Wheelock Family of Indian Lake

Henry Francis WHEELOCK, son of Jefferson Wheelock and Louisa Abigail Rice, was born on 7 Oct 1837 in Grafton, MA.  He died on 26 Nov 1916, probably in Blue Mt Lake, NY.  He was buried in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.

According to Ruth Timm (Raquette Lake: A Time to Remember.  North Country Books, 1989), Henry worked as a stonemason. He was sheriff of Hamilton County from Nov 1896 to Nov 1898. He was contracted for $875 to build a stone arch bridge and side wall at the southwest inlet of Lake Pleasant (formerly Deforce Inlet, now Brads Inlet) in Aug 1900. He was contracted to rebuild the stone bridge over Park's (Pelcher's) Inlet at the head of Sacandaga Lake, May 1901. Schuyler Kathan of Blue Mountain built the chapel at W.W. Durant's Camp Kill Kare in 1921. Kathan had come to Blue Mountain in 1879, studied masonry with Henry Wheelock, and worked for W.W. Durant before building the chapel. Henry Wheelock and his son Will also did masonry work on the steamboat payroll.

Henry Francis WHEELOCK was married to Louisa Abbie RICE, daughter of Amos Rice and Susan Davenport, on 2 Jul 1856.  Louisa was born on 24 Apr 1832 in Hadley, Saratoga Co., NY.  She died on 8 Jun 1895.  Henry Francis WHEELOCK and Louisa Abbie RICE had the following children:

  1. Fannie Susan WHEELOCK born on 20 Jul 1857 in Hadley Hill, Saratoga Co., NY.  She died on 6 Nov 1936. She was married to Watson Benjamin HEWETT on 12 Feb 1876 in Johnsburgh, Warren Co., NY.  Watson was born on 6 Jul 1854.  He died about 1908.  Fannie Susan and Watson Benjamin HEWETT had two children: Ann Rebecca HEWETT, born on 22 Sep 1877 in Johnsburgh, Warren, NY; died before 1940 in Gloversville, NY and Charles Watson HEWETT, born on 4 Jan 1888 in Johnsburgh, Warren, NY.

  3. Martha Elizabeth WHEELOCK was born on 3 Sep 1860 in Grafton, MA.  She died on 11 Feb 1935. She was married to Charles H. MOSTON on 12 Mar 1879 in Weavertown, Warren Co., NY.  Charles was born on 26 May 1856.  He died on 28 Jan 1915.  Martha Elizabeth and Charles H MOSTON had two sons: Charles Ernest MOSTON, born on 6 Jun 1881 in Weavertown, Warren Co., NY; a telegrapher for the D&H Railroad and the Boston & Maine Railroad, he later moved to Buskirk NY and ran a general store; and George Wheelock MOSTON, born on 27 Sep 1884, died on 21 Mar 1890. Around 1893, Martha and Charles adopted a daughter: Grace (Maud Taylor) MOSTON, born about 1891 in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.  She died before 1940.  She was the daughter of Henry Taylor whose wife died and left him with a number of children.

  5. Cora Emma WHEELOCK,  born on 22 Jul 1862 in Hadley, Saratoga Co., NY; died on 10 Aug 1864 in Johnsburg Corners, Warren Co., NY.

  7. Ella Maria WHEELOCK, born on 15 Apr 1864 in Stony Creek, Warren Co., NY; died on 19 Apr 1941 in Glens Falls, Warren Co., NY. She was married first to John Wakely THOMPSON on 2 Jan 1880 in Palmer Falls, NY.  John was born on 1 Sep 1861 in Johnsburgh, Warren Co., NY.  He died on 29 Jan 1901 in Grant, NY.  Ella Maria and John Wakely THOMPSON had two daughters: Bertha Ella THOMPSON, born on 28 Jun 1881 in Stony Creek, Warren Co., NY, died on 18 Sep 1913; and Winifred THOMPSON,  born on 10 Dec 1883. Ella Maria WHEELOCK THOMPSON was married second to Jacob H. MEYERS after 1901.  Jacob was born on 28 Jun 1847, died on 19 Apr 1934 in Glens Falls, Warren Co., NY.

  9. William Henry WHEELOCK, born on 21 Sep 1870 in Weavertown, Warren Co., NY, died on 14 May 1895.  William Henry was a stonemason like his father. He was married to Louisa HAYES on 2 Sep 1893 in Warrensburg, Warren Co., NY.

