sold his farm and moved to Utica to work as a carpenter and mason.  They had no children.
  3. Lester John Partello, born 30 Jan 1881, and died May 1964.  He learned the carpenter trade in Watertown, NY and returned to Morehouseville where he built several cabins in the local area.  He married Syreen Warner, born 27 Jun 1890, died June 1973.  They were residing in 1915 on French Rd at Hoffmeister.  By the time of the Civilian Draft for WWI, he was "working in Utica" and they moved to Utica at some point, but they are buried at the Methodist cemetery in Hoffmeister.  They had no children.
  4. Albert Francis Partello, born Apr 1883.  Interestingly, he was listed in the 1900 census as a farm laborer and boarder with Frank and Emma Davis in Ohio, Herkimer, NY, as well as with his parents in Morehouse, Hamilton, NY!  He married Eva Combs and they resided in 1917 in Hinckley, Herkimer, NY and later in Marathon, Cortland county, NY.  They two children, Roger and Margaret.
  5. Mabel Agnes Partello, born Jan 1885, married Richard Poole and resided in the southern US.
  6. Fanny Emily Partello, born Oct 1886, and died 1959.  She married about 1906 to Edward G. Palm.  He was born in 1874, and died in 1940, an adopted son of Carl F. Palm.  They are both buried at the Methodist cemetery at Hoffmeister.  By the 1910 census they had the following children: Charles D., Arthur E., and Hellen J. (1909-1913).  A son Albert E. was born at a later date.  After her husband's death Fannie worked at the Rome Air Base (Rome, NY) and the Utica Cutlery.
  7. Harriet Marion Partello, born Apr 1888, married before 1905 to Frank Fagan and lived near Ohio, NY.  They had no children.
  8. Annie Eugenia Partello, born Aug 1890, married Milo Robinson who was the County Sheriff (1925-1927).  They lived at Long Lake and had two children, Stanley and Ruth.
  9. Charles Marvin Partello, born 8 Oct 1892, died 29 Dec 1893.  He never married.  Charles was prominent in the town of Morehouse.  Please follow the link for more info on Charles.
  10. Ada Jennie Partello, born Nov 1893.  She moved to Canajoharie, NY, and married William Findling.  They had one child, Jackson, who joined the navy as a pilot and was lost at sea with his plane.  Ada worked at the Beechnut plant and William was a carpenter.
  11. Malvin Alvah Partello, known as "Jake", was born 13 May 1896, and died Dec 1963.  He was a carpenter and mason and built one of the early camps on French road (first camp west of the lower Four Mile Bridge).  He moved to Utica where he was a guard at the Armory for several years.  He married Margaret Bowman and they had two children, Melvin and Virginia.  Malvin served in the US Army in WWI as a private from Clinton, Oneida, NY and his son served in WWII.
  12. Elmer Daniel Partello, known as "Dan", was born 9 Oct 1897, died 21 Mar 1980.  He worked at the Endicott-Johnson shoe factory in Endicott,  later employed at the Spargo Wire Co., and then at Griffiss Air Force Base, retiring in 1963.  He moved to Utica about 1963 and was residing at 1005 Park Ave, at the time of his death. He was a member of Central Methodist Church, Utica Post American Legion, and the Rome Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  He served in the Army during World War II.  He never married and is buried at St. Joseph's cemetery in Utica, NY.

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