Palmateer Family of Benson

Donated by Jennifer Donovan with permission granted from the original researchers / authors: Orvetta Hanson Palmateer Groves with assistance from Pat Robinson O'Brien and David Robinson (deceased).

My grandfather was Leamon Conkling (November 1913-1975). His parents were Susie Edwards (5/25/1892 - 1976), a glove worker, and George Conkling (1874-1918), a blacksmith.

Attached below is a very lengthy detailed history of the Palmanteer family in case you are interested for Hamilton County History. Of particular interest for Hamilton County would be Generations Seven, Eight and Nine. I do have obituaries, etc..

--- Jennifer Donovan


Pierre Parmentier (1630 - 1701) of Belgium, Germany and NY (was born in Courtal, Belgium). Married Antoinette Terrin (daughter of Thonnet Thomas Terrin) about 1651 in Courtal, Belgium, and had one son, Michael Pietersen Parmentier (1653). Pierre came from an old Waldnesian family of Piedmont (famous in France, and they had a branch that went to England in 1100 where the name became Parmenter). They were Hugenots and were driven out by the Spanish to Manheim, Germany, and then to Coutrai, Belgium, where the De Bonte Koe or "Spotted Cow" started from. Arrived in American on the ship "Spotted Cow" on April 20,1663 (Michael was 9) in New Amsterdam (now known as New York). They had presented letters to the church in Brooklyn from Courtray in France and settled in Bedford, Long Island (now Brooklyn) and ran a gristmill. In 1670 Pierre was trustee of the town and in 1671 was overseer of Brooklyn. After a brief interlude at Harlem, the family moved to Kingston, Ulster County.

Pierre Parmentier b. 1630, m. 1651, d. 1701
Antoinette Terrin b. ?, m. 1651, d. ?
Children: Michael


Michael Pietersen Palmentier (1653) married Neeltje Cornelia Damen about 1679 in Bushwick, Long Island. She was the daughter of Jan Corneliszen and Sophia (Martense) Damen. (Sophia's uncle Jan Damen owned Wall Street). They had 9 children. Michael was magistrate in Brooklyn in 1679 and 1691. They sold their mill at Bushwick in 1695 and their home there in 1699, joining his father at Kingston and later settled in Poughkeepsie.

Michael Pietersen Palmentier b. 1653, m. 1679, d. 1726
Neeltjie Cornelia Damen b. 1664, m. 1679, d. 1724
     Michael Jr. (1687) married Maria Tietsoort
     Peter (1680) married Sara Van Kleeck and later Helena Van d. Bogart
     Damen (1694) married Helena Tietsoort (Maria's sister)
     Antoinette (1684) married Barent Van Kleeck
     Neeltje (1689) married Myndert Van d. Bogart
     Sophia (1691) married Hendrick Pels. Had six known children.
     Elizabeth (1699) married Abrahm deGraaf. Had five known children.
     Johanna (1702) married Frans Van d. Bogart. Had three children.


Michael Jr. Palmentier (1687) was born at New Utrecht, Long Island. He married Maria (Marytjie) Tietsoort (born 5/7/1699 to William and Neeltjie Swart Tietsoort) on October 2, 1717, in Kingston. They resided in Poughkeepsie.

Michael Palmentier Jr. b. 1687, m. 1717, d. ?
Maria Tietsoort b. 1699, m. 1717, d. ?
Children: Damen, Neeltji, Michael, William, Helena, Antoinette, John, Sophia, Simon


Damen Palmatier (11/22/1722) was born in Poughkeepsie. He married Antje Oakley in 1763 and settled in New Paltz. (Antjie was the daughter of Jonathan Oakley and Antje Schouten Schouts).

Damen Palmatier b. 1722, m. 1763, d. ?
Antje Oakley b. ?, m. 1763, d. ?
Children: Michael


Michael Palmatier (11/17/1765) married Geertje (Gerty) Hageman (daughter of Joseph Hageman) on May 18, 1793 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Fonda, NY. Had 10 Children, including Nicholas. Michael died Sept. 2, 1842, at the age of 77, leaving widow "Charity" (also listed as Geeritje Hageman) who died 1/22/1849.

Michael Palmatier b. 1765, m. 1793, d. 1842
Geertje Hageman b. ?, m. 1793, d. 1849
     Joseph (3/10/1794) married Wilhelmina Demarest, who is buried in Hagaman Cemetery.
     Ann (12/11/1796)
     Elizabeth (8/19/1798)
     Abram (6/8/1800) married Catherine ??
     Nicholas (9/17/1803) married Sally (Sarah) Douglas
     Diana (11/3/1806) married William Wemple
     Sally (8/14/1811)
     Jane (1/29/1814) married Henry Cuyler
     Maria (1/8/1816) married Leander Candee
     Fanny (1/18/1818)


Nicholas Palmateer (9/17/1803) married Sarah Douglass (1809) on 1/11/1826 at the United Presbyterian Church of Broadalbin (also known as Associate Reformed Church of Broadalbin). Both are buried in Hagaman Cemetery. Parents of Charles Palmateer.

