Descendants of John Lamphear of Greenwich, Washington Co

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Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN LAMPHEAR was born between 1818-1826. He married Sarah.

Notes on John Lamphear:

Children of John Lamphear and Sarah are:
i.Nathan L.Lamphear, b. 1843
2.ii.John Perry Lamphear, b. 1845; d. after 1892; m. Mary S. Naylor
3.iii.Gilbert Jerome Lamphear, b. May 20, 1847; d. January 4, 1923; m. 1.) Catherine M. Page 2.) Mary Betsy Page.
iv.David H. Lamphear, b. 1849; m.Margaret
v.Charles G. Lamphear, b. 1858;
vi.Mildred Lamphear, b. May 1860


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN PERRY LAMPHEAR (JOHN) was born 1845 and died after 1892. He married Mary S. Naylor.

Notes on John Perry Lamphear:

  • 1870 census of Washington Co., Greenwich lists John, Mary, Minnie
  • 1880 census of Wells, NY lists John as worker in lumber, Mary, Minnie, Nathan, Charles, Jerry, George, Edward
  • 1892 census of Wells NY lists John, Mary, Jerry, George, Edward, William, Frederick
  • 1894 lived below Jimmy Creek in Wells, NY
  • Two deeds in books in Hamilton Co. Clerk Office show Mary Lamphear, wife of John P.Lamphear. Both in year 1895. Am assuming at this time that John died by 1895.
  • Children of John P. Lamphear and Mary Naylor are:
    4.i.Martha Viola "Minnie" Lamphear, b. 1868; m. John Wesley Nichols
    5.ii.Nathan Elmer Lamphear, b. 1871; d. after 1935; m. 1.) Minnie Lavina Lamphear  2.) Annie Almeda Lamphear
    iii.Charles Lamphear, b. 1872
    iv.Jerry Lamphear, b. 1875
    v.George Lamphear, b.1876
    vi.Edward Lamphear, b. 1879
    6.vii.William Lamphear, b. 1883;m. Ida Davis
    7.viii.Frederick Lamphear, b. 1886;m. Jessie

    3.  GILBERT JEROME LAMPHEAR (JOHN) was born May 20, 1847 and died January 4, 1923 in Lake Pleasant NY. He married 1.) CATHERINE M. PAGE and 2.) MARY BETSY PAGE both daughters of HENRY RION PAGE and PHEBE JANE NICHOLS.

    Notes on Gilbert Jerome Lamphear:

  • Listed in the 1880 Wells census with Catherine as working in lumberyard
  • Listed in the Lake Pleasant Census of 1892, 1905 and 1915 with Betsy as farmer and laborer.
  • 1910 listed as farmer
  • Believe birth record is wrong because of census records say another age.
  • Children of Gilbert Jerome Lamphear and Catherine Page are:
    i.John Lamphear,b. 1881
    ii.Minnie Lavina Lamphear, b. May 2, 1882 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. March 14, 1933 Lake Pleasant NY; m. Nathan Elmer Lamphear May 2, 1882 Lake Pleasant NY. ( see # 5 for more info on this family.)
    8.iii.Cyrus Lamphear, b. April 12, 1884 Lake Pleasant NY; d. 1980
    iv.Elmond Lamphear, b. 1885; d. October3, 1889 Wells, NY
    9.v.Gertrude Melissa Lamphear, b. May 20, 1889; d. September 12, 1984; m. Theodore Duane Yennard

    Children of Gilbert Lamphear and Mary Betsy Page are:
    vi.Frank Willis Lamphear, b. 1893; m. Hazel Viola Fiedler
    vii.Son Lamphear, b. March 24, 1894 Wells NY; d. March 24, 1894 Wells, NY
    viii.Gilbert Jr. Lamphear, b. May 16, 1895 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. December 11, 1915 Lake Pleasant NY
    10.ix.Pheobe Lillian Lamphear, b. 1898; m. Thomas Henry Hoar January 19, 1918 Lake Pleasant, NY
    x.Herschel Herbert Lamphear, b. May 12, 1901 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. May 1, 1960
    xi.Annie Almeda Lamphear, b. June 17, 1905 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. November 15, 1960; m. #5 Nathan Elmer Lamphear on June 28, 1935 Lake Pleasant, NY
    xii.Elick Milton Lamphear, b. February 11, 1909 Lake Pleasant NY;d. October 31, 1981 Lake Pleasant, NY
    11.xii.Benjamin Lamphear, b. July 29, 1913 Lake Pleasant, NY; d. December 14, 1965 Lake Pleasant NY;m. Isalane Elberta Fish, daughter of James Fish on June 19, 1938.


