NOTE: This is an updated version of the Kreuzer family which previously appeared on this site. New information has led to finding 2 more children of Michael and his wife. I believe this includes all children who survived to adulthood and had families of their own. Much of the information for their sons, Frederick and William, and their daughter, Mary, is unchanged. I have included a lot of detail in the information for their daughter, Fredericka, as finding the records for NYC proved to be a bit difficult and I want to help other researchers also find these records. The records for the other families are included in the source listing at the end of the document. This family is of particular interest to me, as the daughter, Mary, married my 2nd great-grandmother's brother. They had 2 children together and after his death, she married Adam Wurster and had several more children. Thus, the family is distantly related to my own. - Lisa Slaski

1.  Johan Michael Kreuzer was born about 1796 in Hessian, Germany and died 1 Oct. 1878. On most documents in the U.S., his name appears as Michael. He married Fredrica Vocker who was born about 1797 in Germany and likely died between 1870 and 1880. Her maiden name comes from a transcription of the marriage record [certificate #6976] of her daughter, Fredericka to Charles Fiekers as found on (Charles was her second husband). Michael is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Morehouse.

There are two records which definitively provide the names of their children. The first is the immigration record in 1843:

Ship List: the ship Pauline arrived in NYC on 24 Apr 1843 from Bremen and had the following passengers who were from Hessen and were intending to reside in New York:

Joh. Mich. Kreutzer, 46y, 8m, male, a shepherd
Frederika Kreutzer, 46y, female
Frederika Kreutzer, 14y, 2m, female
Joh. Friedrich Kreutzer, 12y, 3m, male
Wilhelm Kreutzer, 10y, 4m, male
Caroline Kreutzer, 9y, 6m, female
Maria Kreutzer, 2y, 5m, female

The other record is a land transaction providing the names of the heirs of Michael Kreuzer of Morehouse, Hamilton county, NY:

Hamilton County, NY, Deeds book 23, pg 30:
A deed dated 16 Dec 1890 for land in Morehouse, Hamilton County, NY, first conveyed to Michael Kreuzer in 1853

Fredericka Graef, widow of Bernard Graef, deceased of Greenville, New Jersey

and Mary Worster, wife of Adam Worster of the County of NY children and two of the heirs at law of Michael Krutzer deceased.

Michael J. Krutzer, Henry F. Krutzer and Mary Rickard, wife of Nelson Rickard, children and heirs at law of Fredreck Krutzer deceased who was a child and heir at law of said Michael Krutzer deceased.

William Krutzer and Eugenia his wife, all of Morehouseville, Hamilton county, New York; said William Krutzer being also a child and heir at law of said Michael Krutzer deceased

and Caroline Fraser, wife of James Fraser, formerly widow of John B. Koch, deceased, parties of the first part…

The first census record I have found for the family is for their daughter Fredericka Graef and her husband in NYC in 1850 and 1855. Fredericka's sister, Mary, was also living with them in 1855:

1850 Federal Census record, 11th ward NYC, NY, NY
family 544
Bernard Graff, 38, M.D., Germany
Wilhelmina Graff, 22, Germany
Wilhelmina Graff, 1, Germany
Eliza Chartsill, 19, Germany

1855 NYS census record, 11th ward NYC, NY, NY
Benard Graef, [??], Germany, married, resident 8 years, Dr., naturalized
Fredrica Graef, 26, wife, Germany, married, resident 13 years
Mine Graff, 6, female, child, NYC, resident 6 years
Caroline Graff, 4, female, child, NYC, resident 4 years
Emma Graff, 7/12, female, child, NYC, resident 7/12 years
Mary Newlight, 26, female, servant, Germany, resident 10/12, domestic
Mary Kreuzer, 16, female, sister in law, Germany, resident 1 year, dressmaker

Fredericka was married prior to 1850 and when her father, Michael, purchased land in Morehouse in 1853, it is likely that the rest of the family moved there, including Michael's youngest daughter, Mary. Then Mary decided to move in with her sister and make her own way, at least for a time, in NYC. Thus, in 1855 Fredericka was a resident for 13 years in NYC, while her sister was a resident for only 1 year (after coming back to NYC from Morehouse). In any case, it is obvious that these are two daughters of Michael.