Nicholas Palmateer b. 9/17/1803, m. 1/11/1826, d. 1873
Sarah Douglas b. 1809 m. 1826 d. 1851
     Matilda married Clark
     Frank went to Australia and had 8 children
     George went to Nebraska and married Kimmie Filkins. According to a Mr. William Allen, George's son, George Henry, and family wound up near Clovis, NM. George and his wife, Martha Washington Graves, are buried at Clovis. They had a farm north of Clovis until their death. At that time two of their 8 children continued to run the farm. Descendants still run the farm today. The youngest child, Twylah, is the only surviving child of George and Martha. William Allen is George Henry's grandson.
     Robert (1839-1914) went to Ballston Spa and married Mercy WMS (1839-1916). Had two sons and one daughter, Edgar (1881-1951), Robert and Delia. Robert is buried in Galway Cemetery.
     Delia (1844 - 11/30/1911) married Fred Pettit. Delia is buried in Galway Cemetery.
     John went to Galway.
     Margaret (1848-1916) went to Galway. Married Stewart Derby (1849-1913). Also buried in Galway Cemetery.
     Charles (7/25/1841) married Leah Coward on 3/18/1867.


Charles Palmateer (1841) fought in the Civil War. Married M. Leah Coward (daughter of Thomas (1825) and Sarah Baker Coward (1826-1892) from England, sister to Mary who married George Wright) of Glens Falls on 3/18/1867. Was a Democrat and a Methodist. Was also in the Civil War. Enlisted in the U.S. service Sept. 24, 1861, as a private under Capt. Luther M. Wheeler and 1st Lt. Gilber Thomas in Co. C 77th Regt. NY Vol. inft. to serve 3 years. The Regt. under command of Col. James B. McKean left the State Nov. 28th, 1861, and served in the 3rd Brig. Casey's Division A.P. later in the 3rd Brig., 2nd Div., 6th Coprs AP and participated in the following battles: Seige of Yorktown, Va., April 5th to May 4th, 1862; Malvern Hill, Va., July 1, 1862; Cramptan's Pass, Md., Sept. 14, 1862; Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862; Wildreness, Va. May 5-7, 1864; Cold Harbor, Va., June 1-12, 1864; Petersburg, Va., June 15-18, 1864; Opeqnan Creek, Va., Sept. 13, 1864; Fisher's Hill, Va., Sept 22, 1864; Cedar Creek, Va., Oct 19, 1864. He was wounded in front of Richmond by a minnie ball int he left side and also wounded at Cedar Creek, Va., in the right foot by a minnie ball and was taken prisoner. He was sent to Richmond Prison and transferred to Salsbury Prison, N.C., where he remained about four months when he escaped to Knoxville, Tenn. He was honorably discharged April 10, 1865.

Charles Palmateer in his Civil War uniform

A letter he wrote from "Camp in the Field" on May 17, 1864: :Dear Father. As I have a moment to share my thoughts I would write to you ... to let you know that I am all right except a slight wound in the left arm which will soon get well. I am with my regiment but have no gun now for mine was broken. I would rather stay with my company than go to a hospital. Seth Root was wounded in the head, he is with the regiment. This has been the bloodiest engagement of the War but General Grant knows no retreat and every man should help out along as much as he can we think. That this fight will end the war and I hope it will. I am tired of marching where I can see my comrades falling on both sides of me. It is only the mercy of God that one of us was spared for there was hardly a billee bush that what was hit with a bullet. I will send a piece of the shell that is in my arm. I have not time to write any more....Your Son Charles Palmateer. Write as soon as received."

Parents of six children, including Thomas Palmateer. Charles died in 1907 of Bright's Disease.

According to Charles' obituary (he died at age 65), "He was a Democrat politically and at different times had held important offices in the towns of Benson and Northampton. September 24th, 1861, he enlisted in Company C, 77th Regiment, New York Volunteers, and during the progress of the war participated in the siege of Yorktown and the battles of Malvern Hill, Antietam, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Fisher Hill and Cedar Creek. In the battle of the Wilderness he was wounded and was taken to the U.S. hospital at Fredericksburg, Va., returning to his company in May 1864. He was among the captured at the battle of Cedar Creek and was taken to Salisbury, N.C., where he was kept in prison about four months, when he escaped with others and returned to the union army at Knoxville, Tenn. He was honorably discharged April 10th, 1865. He was a member of the Matherson Post, No. 322, G.A.R., of this village, and held the office of commander at the time he was taken ill."

