Descendants of Isaiah Whitman of Wells

Generation No. 1

1.  ISAIAH WHITMAN  (ISAIAH1) was born June 1, 1799 in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY, and died February 25, 1874 in Wells, Hamilton Co. NY, age 73 yrs 8 mos. 11 days.  He married SARAH TURNER, daughter of CHARLES TURNER and HEPSIBAH ROSE.

"He was known as Captain Whitman, being for many years a Captain of State Guards or Militia at Wells, NY.  In those days there were regular days established by law on which the militia congregated to drill. After his wife died in 1852, he went to Wisconsin and made several trips back and forth between Wisconsin and Wells, NY.  In 1867 he returned to Wells permanently and remained there until his death.  He had a house and lot in Madison, Wisconsin, which he traded to his son, Rose, for property in Wells among which was 100 acres of woodland.  It was while hauling wood from this land with an ox team that he met his death.  He was coming down a steep hill with a load of wood, walking in front of his oxen, when he slipped and fell to the ground.  The team and load ran over him and killed him instantly.  He was found some hours later, lying dead under the sled." (Source:  Whitman, Scott Winfield, unpublished manuscripts and diaries, 1880-1909.)

Was living in Wells at the time of the 1850 census.  Burial: Whitman Fam. Bur. Plot, Wells, NY


2.i.ROSE2 WHITMAN, b. January 16, 1820, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. April 3, 1890, Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., IA.
3.ii.NELSON WHITMAN, REV., b. June 28, 1821, Wells, Hamilton Co. NY.
4.iv.SUSANNAH WHITMAN, b. 1826; d. February 16, 1869, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY.
5.v.JOEL WHITMAN, b. February 1, 1830, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI. WHITMAN, b. 1832; d. December 29, 1862, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY age 29 yrs. 9 mos. 9 days.
7.vii.PHEOBE WHITMAN, b. 1835.
viii.GEORGE WHITMAN, b. 1838; d. June 26, 1860, age 23, buried in Wells Cem., Wells, NY; m. SELESA J. BASS.
8.ix.LOUISA WHITMAN, b. 1842.
9.x.LYDIA A. WHITMAN, b. Abt. 1828.

Generation No. 2

2.  ROSE2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born January 16, 1820 in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY, and died April 3, 1890 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., IA.  He married ELLEN BENTLY September 2, 1838 in Wells, Hamilton Co. NY, daughter of THOMAS BENTLY and MINERVA PUTNAM. Rose Whitman and Edward Bently purchased land from the common Schools of the Town of Gilman on the 7th of November 1849. Buried in Elmwood Cem., Mason City, Iowa.



The aged lady was a direct descendant of Genral Isreal Putnam of the Rev. War. One of her brothers also was one of the old time warriors, having been a soldier in the war of 1812 and fought under General Scott at Lundy's Lane. Mrs. Whitman has three children living in Cerro Gordo Co.; Mrs. C. H. Russell, Mrs. Gillispie of Creamery and Scott Whitman of Mason Township. One other daughter is living is Penn.  source: Daily Times Mason City IA Oct 1, 1892 pg.3

The War of 1812  The Battle of Lundy's Lane:

On July 25, 1814 the American army fought with the British at Lundy's Lane. Lieutenant Colonel Winfield Scott, who was always aggressive during war, attacked a British force which consisted of 1,600 to 1,800 men. At this time, he only had a force of 1,000 men. During the battle, both forces continued to gain reinforcements. By the end of the day, the Americans had 2,100 men while the British had a total of about 3,000 men. The battle was very bloody and was dragged on well into the night. The battle was only brought to an end when Jacob Brown, a commander over many of the men, ordered his entire army to withdraw. The United States suffered a loss of 850, while the total British losses were around 875. Although it was the United States who withdrew from the battle, the losses were about equal, and so the battle was a draw.

About the English troops in the Battle of Lundy's Lane:

The Battle of the Thames did not end the service of the 41st in the war. Raised the year earlier, the 400 strong 2nd Battalion of the Regiment arrived in Canada in May 1813. Upon arriving on the Niagara Peninsula, the remnants of the 1st were merged with the 2nd Battalion.  Reborn, the 41st Regiment set about correcting the errors of the Battle of the Thames. In December 1813, a detachment of the regiment participated in the daring capture of Fort Niagara at the mouth of the Niagara river.  Following this, the regiment served in the defeat of American forces at Black Rock near Buffalo, New York in July 1813.  In the most hotly contested engagement of the war, British forces were able to halt an advancing American Army at Lundy's Lane (near Niagara Falls, Canada).  The 41st Light Company suffered 50% casualties.  The British pursued the retreating American army to Fort Erie were an unsuccessful assault was made resulting in heavy casualties to the flank companies of the regiment.

This was the last engagement for the 41st Regiment during the war. The following spring the regiment departed for Belgium, narrowly missing the Battle of Waterloo but joining the Allied army's occupation of Paris.

Children of ROSE WHITMAN and ELLEN BENTLY are:

i.WILLIAM HENRY3 WHITMAN, b. June 8, 1842, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. September 10, 1862, Washington D.C.;  William was married on July 4, 1859 and had a child Netta. Civil War Vet., 9th Regiment Co. F., NY Vol. was wounded at Bull Run and died Sept 10, 1862, buried in Washington DC.
ii.MINERVA JANE WHITMAN, b. July 13, 1843, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. October 18, 1898; m. CORNELIUS H. RUSSELL, July 4, 1861, Wells, Hamilton Co. NY.