The 1855 census does not exist for Hamilton county, so the next record is the 1860 census. At this time, Mary has come back to Morehouse and married Anatol Bennett. Caroline has also married James Fraser and is also living in Morehouse. Fredericka is still in NYC with her husband, and Michael his wife and two sons are also found in Morehouse in the same household.

What prompted the sale of the land in Morehouse in 1890 is not clear. Certainly, the father died in 1878 and the mother likely died before 1880 as she is no longer in Morehouse. It appears that the fact that their son Frederick died on 2 Jun 1890 precipitated the sale of the land. At this point, his children would have been adults and if he had simply continued to live on the land after his parents died, the land then may have been contested among all the heirs and thus the sale of the land. It is also possible that Fredericka moved to NYC before 1880 to live near her daughter, Fredericka Graef, and died there sometime prior to 1890, which might also have precipitated the sale of the land, but I have not seen any evidence to this effect and she is not living with her daughter in the 1880 census.

The 1860 census record in Morehouse is the first census record I have for Michael and Fredericka Kreuzer. They are residing with their son, William, and several of their other children are living nearby:

1860 Federal Census, Morehouse, Hamilton county, NY
(all on the same page)

family 185
Bassel Bennett, 50, farmer, France
Josiphene Bennett, 61, France
Anatol Bennett, 18, NY
Mary Bennett, 19, Saxony, Germany [Mary Kreuzer Bennett, wife of Anatol Bennett]

family 189
John Koch, 33, farmer, Bavaria, Germany
Caroline Koch, 24, Hessian, Germany [Caroline Kreuzer Koch, wife of John Koch and later James Fraser]
George Koch, 4, NY
Mary Koch, 2, NY

family 190
William Kruezer, 27, farmer, Hessian, Germany
Ugenia, 16, NY
Wm Kruezer, jr., 11 months, NY
Michael Kruezer, 63, farm laborer, Hessian
Fredrica Kruezer, 62, unknown

family 191
Fredrick Kruezer, 30, farmer, Hessian, Germany
Bridget Kruezer, 30, Ireland
Michael Kruezer, 6, NY
Mary Kruezer, 5, NY
William Kruezer, 4, NY
John Kruezer, 2, NY

By 1870, the parents were living with their son Frederick in Morehouse. Their daughter who married Anatol, had remarried to Adam Wurster, after the death of her husband and they moved about 1867 to Ohio, Herkimer county, NY. But the other children were still living in Morehouse:

1870 Federal Census, Morehouse, Hamilton, NY

Frazer, James, 34, farmer, Scotland
Frazer, Caroline, 34, Germany
Frazer, Alexander, 2, NY
Frazer, Edward, 1 month, NY
Koch, George, 15, NY
Koch, John, 10, NY
Koch, William, 10, NY
Koch, Mary, 6, NY

Kreuzer, Frederik, 39, farmer, Germany
Kreuzer, Brigit, 40, Germany
Kreuzer, Michell, 16, NY
Kreuzer, Mary, 15, NY
Kreuzer, William, 14, NY
Kreuzer, Henry, 5, NY
Kreuzer, Michell, 74, farmer, Germany
Kreuzer, Frideca, 74, Germany

Kreuzer, William, 37, farmer, Germany
Kreuzer, Euginie, 27, NY
Kreuzer, William Tho (or Jno?), 11, NY
Kreuzer, Henry C., 6, NY
Kreuzer, Mary E., 3, NY
Kreuzer, Frederick L., 1, NY

The 1870 census was the last census that I found either Michael or his wife listed in.