According to Leah Coward Palmateer's obituary (she died at age 93), "died at the home of her daughter, Mary Parmenter, in Gloversville. Mrs. Palmateer was born March 18,1850, in Glens Falls, the daughter of the late Thomas and Sarah Baker Coward. She has made her home in the Town of Benson and Northville since childhood. For the past seven years she has resided with her daughter in Gloversville. She was a member of the First Methodist Church and the Woman's Relief Corps of Mattison Post G.A.R."

They lived in Benson, NY. According to write Don Williams, he owned "an old sawmill powered by a 1923 Fordson steel-wheeled tractor" after returning from the Civil War. The mill and home were sold to Storers in 1939. Part of the property is Lapland Lake Ski Resort.

Charles Palmateer b. 7/25/1841, m. 3/18/1867, d. 1/28/1907.
Leah Coward b. 3/18/1850 m. 1867, d. 1943
     Sarah (10/3/1868 - 6/30/1945) married William Elgin (3/13/1863 - 3/11/1901). (Leah's obit has her as Mrs. Sarah Woodworth, a second marriage) Their daughter Marion died young (8/2/1901 - 12/7/1203).
     Mary "Aunt Mate" (9/26/1872 - 6/5/19??). Buried in Benson Cemetery. Married to Daniel Parmenter 4/19/1890.
     Georgiana "Aunt Georgiana" (3/31/1875) married to Frank Blowers on 9/9/1890.
     Laura (8/9/1877) married Robert Manzer on 10/21/1900.
     Delia (3/13/1881) died 8/31/1904 by falling or jumping and drowning in the Sacandaga River because her parents would not let her marry her beau, and gave her an organ instead. Buried in the Northville Cemetery.
     Thomas (1/22/1889) married Maude Sweet on 3/23/12 and died 6/3/1978. Buried in Northville Cemetery.

Laura Palmateer
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Thomas Palmateer (1889), a farmer, married Maude Sweet (1891), daughter of Earl Sweet (6/6/1859 - 11/6/1918) and Della Manzer Sweet (1/22/1865 - 11/18/1901). (Her parents are buried in Giffords Valley Cemetery). They lived in Benson, NY.

Thomas Palmateer b. 1/22/1889, m. 3/23/1912, d. 6/3/1978
Maude Sweet b, 8/4/1891, m. 1912, d. 5/7/1928
     Eleanor (9/18/1919) married Leamon Conkling
     Gladys (11/14/??) married Robert Brower and had 3 children; Gerald, Beverly, Norman.
     C ? died as an infant in 1914
     Charles Earl(5/1/1915) married Orvetta Hanson (daughter of John D. Hanson and Ada Hall) and had one child, Dorothy. Charles was employed at Elmer Little & Son in Johnstown and Orvetta was employed at the offices of Wood, Wood & Wood.
     Doris (7/13/17 - 6/2/1967) married Marshall Robinson (10/4/1919) and had 3 children; Bernard(4/28/1946) , David (1/5/1948 - 6/16/1989) and Pat.
     Clarke (6/8/?? - 2/2/197?) married Betty Weaver and had one son Randy. Randy married Joann Brooke and had one son, Nicholas Clark Palmateer.


Leamon and Eleanor Palmateer Conkling with their son
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Eleanor Palmateer (1919) married Leamon Conkling (1913), son of Susie Edwards (5/25/1892 - 1976), a glove worker, and George Conkling (1874-1918), a blacksmith. They lived in Northville and she worked in several glove factories and later in life for Nathan Littauer Hospital. They married in Cincinnatus, NY, on April 26, 1940. The wedding announcement reads: "they were married April 26 in the parsonage of the Baptish church at Cinncinatus by the Rev. A. A. Dence, pastor. Mr. Dence is a former paster of the Northville Baptist Church." At the time of their wedding, Eleanor worked for the Upstate Telephone Company and Leamon was emloyed by the Town of Northampton. Leamon later worked at Asphalt Stone Products on Maxon Road in Schenectady. Leamon died at the age of 60 in an explosion at work.

According to the Schenectady Gazette article on Leamon's death, "Mr. Conkling had been employed by Asphalt Stone Products for the past 21 years. A native of Gloversville, He had lived in Northville most of his life. He was a veteran of World war II, serving with the Seabees in the Pacific. He was a former member of the Northville Post, VFW, and was a Democratic committeeman for several years in the town of Northampton. He was a member of the Northville Presbyterian Church."

Eleanor Palmateer b. 9/18/1919, m.? d. 8/28/1999
Leamon Conkling b. 11/18/1913, m. ? d. 4/1975
Children: one son (still living)


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