Civil War Vet. served as 5th Sergeant Co. F 97th Regiment NY

iii.JAMES N. WHITMAN, b. September 22, 1845, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d.February 25, 1855, WElls, Hamilton Co., NY.
iv.SARAH E. WHITMAN, b. May 1, 1850, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. Abt. 1910, Penn.; m. MARCUS CROWE, April 2, 1871, Wells, Hamilton Co. NY. children were: Julia, Patrick N., Scott W., Ellen Mary, Marcus Whitman (1880-1936).
v.SCOTT WINFIELD WHITMAN, b. June 29, 1852, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. May 5, 1909, Dexter, Chavez Co., NM; m. CHARLOTTE SIMONS, September 1871, Wells, Hamilton Co. NY.
vi.MELVIN L. WHITMAN, b. December 7, 1854, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. May 26, 1857, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY age 2 yrs 6 mo. 19 days..
vii.IDA ELEANORA WHITMAN, b. April 9, 1861; d. March 30, 1943, Grass Valley, Neveda Co., CA.
viii.MARY ELLEN WHITMAN, b. March 6, 1864, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY; d. April 2, 1865, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY.
ix.ETTIE WHITMAN, b. 1864; d. April 2, 1865, Wells, Hamilton Co., NY age 1 yr. 27 days..

3.  NELSON2 WHITMAN, REV. (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born June 28, 1821 in Wells, Hamilton Co. NY.

Educated at the Academy of Poultney, Vt. and joined the Troy Conference of the M.E. Ch.; after some years he moved to Wisconsin where he was in charge of the schools at Green Bay and pastor of the church there. In 1861, the day after the arrival of the news of the firing on fort Sumter, he commenced recruiting. In the fall of 1862 he went to the front as the Captain of Company F, 21st, Wisconsin Vol. and served to the close of the war acting as chaplain part of the time. He served in the Army of the Gulf, and was at the siege of Mobile, Vicksburg, and Fort Morgan. He was mustered out at Galveston, Tex. He returned to Northville in 1876 where he owned several farms, property and dealt in real estate. Diary entry for 29 March 1883 states:  The Englishborn Christopher Rutherford was the pastor of the Methodist Church of Wells in 1850. Nelson was a student at his home. In the 1880's Rev. Nelson Whitman was pastor of the Wells Methodist Church.


i.ELMER G.3 WHITMAN, b. May 9, 1885.

4.  SUSANNAH2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born 1826, and died February 16, 1869 in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY.

5.  JOEL2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born February 1, 1830 in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY, and died in Dodgeville, Iowa Co., WI.  He married ANNA B. MCCLURE.

Was educated at Oneida Seminary.  Came west in 1855 and, after six months in Madison, settled at West Blue Mounds, were he worked at his trade of carpenter up to 1860.  While at the Mounds, he also served as Justice of the Peace and Town Clerk of Ridgeway.  From 1860 to 1866, he was Clerk of the Iowa County Court, and in the fall of 1866 was elected to the Wisconsin Legislature.  Has since been a resident of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, a member of the Board of Trustees several times, Postmaster from 1875 to 1879 and President of the Village twice.  Served at least four terms as President of the Iowa County Agricultural Society. He married Anna B. McClure, a native of Prince Edward Island; they had sons--George R., Roscoe, Frank and Platt J. who was named in honor of ancestors who founded and named Plattsburg, NY.

6.  HANNAH2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born 1832, and died December 29, 1862 in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY age 29 yrs. 9 mos. 9 days.  She married ASAPH V. STANTON. "Hannah Whitman married a Staton and one child died young" - Diary of Scott Winfield Whitman.


i.GEORGE P.3 STANTON, b. 1861; d. October 2, 1862, Wells Cem., Hamilton Co., NY age 1 yr 5 mo. 17 days.

7.  PHEOBE2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born 1835.  She married (1) DEODATUS WASHBURN.  She married (2) EMANUEL WHITMAN, son of ZEBULON WHITMAN and ELIZABETH CRAIG. He was the second husband of Pheobe Whitman Washburn, his first cousin. They had no children. Source: Whitman, Scott Winfield, unpublished manuscripts and diaries, 1880-1909.

i.KATE3 WASHBURN, b. Abt. 1855.
ii.WILLIAM WASHBURN, b. Abt. 1857.

8.  LOUISA2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born 1842.  She married WILLIAM H. FRY.

Notes for WILLIAM H. FRY:
Slate of democratic Nominations for 1878 included William H. Fry for county clerk. County Judge, William H. Fry was a resident of Wells in 1905.

Their children were William, Nellie, Frankie and Carl L. Fry.

Notes for CARL L. FRY:
County Clerk Carl Fry was a resident of Wells, NY in 1905. In 1925 Carl. L. Fray, age 57 was publisher of the "Hamilton County Record". source: "History of Hamilton Co." by Ted Aber and Stella King

iv.FRANKIE FRY, b. 1862; d. November 2, 1862, Wells Cem., Hamilton Co., NY age 10 mo. 13 days..

9.  LYDIA A.2 WHITMAN (ISAIAH1, ISAIAHA) was born Abt. 1828.  She married (1) JACKSON GREEN, SR., son of CALEB GREEN and SALLY (GREEN). She was married to others, but I have no record of them.

Age at death, 25 yrs. 6 months, 10 days. Stagecoah driver for the "Tally Ho" Stagecoach at Northville. Jackson is buried at Hope Falls Cem.


i.JACKSON3 GREEN, b. 1852; d. October 13, 1915, age 62; m.(1) EMILY E. GROFF, July 29, 1876; m. (2) ARVILLA (VIDDIE) WILSON, Aft. 1878.
ii.SARAH GREEN, b. 1853; d. November 7, 1856, 3 yrs. 7mos 20 days, bur. Hope Falls, Hamilton Co. NY.

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