Children of Johan Michael Kreutzer and Fredericka Vocker

1.1. Fredericka Kreuzer, b. abt 1829, Herbsen, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hesse, Germany

1.2. Johan Friedrich Kreuzer, b. abt 1831, Germany

1.3. Wilhelm Kreuzer, b. abt 1832, Germany

1.4. Caroline Kreuzer, b. abt 1833, Germany

1.5. Maria Kreuzer, b. abt 1840, Germany


1.1.  Fredericka Kreuzer was born about 1829 in Herbsen, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hesse, Germany and died on 14 Sep 1895 in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ. Her place of birth is found in the Madison Street Germany Presbyterian church records in NYC for the baptism of several of her children and her second marriage to Charles Fiekers. She died sometime after the 1880 census. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Dr. Bernhard Graef who was born about 1812 and died on 21 Jan 1870 in Manhattan [death certificate #51777, from Italian Genealogy Group death database and also in the Mortality schedule for the 1870 census]. She was then married to Charles Fiekers on 20 Nov 1870 in NYC. He was born about 1838.

As the records for this family are pretty difficult to find compared to her siblings, I have decided to include most of their details within this document to help other researchers also find these records (whereas for her siblings, the sources are listed at the end of this document, rather than provided in detail within the document).

The following are the baptism records for Bernhard and Fredericka's children:

Baptism Records: Madison Street Germany Presbyterian church, NYC: Note these records are in German and I have translated what I am able to read

No. 60 - 24 September 1850; Wilhelmine Christine, born 30 August 1849, a child of Dr. Bernhard Graef and Friederike Kreutzer of 97 Ridge street, witness Friederika Kreutzer, Fort Hamilton [this is likely the mother of Friederika Kreutzer Graef, but I cannot find her and her husband in the 1850 census]

No. 39 - 9 Apr 1855; Emma, born 16 December 1854, a child of Dr. Bernhard Graeff and Friederike Kreutzer of 97 Ridge street, witness Emma Paulson of 209 Stanton street and Bernhard Graeff of 119 Sheriff street.

No. 22 - 24 Jan 1858; Emma Wilhelmine, born 31 August 1850 and
No. 23 - 24 Jan 1858; Adolph Ludwig, born 1 Jan 1857, children of Dr. Bernhard Graeff of Brinckenau, Baiern [Bavaria] and Friederike Kreutzer of Gerbsen, Waldeck, residing at 97 Ridge street, witness Emma Paulssen of 209 Stanton street and Adolph Thoelen of 209 Stanton street.
[The baptism of Emma Wilhelmine is somewhat confusing. Is this the first daughter being baptised a second time, or is this the daughter born about 1850/51 who shows up in the 1855 census record and afterwards, always named Caroline? There are no other daughters in the 1855 census that would match this record]

No. 239 - 17 Aug 1860; Anna Maria, born 27 Feb 1859, a child of Dr. Bernhard Graef of Brinckenau, Baiern [Bavaria] and Friederike Kreutzer of Gerbsen, Waldeck, residing at 95 Attorney street, witness Anna Maria Kreutzer.

No. 70 - 20 March 1864; Emma Therese, born August 1863, a child of Dr. Bernhard Graeff of Brickenau, Baiern [Bavaria] and Friederika Kreutzer of New York City, 95 Attorney street, witness Theresa Graff, 72 Delaney street, and Caroline Kraft, 17th street

No. 208 - 14 Oct 1866; Ida Louise Josephine, born 2 Aug 1866, a child of Dr. Bernhard Graef of Brinckenau, Baiern [Bavaria] and Friederike Kreutzer of Betzingen, Hesse, residing at 95 Attorney street, witness Ida Thoelen, 72 Delaney street, Louise Roesen, 304 9th street, Joseph Swartz?, 23 Caryline? street

In addition, research in the marriage records are found:

Marriage Records: Madison Street Germany Presbyterian church, NYC: Note these records are in German and I have translated what I am able to read

No. 35 - 19 May 1870; Martin Dupuis, 38 years old, of Maierz, Hesse-Darmstadt, 15 S 3rd street, married Caroline Graef, 20 years old, of NY, 170 Ladlow street, witness Susie Miller, 37 Attorney street, and St. J. Buchier of 239 W 38th street [Martin died 2 Nov 1872 according to the Italian Genealogy Group death database - Manhattan certificate No. 133200]

