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The Revolution

Pensions Abstracts of residents of Hamilton County
1840 Census of Pensioners
Becraft, Francis (Revolutionary War)
Bennett, Isaac - Hope (Revolutionary War)
Courier, Joseph (Revolutionary War)
Crain, Amariah (Revolutionary War)
Dowen, Francis - Hope (Revolutionary War)
Dunham, Ebenezer (Revolutionary War)
Gilles/Gillis, Joseph (Revolutionary War)
Peck, Loring (Revolutionary War)
Sloan, Ezekiel (Revolutionary War)
Turner, Charles (Revolutionary War)
Wooster, John (Revolutionary War)

Rev. War Veterans: Biographies

Gillis, Joseph of Hope
Groff, John of Hope
Peck, Loring, Desendants of

War of 1812

War of 1812 Claims
War of 1812 Soldiers
War of 1812 pension application of Washington Craig of Wells (mentions many soldiers)

The Civil War

Civil War Soldiers Database - A HUGE database of Civil War soldiers of Hamilton county. If you have information to add to this database, please send it in!

There was no single Army unit that was primarily composed of Hamilton county men.  However, there were several that appear to have the majority of Hamilton men who enlisted.

Hamilton County Men and their Regiment Histories

On This SiteOn Other Sites
2nd NY Hvy Art.history, menhistory
4th NY Hvy Art.history, men 
93rd NY Infhistory, menhistory
97th NY Infhistory,menhistory
115th NY Inf history, men history, Article of Memories, 1893
Reunions: 11th, 45th
Muster Rolls: Officers, Co. B, Co. E
Miscellaneous Unitsmen[see other links below]

Annotated Civil War Letters of William Wood
Includes many Hamilton Co. men of the 118th NY Inf
Civil War Soldiers Gravestones of Hamilton county
Recruitment at Wells Performed by Francis H. Francisco in Aug 1862
Civil War Diary of Thomas Dunham: Spring/Summer 1864
Palmateer Family - includes a Civil War letter!
Civil War Letter to Josiah Wood
Civil War Discharge Papers

Civil War Pensions

1883 Pension List for Hamilton county
Francis Freeman Becraft
Jacob H. Becraft
Theodore Charles Remonda
David Rickard
Gideon Rickard
Edward Slack Pension Papers
Adoniram Judson Tucker
Patty Wood (mother of William)

1890 Federal Census for Hamilton County
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows, etc.

AriettaBensonHopeIndian Lake
Lake PleasantLong LakeMorehouseWells

New York G.A.R. Proceedings of 1917: Hamilton County - includes a mortuary record for 1916 and has other information about officers and members for Hamilton County G.A.R.

Civil War Veterans: Biographies

Bennett Family of Hope
Boh, Martin of Morehouse
Bowman, Julius Frary of Hope
Braley Family of Long Lake
Buyce, Orra and Michael of Gilmantown
Call, Descendants of Samuel of Lake Pleasant
Delmarsh Family of Inlet
Grant Family of Benson
Ingram, Tarquin
Johnston Family of Benson
Lawrence Family of Wells and Arietta
Mulholland Family
Parker, David Shotwell
Pauly, J. C.
Porter, Sumner
Rhodes Family Treasures
Rudes, Descendants of Eli Rudes, of Arietta
Rudes Family of Arietta
Rudler Family of Morehouse
Sturges Family of Lake Pleasant
Vanderhoof, Ezra
Viele Family of Indian Lake
Wadsworth, Descendants of Phillip R., of Hope
Whitman, Rev. Nelson
Wilbur, Beriah, of Indian Lake
Willard Family of Gilman
Wood Family of Long Lake
Wurster Family of Morehouse (includes Pension info)

Civil War Links to Other Sites

Hamilton County Grand Army of the Republic Posts : a link for posting info for G.A.R. men
New York State and the Civil War
Union Army Regimental History Index
Register of Officers Commisioned (Adjutant General's report, 1868)
Officers of the 26th Regiment, 1859 - Schenectady, Montgomery, Hamilton & Fulton Counties
Civil War Rosters
Reenactors of the American Civil War
Fulton County USGenWeb's Military Page
Herkimer/Montgomery County USGenWeb's Military Page

If you have found a Civil War soldier of interest to you, you can obtain more information about him by ordering his military and pension records from the National Archives.  These records can be extremely valuable sources of genealogical information!  Find out how to order these records on the The National Archives' Civil War Page.

Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War

Some Men Who Fought in the Philippines, Fulton and Hamilton County
Spanish American War Veterans

Mexican Campaign

Schuyler, George (Veteran of 3 "Wars")

World War I

Morehouse WWI Monument
WWI Draft Registration
WWI Military Discharge Abstracts
WWI Soldier Deaths, Fulton and Hamilton County

World War I Veterans: Biographies

Burton, Richard C.
Fuller, James Frank of Wells
Groff, Frederick Randolf of Hope
Ingram, Lee H. - Decorated WWI Veteran
Partello, Charles M. of Morehouse
Schuyler, George (Veteran of 3 "Wars")
Sarah Sturges, WWI Nurse
The Family of Michael Arsenault (WWI and WWII vets)

World War II

World War II as Told by the People of Hamilton County - Graciously provided by the Hamilton County Historian!
WWII Military Discharge Index
Morehouse WWII Monument
Indian Lake & Wells Red Cross Roll Call, Dec 1941
Draft Questionnaires, 1941-42
War Casualties: WWII thru Vietnam
Two Red Cross Articles
Collage of WWII Soldier Pictures
More WWII Soldier Pictures
Unknown WWII Soldier Pictures
American Legion Auxiliary, Lake Pleasant
WWII Veterans From Clarkson College, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer & Montgomery Counties
Lake Pleasant Honor Roll, WWII

World War II Veterans: Biographies

The Family of Michael Arsenault (WWI and WWII vets)
Avery Brothers
Robert Brooks
Carl W. Coulombe
Raymond Danforth
James B. Hall WWII Veteran
Robert Lobdell, Jr.
Schuyler, George (Veteran of 3 "Wars")
Hamilton County Newspaper Clippings of:
      T-4 George E. Brown
      Vivian R. Coloney
      Pfc. Michael J. Downey
      Pvt. Leonard B. Keeler
      Pfc. Philip Lapelle
      Staff Sgt. Philo Leonard
      Pfc. Edward McGinn
      Pvt. George F. Remonda
      Pvt. Earl Stuart
      Pfc. Charles A. Williams


Korean War

War Casualties: WWII thru Vietnam

Vietnam War

War Casualties: WWII thru Vietnam

More Veterans: Family Sketches
Family sketches containing veterans from different wars.

Jennings Family of Long Lake
Kathan, Descendants of Capt. John, of Hope
Slack, Benajah of Amsterdam
Slack Veterans of Lake Pleasant
Whitman, Descendants of Isaiah - Wells

Other Misc. Records

Veterans from the 1930 Census
More Recent Discharges
Remember to check Hamilton County News Obits for veterans!
Memorial Day Gleanings - a Link to Fulton county NYGenWeb, includes info from the Hamilton County News
Past Memorial Day articles
Past Memorial Day pamphlets


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