These are all the known cemeteries within Hamilton county. If you know of a cemetery that has been left off this list, please send it in to the site coordinator.

Special Interest Listing:  Civil War Soldiers Gravestones of Hamilton county

Town of Arietta (complete)
Higgins Bay Cemetery

Unknown cemetery notes:
"Sesquicentennial of Arietta," 1986, gives the following:

Under "Lower Arietta"

"A cemetery was located in this section of the Town of Arietta and today due to the relocation of Route 10 remains hidden from view. Proceeding north on Rte. 10 on the right hand side of the road adjacent to the sharp corner one-third mile from the bridge in Arietta, about 120 yards from the shoulder of the road is this old cemetery."

I querried Anne Weaver and she sent a further query to Gary Avery. This was his reply:

I got a copy of your 12/26 email to Anne Weaver. They wondered if I knew about the site you were askimg about. I know the site. There are no markers or anything to show there was a cemetery at all. However I ran across a book with an old hand drawn map of the site. I think the book was in the Blue Mt Lake museum and I dont recall the title. Lots of help there huh! The site is near the old village and as a kid I used to wander there with my grandfather and his friends. Heard some good stories, I will try to recall the book title for you and let you know. -Gary Avery

If you know of anything further about this old cemetery (i.e. who might be buried there, where it's located, where the mentioned map is located) I would enjoy hearing from you!

Town of Benson
Benson Cemetery at Benson on Chartier Rd.
Small Cemeteries - currently contains 4 small cemeteries
[small cemetery, located on North Rd near county rd 6, not yet read]
Upper Benson Cemetery

Town of Hope (complete)
Hope Cemetery
Hope Falls Cemetery
Hope Valley Cemetery (aka Willard Cemetery)

Town of Indian Lake (complete)
Blue Mt. Lake Cemetery
Cedar River Cemetery
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Small Cemeteries of Indian Lake

Town of Inlet (no known cemeteries)

Town of Lake Pleasant (complete)
Airdville Cemetery
Fish Mountain Cemetery
Love's Cemetery (aka South Shore Road Cemetery)
Small Cemeteries - 4 small cemeteries
Speculator Cemetery

Town of Long Lake (complete)
Long Lake Cemetery

Town of Morehouse (complete)
Catholic Cemetery
Hart Family Cemetery
Mountain Home Road Cemetery
Methodist Cemetery (at Hoffmeister)
Tifft Family Cemetery - contains one gravestone

Town of Wells (complete)
Algonquin Cemetery
Cashville/Ashton/Pumpkin Hollow Cemetery
Small Cemeteries - 10 small cemeteries
St. Ann's Cemetery
Wells Cemetery - a very large cemetery!


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