No. 79 - 20 Nov 1870; Carl Fiekers, 32 years old, a wheelwright, of Luengen, Hannover, resideing at 170 Ludlow street, married the widow Friedericke Graef, 41 years old, of Herbsen, Waldeck, residing at 170 Ludlow street, witnesses are Dr. Martin Dupuis, of 157 Division? street and Friederick Brinckman of 170 Ludlow street [note: Martin Dupuis was a son-in-law of Friedericke]

No. 117 - 20 Nov 1873; Johann V. Schmidt, 28 years old, of NY, 203 Delaney street, married Wilhelmine Graef, 24 years old of NY, 404 6th street, witness Mina Wittenbert, 193 Bloomfield street, Hoboken, Chr. Kranietgels?, Caroline Dupuis and Joseph Lurch, 87 [??] street [note: Caroline Dupuis is Wilhelmine's sister, the Lurch's appear to be family on the Graef side]

No 60. - 21 Jul 1874; Frank Durwanger, 25 years old, of Munchen, Baiern [Bavaria], 207 Washington street, Brooklyn, married Mrs. Caroline Dupuis, born Graef, 23 years old of NY, 112 First ave, witness: Louisa Krusi and Mina Roesen [note: her second marriage after the death of her first husband]

No. 130 - 28 Nov 1883; George Bayer, 24 years old, hardware of New York City, 402 E 87 street married Annie J. Graef, 24 years old, of New York City, 89 Delancey street, witness Lizzie Lurch, Chris. Bayer, Ida Graef

No. 104 - 2 Oct 1884; Henry F. Pazelt, 24 years old, engraver, of London, England, residing in Millville, NJ married Ida Graef, age 18 years old, of NY City, 189 Delancy street, witness Lizzie Lurch, 10 Eldrige street, Geo Bayer, 32nd Ave [Geo. is a brother in law of Ida's]

No 52 - 10 Jun 1891; Emil Ad. Graef, 30 years old, of NY City, residing Greenville, NJ, married Elise Kirschenpfad (no age given) of NY City, 130 Broome street, witness Minnie Smith and Geo. Bayer [note: Minnie is a sister of Emil's and Geo. is a brother-in-law]

The 1860, 1870 and 1880 census records for Fredericke are:

1860 Federal Census, 13th ward, district 3, NYC, NY
Bernerd Graif, 48, doctor, Germany
Frederica Graif, 31, Germany
Wilhermenia Graif, 11, NY
Caroline Graif, 10, NY
Louis Graf, 4, NY
Anna Graf, 2, NY
Mary Ocks, 21, servant, Germany

No 1865 NYS census exists for New York City

1870 Federal Census, 17th ward, district 5, NYC
family number 644
Graef, Fredericke, 40, keeping house, Waldeck
Graef, Annie, 11, NY
Graef, Adolf, 9, NY
Graef, Idah, 4, NY
Mortality schedule:
ward 13, Graef, Bernhard, 58, married, Germany, Jan, Physician, Cirrhosis
[note: he died in ward 13, while the family lived in ward 17 - perhaps he died in a hospital?]

No 1875 NYS census exists for Manhattan

1880 Federal Census, ED 203, SD 1, page 17
215 Broome street
Frekers, Charles, 42, wheelright, Hanover
Frekers, Fredrike, 50, wife, Prussia
Frekers, Ida, 14, daughter, NY
Frekers, Emil, 19, son, clerk, NY
Bauman, Hilden, 19, boarder, engraver, Sweden

This is the last census record I currently have for the family.

Fredericka Kreuzer Graef Fiekers died in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ on 14 Sep 1895.

So, it appears that Bernhard Graef and Fredericka Kreuzer had the following children, all born in Manhattan:

1.1.1.  Wilhelmine Christine Graef, b. 30 Aug 1849, m. 20 Nov 1873 to John V. Smith. They resided in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ.