    Generation No. 3

    4.  MARTHA VIOLA 'MINNIE' LAMPHEAR (JOHN, JOHN) was born 1868. She married John Wesley Nichols.

    The children of JohnNichols and Minnie Lamphear are:
    i.Marvin B.Nichols, b. February 1887; d. August 29, 1890
    ii.James Avery Nichols, b. June 20, 1896 Lake Pleasant, NY

    5.  NATHAN ELMER LAMPHEAR (JOHN, JOHN) was born 1871 and died after 1935. He married 1.) MINNIE LAVINA LAMPHEAR, daughter of GILBERT JEROME LAMPHEAR and CATHERINE M. PAGE; 2.) ANNIE ALMEDA LAMPHEAR daughter of GILBERT JEROME LAMPHEAR and MARY BETSY PAGE, on June 28, 1935.

    Notes for Nathan Lamphear:

    Children of Nathan Elmer Lamphear and Minnie Lamphear are:
    i.Elmer Nathan Lamphear, b. May 20, 1900 Lake Pleasant NY; d. July 26, 1960; Buried Speculator Cem., SpeculatorNY
    ii.Edward Thomas Lamphear, b. August 18, 1903; d. October 7, 1903
    12.iii.Edward Nathan "Ted" Lamphear, b. August 18, 1903 Lake Pleasant NY; d. 1979; m. VIOLET OLIVE PAGE daughter of HENRY RION PAGE and SARAH ANNE DARLING on July 21, 1922.
    13.iv.William Henry Lamphear, b. April 29, 1907 Lake Pleasant,NY; d. November 10, 1940 Lake Pleasant NY; m. CAROLINE ROSE COURTNEY daughter of SANDFORD BELL COURTNEY and ALVIRA MAE PAGE on November 1, 1934 Lake Pleasant NY.
    14.v.Mary Emily Lamphear, b. 1912; m. 1.) George Bensley Mays 2.) Robert Swan.
    vi.Nelly Mary Lamphear, b. May 3, 1915 Lake Pleasant NY; d. May 31, 1916 Lake Pleasant,NY.
    15.vii.John Perry Lamphear, b. December 28, 1916 Lake Pleasant NY; m. Marcie Morrison September 16, 1978 Lake Pleasant NY.
    viii.Emma Lavina Lamphear, (private)
    ix.George Lamphear, b. August 2, 1922 Lake Pleasant NY; d. August 24, 1922 Lake Pleasant NY.

    6.  WILLIAM LAMPHEAR (JOHN, JOHN) was born 1883.He married Ida Davis.

    Children of William Lamphear and Ida Davis are:
    i.Ida Lamphear, b. 1903 Cold Brook, NY; m.Orin Rohde December 14, 1921

    7.  FREDERICK LAMPHEAR (JOHN,JOHN) was born 1886. He married Jessie,

    Children of Frederick Lamphear and Jessie are:
    i.Thomas Lamphear
    ii.Ernie Lamphear

    8.  CYRUS LAMPHEAR (GILBERT, JOHN) was born April 12, 1884 Lake Pleasant NY and died in 1980. He lived with BLANCHE LOUISE PAGE daughter of HENRY RION PAGE and SARAH ANNE DARLING.

    Notes for Cyrus Lamphear:

    Child of Cyrus Lamphear and Blanche Page is:
    i.Edith Shirley Lamphear, b. April 18, 1925 Lake Pleasant NY

    9.  GERTRUDE MELISSA LAMPHEAR ( GILBERT, JOHN) was born May 20, 1889 and died September 12,1984. She married Theodore Duane Yennard.

    Notes for Theodore Yennard:

    Children of Theodore Yennard and Gertrude Lamphear are:
    i.Theodore Willard Yennard, b. january 18, 1911 Speculator NY; d. January 18, 1993 Amsterdam NY.
    ii.Gertie Leonora Yennard, b. July 5, 1913 Lake Pleasant NY; d. July 2, 1914 Lake Pleasant NY.
    iii.Evelyne M. Yennard, b. April 7, 1915 Piseco NY; d. July 5, 1992; m. Francis Casoline August 8, 1936 Speculator NY.
    iv.Ervin G. Yennard, b. April 23, 1916; d. March 21, 1962; m. Mary Elizabeth Page
    v.Melvina Yennard, b. May 15, 1918 Lake Pleasant NY; m. December 6, 1936 Ralph Russell
    vi.Leona Yennard, b. 1921; m.John Higgins
    vii.Lovina Yennard, b. 1923
    viii.Mary Yennard, b. 1923; m. Bernard Russell
    ix.Ellen Rosetta Yennard, b.September29, 1924 Speculator NY; m. Clarence Russell
    x.Jeanette Alvira Yennard, b. March 3, 1925 Speculator NY; d.1996; m.William N. Frye
    xi.Vernon Yennard, b. May 29, 1927 Speculator NY; m. Darla Blowers
    xii.Adlore Elery Yennard, b. May 28, 1930; m.Barbara Knapp