  11. Grace Mabel WHEELOCK, born on 1 Jan 1873 in Weavertown, Warren Co., NY; died on 29 Jul 1935. She was married to Fred S BURGESS on 25 Jun 1899 in Wells, NY.  Fred was born on 5 Jun 1867 in Wells, NY.  Grace Mabel and Fred S BURGESS had two children: Edward Henry BURGESS, born on 14 Apr 1905 in Wells, NY.  He was a mechanic and resided in Watertown, Jefferson County, NY.  And Pauline Louise BURGESS, born on 26 Feb 1910. Pauline resided in Watertown, Jefferson County, NY and was still living in 1996 when I spoke with her by telephone.

  13. Henrietta J. WHEELOCK,  born on 25 Apr 1868 in Johnsburgh, Warren Co., NY; died in 1942.  She was buried in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.

    Although she does not appear on Bill Zullo's list of postmasters, according to Aber & King (Aber, Ted & King, Stella.  The History of Hamilton County.  Great Wilderness Books, Lake Pleasant NY, 1965.) she was appointed postmaster at Indian Lake NY from 20 Dec 1900 until 20 Dec 1902, and appointed postmistress at Blue Mt Lake NY from 13 Nov 1905 until 9 Dec 1908.

    Henrietta was married first to Daniel DONOHUE on 25 Sep 1886.  She was separated from him in Mar 1892, and was divorced on 13 Nov 1895. Daniel, son of Dennis Donohue and (probably) Honora Cullity, was born on 26 Jan 1857 in Hartford, Washington Co., NY. He died on 15 Feb 1913 in Johnsburgh, Warren, NY, and was buried on 18 Feb 1913 in North Creek, NY.

    On his death certificate (information supplied by his brother Patrick), his mother's maiden name is given (incorrectly?) as Nora Lenehan. Bill Zullo has evidence that Daniel's (and Patrick's) mother was Hanorah or Honora Cullity. His occupation is variously listed as "laborer" (divorce decree) and  "lumberman" (death certificate).

    Henrietta and Daniel DONOHUE had two children: William Henry Donohue (LINFORTH), born on 20 Jul 1887 in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY; and Harrison Roblee Donohue (LINFORTH), born on 9 Apr 1889 in Indian Lake, Hamilton Co., NY. He died on 23 Feb 1961 and is buried in Blue Mt Lake Cemetery with his wife, Laura Ward Morgan Linforth.

    Henrietta was married second to Harrison J. "Harry" LINFORTH on 11 Dec 1895 in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.  Harry LINFORTH was born in Sep 1867 in Canada, according to information obtained from Bill Zullo.  He was naturalized in 1872, and died on 3 Nov 1905. He adopted and gave his name to Henrietta's two sons by Donohue.

    Variously according to Aber & King and to Timm, "William West Durant built his lavish Camp Pine Knot and a small community on Long Point at Raquette Lake. His need for a telegraph office caused Indian Lake through which the line of the Adirondack, Lake George and Saratoga Telegraph Company passed also to receive telegraph service as early as 1880. Harry Linforth, who later went to Blue Mt Lake in the same capacity was the first telegrapher." "The Linforths ran the communication center in the early 1900's. Henrietta Linforth was appointed postmaster on 20 Dec 1900 while her husband served as local telegrapher. On 20 Jan 1902 Harry J Linforth took over as postmaster…Harry Linforth, who later went to Blue Mt Lake in the same capacity, was first telegrapher at Indian Lake in 1880…Harry Linforth, 38, was telegraph operator and postmaster until his death in the spring of 1906, when his widow became postmistress until 9 Dec 1908.”

    Henrietta was married third to Daniel DONOHUE on 2 Sept 1908 and divorced him a second time on 2 Sept 1910.

  15. Jennie Louise WHEELOCK,  born on 13 May 1875; died in 1954; buried in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY. She was married to William Arthur POTTER on 25 Sep 1893 in Indian Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.  William was born on 11 Jun 1868, died in Aug 1936 and was buried in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.  Birth & death years were verified on his tombstone.  Jennie and William Arthur POTTER had one child: (Arthur) Arden Wheelock POTTER, born on 16 Apr 1894 in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY, died in 1960, buried in Blue Mt Lake, Hamilton Co., NY.  He resided at Wells NY

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