John and Wilhelmine had the following children:  Wilhelmine Smith was born Jul 1879. She was first married to a Mr. Farrant and had a son, John Bernhardt Farrant born Dec 1903. She then married Frank C. Kleim who was born Mar 1877 (and may have had other children).  Carrie Smith was born Nov 1881.  Annie Smith was born Jan 1884.  unknown Smith, unknown date, died before 1900  unknown Smith, unknown date, died before 1900

1.1.2.  Caroline Graef, b. abt 1851, m1. 19 May 1870 to Martin Dupuis, m2. 21 Jul 1874 to Frank Durwanger. She died (probably from childbirth) and was buried on 13 Jan 1878 along with an unnamed daughter in Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Frank then married her cousin, Adella Bennett.

1.1.3.  Emma Graef, b. 16 Dec 1854, likely died young [not in 1860 census]

1.1.4.  Adolph Ludwig Graef, b. 1 Jan 1857 [Listed as Louis in the 1860 census. Perhaps the same child as Emil Adolf?]

1.1.5.  Anna Maria Graef, b. 27 Feb 1859, m. 28 Nov 1883 to George Bayer. They resided in Jersey City and had 1 child that died young.

1.1.6.  Emil Adolf Graef, b. abt 1861, m. 10 Jun 1891 to Elise/Elisabeth Kirschenpfad. By 1900 they had 5 children with only 3 surviving.

Children of Emil and Elisabeth are:  Margaret Fredericka Graef, b. 17 Oct 1892.  Emil A. Graef, b. 7 Jul 1894, d. 24 Nov 1895  Emma Wilhelmine Graef, b. 19 Feb 1896, married a John Grosklaus and had one child, Evenlyn, who was born about 1925.  Bernhard Graef, b. Jul 1896, d. 1903 [year for either him or Emma must be off]  Madeline Graef, b. 4 Feb 1898, m. Charles Bradley.  Edith Elizabeth Graef, b. 21 Jan 1901, d. 18 Jul 1983, married 8 Jun 1930 to William Stieh who was born 9 Dec 1899  George Graef, b. Jul 1902, m. Emma.

1.1.7.  Emma Therese Graef, b. August 1863, likely died young [not in 1870 census]

1.1.8.  Ida Louise Josephine Graef, b. 2 Aug 1866, m. 2 Oct 1884 to Henry F. Pazelt.

Child of Ida and Henry:  Anna Sophia Pazelt, b. 1 May 1885

1.2.  Johan Fredrick (Francis) Kreuzer was born August 1830 Hessian, Germany and died 2 June 1890, a son of Michael and Fredrica Kreuzer. He married 1853 Bridget K. She was born Apr 1824 in Ireland and died between 1900-1905. Bridget immigrated in 1851. They are both buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse, Hamilton Co., NY. Fredrick's occupation is listed as farmer.

Note: the 1900 census reports that 'Bridget Ann' Kreuzer was the mother of 9 children with 2 surviving.

Children of Frederick and Bridget Kreuzer are:

1.2.1.  Michael J. Kreuzer was born abt 1854 in <Morehouse> NY and died while he was Town Supervisor for the 1891 term. He married about 1877 Caroline Hurrell (probably should be Hurrelle) who was born Jun 1855 in New York. Michael is buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse.  Caroline is buried in the Calvary cemetery, Herkimer co., NY.

Children of Michael J. and Caroline Kreuzer are:  Mary Kreuzer, born Oct 1878 in NY  Frederick Kreuzer, born March 1880 in NY.  Buried in Calvary cemetery, Herkimer co., NY (listed as 1879-1957 and buried next to his mother).  Kathryn ("Kittie") L. Kreuzer, born May 1883  Alexander ("Alic") Kreuzer, born Apr 1886

1.2.2.  Mary Kreuzer was born April 1855 in <Morehouse> NY. She married about 1878 Nelson Rickard. They are buried in the German Settlement Cemetery, Ohio, Herkimer Co., NY.

1.2.3.  William Kreuzer was born 1856 in <Morehouse> NY and died before 1900.

1.2.4.  John Kreuzer was born 1858 in <Morehouse> NY and died before 1870.

1.2.5.  Henry F. Kreuzer was born July 1864 in <Morehouse> NY. He married 1889, Jessie M. Peterson who was born July 1870 in NY and died in 1933. He married second to Julia M. Daniell (1862-1941). Henry's occupation is listed as Hotel-innkeeper and lumbering.  He purchased the hotel that Eugene Maheux originally owned in Morehouseville (it passed from Eugene to Frederick Becraft to William Hart to Henry).  He named it the Henry F. Kreuzer Central Hotel.  Jessie's brother, Arthur Peterson, was listed in 1905 as the bar tender for the hotel and William McLoughlin, a cousin, was the mail carrier and hotel resident.  Henry was the Town Supervisor from 1898 to 1923.