    10.  PHOEBE LILLIAN LAMPHEAR (GILBERT, JOHN) was born 1898. She married THOMAS HENRY HOAR, January 19,1918 in Lake Pleasant NY, son of JOHN W. HOAR and ELIZABETH DAVENPORT.

    Children of Thomas Hoar and Phoebe Lamphear are:
    i.Dorothy May Hoar, b. December 22, 1917 Lake Pleasant NY; d. December 27, 1917 Lake Pleasant NY.
    ii.Elizabeth Anne Hoar, b. January 13, 1919 Lake Pleasant NY; d. June13, 1919 Lake Pleasant NY.

    11.  BENJAMIN LAMPHEAR (GILBERT, JOHN) was born July 29, 1913 Lake Pleasant NY and died December 14, 1965 Lake Pleasant NY. He married Isalane Elberta Fish daughter of James Fish, June 19, 1938.

    Notes for Benjamin Lamphear:

    Children of Benjamin Lamphear and Isalane Fish are:
    i.Bennie David Lamphear, (private)
    ii.Mary Ethel Lamphear, (private)
    iii.Elberta Marie Lamphear, (private)
    iv.Ella Anne Lamphear, (private)
    v.Nellie Gertrude Lamphear, (private)
    vi.Betsy Mae Lamphear, (private)
    vii.Jerome Lowell Lamphear, (private)

    12.  EDWARD NATHAN 'TED' LAMPHEAR (NATHAN, JOHN) was born August 18, 1903 Lake Pleasant NY and died 1979 Lake Pleasant NY. He married VIOLET OLIVE PAGE daughter of HENRY RION PAGE and SARAH ANNE DARLING, July 21, 1922.

    Notes for Edward Lamphear:

    Children of Edward Lamphear and Violet Page are:
    i.Thelma Violet Lamphear, b. May 19, 1922 Lake Pleasant NY; d. May 21, 1922 Lake Pleasant NY.
    ii.Edward Monroe "Ted" Lamphear, (private)
    iii.Thomas Jean Lamphear, (private)
    iv.Mary Bess Lamphear, (private)
    v.Barbara Esther Lamphear, (private)
    vi.Laura Mae Lamphear, (private)

    13.  WILLIAM HENRY LAMPHEAR (NATHAN, JOHN) was born April 29, 1907 Lake Pleasant NY and died November10, 1940 Lake Pleasant NY. He married CAROLINE ROSE COURTNEY daughter of SANDFORD BELL COURTNEY and ALVIRA MAE PAGE, November1, 1934 Lake Pleasant NY.

    Notes for William Lamphear:

  • While guiding a hunting party, he was accidently shot and killed.
  • Buried in Fish Mt. Cem., Lake Pleasant NY.
  • Children of William Lamphear and Caroline Courtney are:
    i.Marion Mae Lamphear, (private)
    ii.Frederick Henry Lamphear, (private)

    14.  MARY EMILY LAMPHEAR (NATHAN, JOHN) was born 1912 and married George Bensley Mays on April 30, 1940 Lake Pleasant NY.

    Child of George Mays and Mary Lamphear is:
    i.Elizabeth "Betty" Mays, (private)

    15.  JOHN PERRY LAMPHEAR (NATHAN, JOHN) was born December 28, 1915 Lake Pleasant NY. He married Marcy Morrison September 16, 1978 Lake Pleasant NY.

    "The date on John's birth certificate was incorrect due to the fact that it was never filed till he was over a year old. This information I know is true due to the fact that it came from his sister em." - from Melonie

    Child of Marcy Morrison is:
    i.Melonie Morrison, (private)

    Children of John Lamphear and Marcy Morrison are:
    i.John Lamphear, (private)
    ii.Robert Lamphear, (private)
    iii.Alida Lamphear, (private)


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