Children of Henry F. and Jessie M. (Peterson) Kreuzer are:  Freddy H. Kreuzer, born 1892 in <Morehouse> NY and died 9 October 1895. He is buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse.  Leon S. Kreuzer, born 4 July 1894 in Morehouse, Hamilton Co., NY.  He was Highway Superintendent 1941-1948 and 1951-1960.  Frances B. Kreuzer, born October 1896 in <Morehouse> NY, married a Mr. Cookingham and living in Albany in 1941.  Emma F. Kreuzer, born January 1890 in <Morehouse> NY and died 1960. She married 1909 Albert D. French (1884-1960).  Florence E. Kreuzer, born 11 February 1900 in <Morehouse> NY, died 24 Feb 1971, last residence was Hoffmeister, NY. She married Floyd A. Kreuzer on 26 Dec 1921, a son of Albert F., (son of William), born 18 Sep 1897 and died 9 Feb 1989.  Jessie M. Kreuzer, born 10 February 1909 in <Morehouse> NY and died 3 January 1976. She married 5 April 1935 Ralph Remonda (1911-1976).  Henry F. Kreuzer, born 16 May 1912, living on Long Island in 1941.

Henry was later married to Julia Mildred Daniell (possibly her married name, not maiden name) who died 21 May 1941.  She was born in Long Neck, Staten Island, NY in 1862 and previously married with children.

1.3.  William Kreuzer was born August 1833 Hessian, Germany and died in 1905, a presumed son of Michael and Fredrica Kreuzer. He married 1858 Eugenia J. Marache, daughter of Theodore L. and Eleanore (Waflard) Marache of Morehouse. She was born 1843 in <Morehouse> NY and died 1923. They are both buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse, Hamilton Co., NY. William's occupation is listed as farmer.  In 1860, Michael and Fredrica Kreuzer are residing with them.

Children of William and Eugenia (Marache) Kreuzer are:

1.3.1.  William Theodore Kreuzer was born 1859 in Morehouse, NY and died in 1931, possibly in Herkimer. He was married about 1893 to Mary A. (1862-1946). They are both buried in Calvary cemetery, Herkimer, NY. They had no children. William worked as a woodworker or cabinetmaker in a Herkimer area desk factory.

1.3.2.  Henry C. Kreuzer was born 1864 in Morehouse, NY

1.3.3.  Mary E. Kreuzer was born 22 Nov 1866 in Morehouse, NY. She married 1st about 1890, Theodore U. Hart. He died 19 May 1897. She married 2nd in 1898, Alonzo Duignan. She died 19 Aug 1937, Herkimer, NY. [information from cemetery card: Menands NY Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards for her and her son]

Child of Theodore and Mary (Kreuzer) Hart is:  Henry Charles Hart, born 3 May 1891 in New York.  He served as Town Clerk from 1924 to 1927 and again from 1940 to 1962.  He died in 17 Jun 1962. He never married.

1.3.4.  Fredrick L. Kreuzer was born 1869 in Morehouse, NY and died 1899. He is buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse

1.3.5. Albert Francis Kreuzer was born May 1871 in Morehouse, NY and died 1935. He was married to Elizabeth Jane Waxman/Washman about 1897. She was born Sep 1875 and died 12 Feb 1912 and is buried in Albany Rural cemeter. He is buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse.

Children of Albert Kreuzer is:  Floyd F. Kreuzer was born Sep 1897. He was married 26 Dec 1921 to Florence Kreuzer, a daughter of Henry F. and Jessie Peterson Kreuzer.  Violet Kreuzer was born 28 Mar 1899 and married a Frank B. Happ  Earl Matral Kreuzer, born 8 December 1901 and died 1 March 1996 in Utica, Oneida Co., NY. He is buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse. He married 1st, Grace A. Bent on 29 Dec 1925. He married 2nd, Eleanor Lewis (from Long Lake). He married 3rd, Unknown.

1.3.6. George Washington Kreuzer was born 4 September 1875 in Morehouse, NY and died 1948. He married after 1910, Ella Ryan. They are buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Morehouse, NY.

1.4  Caroline Kreuzer was born Mar 1836, Hessian, Germany. She first was married about 1855 to John Koch who was born about 1827 Bavaria, Germany and died 5 June 1864 Bethesda Church, Virginia. John & Caroline are found on the 1860 Morehouse census with four children, two of which are newborn twins. He gives farming as his occupation. John enlisted 19 November 1861 (age 37) at Morehouse to serve three years in the Civil War. He was mustered in as Corporal, Co. G., 97th NY Infantry. 1 April 1863 he was promoted to sergeant. John was captured in action at Gettysburg, PA 1 July 1863 and paroled in August. He was mustered in as 2nd lieutenant Co. G, 97th infantry on 29 November 1863 and then killed in action 5 June 1864 at Bethesda Church, VA. Caroline then married James Fraser before 1870. James was born about 1836 in Scotland. He was listed as a farmer in the 1870 census. In the 1880 census, the twins, John and William Koch, were listed as farmers and James as a lumberman, all in the same household.

Children of John and Caroline Koch are:

1.4.1.  George Koch was born 1856 in New York, died 20 Jun 1897 in Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY.

1.4.2.  Mary Koch was born 1858 in New York [not in 1870 census]

1.4.3.  John Koch was born (twin) Aug 1860 in New York. He married Carrie L. who was born Nov 1865 in NY. His occupation is listed as merchant.

John and Carrie L. Koch had these children:  George W. Koch was born 1883, died before 1900 [not in 1900 census]  Lillie M. Koch was born Aug 1884  Edith F. Koch was born May 1892  Carl J. Koch was born Sep 1895  unknown Koch

, unknown date [1900 census, 5 children, 3 surviving]

1.4.4.  William L. Koch was born (twin) Aug 1860 in New York. He was married about 1881 to Orcilla M. Bruno who was born 1867. He lists his occupation as laborer while in Hamilton county and in the 1900 Amsterdam census he's listed as a day laborer and his wife as a washer woman.

William L. and Orcilla M. had by 1900, 7 children with 5 surviving:  Clarence W. Koch was born Aug 1887  Johnie J. Koch was born Dec 1889  Archie H. Koch was born Jul 1891  Eva Koch was born Dec 1892  Jennie Koch was born Apr 1895  unknown Koch, unknown date, died before 1900  unknown Koch, unknown date, died before 1900  William Koch was born about 1902  Edward Koch was born about 1905

1.4.5.  Mary Koch was born about 1864 in New York [not in 1880 census]

Children of James and Caroline Fraser are:

1.4.6.  Alexander Fraser was born Aug 1867. He was married about 1888 to Lillian Shaver/Schaffer, who was born Apr 1866. They resided in Amsterdam, NY where he was a machinist in a carpet mill.

Alexander and Lillian had the following children:  May Fraser was born Jan 1891  Edith Fraser was born Feb 1892  Adhalma Fraser was born Jan 1895  Fredrica Fraser was born Jul 1897  Anna Fraser was born May 1900  James Fraser born about 1905

1.4.7.  Edward Adam Fraser was born May 1870. He was married about 1891 to Mary Costello, who was born Aug 1872. They resided in Amsterdam, where he worked in a knitting mill.

Edward and Mary had the following children:  James E. Fraser was born Jun 1892  Caroline Fraser was born Dec 1894, died before 1910  Raymond J. Fraser was born Aug 1896, died before 1910  Robert F. Fraser was born Feb 1897  Ralph Fraser was born Dec 1899  unknown Fraser, unknown date [not in 1900 census - 6 children, 5 surviving]  Anna Fraser was born about 1902  Alexander Fraser was born about 1904  Lula Fraser was born about 1906  Lillian Fraser was born about 1908  Marion Fraser was born about 1909 [not in 1920 census]  unknown Fraser, unknown date [not in 1910 census - 13 children, 8 surviving]  unknown Fraser, unknown date [not in 1910 census - 13 children, 8 surviving]  Edward Fraser was born about 1911

1.4.8.  Adelma Caroline L. Fraser was born Aug 1872. She married John W. Lawyer.

1.4.9.  Robert Fraser was born Jun 1875, died 8 Jan 1922 in Amsterdam, NY. He was married about 1896 to Mamie Harris, who was born May 1875. They resided in Amsterdam. They had no children.

1.4.10.  unknown Fraser or Koch, unknown date [1900 census - 12 children, 6 surviving]

1.4.11.  unknown Fraser or Koch, unknown date [1900 census - 12 children, 6 surviving]

1.4.12.  unknown Fraser or Koch, unknown date [1900 census - 12 children, 6 surviving]

1.5.  Mary Kreuzer was born Jun 1842. She was married to Anatol Bennett, son of Basile and Josephine Girard Bennett on 25 Sep 1859. They had two children together. Anatol Bennett died on 22 Feb 1862 before his second child was born. Mary later married Adam Wurster on 22 Jan 1865. They had 4 children together (see info from Adam Wurster's Civil War Pension Application on this site).

1.5.1.  Adell Bennett born about 1861 and married to Frank Durwanger on 6 Oct 1878 in Manhattan. She died 2 Jan 1892 in Manhattan. Frank was first married to Adell's cousin, Caroline Graef Dupuis, a widow of Martin Dupuis. Caroline died in 1874 along with their first child, a daughter. They are both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, NYC.

Frank and Adell had the following children:  Henrietta Lillian Durwanger was born 4 Apr 1880. She was married on 12 May 1932 to Eldridge Estes. Eldridge had some children from a previous marriage.  Emma Durwanger was born Mar 1882.  Annie Durwanger was born 2 Jan 1885.

1.5.2.  Anna Bennett was born March 1862. She was blind and died in NYC, unmarried.

1.5.3.  George Wurster was born 8 Oct 1865. He was married to Agnes Keyburn, who died 15 Dec 1906. He died on 20 Oct 1918.

George and Agnes had the following child:  George Wurster was born about 1901.

1.5.4.  William Wurster was born 17 May 1867. He married Jennie Wauters who was born about 1873.

William and Jennie had the following child:  Gladys Helen Wurster was born 2 Jan 1896. She married Reilly Garfield Castleman who was born 20 Nov 1880. They had one child, Donald M. Castleman who was born about 1920 and died in 2009.

1.5.5.  Mary Wurster was born 15 Jun 1870. She married William Huck who was born about 1851. He had children from a previous marriage.

1.5.6.  Adelaide Wurster was born 12 Sep 1872 and died 19 Jun 1931, unmarried.

Sources (other than those previously provided within the text):
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        Morehouse Methodist Cemetery, Hamilton County, NY
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WW I Civilian draft Registrations (from Rootsweb)
“Morehouse Past and Present” by Carol Ford, Morehouse Town Historian
“Tales from the Adirondack Foothills”, by Howard Thomas
“Adirondack French Louie-Early life in the North Woods”, by Harvey L. Dunham
History of Hamilton County by Ted Aber and Stella King, 1965
Federal Census records 1860-1910 for the Town of Morehouse
New York State Census records 1892 and 1905 for the Town of Morehouse
Obituary of Julia Mildred Kreuzer, published in the Hamilton County Record, May 29, 1941
Calvary cemetery listing, Herkimer co., NYGenWeb site.
Poland cemetery listing, Herkimer co., NYGenWeb site.
1900 Federal Census - various listings
New York in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865, compiled by Frederick Philster; cr. 1912 J.B. Lyon Co., state printers. Page 3122 ‘Registers and Sketches of Organizations’ - 97th regiment of infantry.
Personal Family Research of the Bennett and Wurster families performed by Lisa Slaski - especially including information from Adam Wurster's Civil War Pension Application.


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