Airdville cemetery

The following cemetery listing is a combination of 3 readings; an early reading from the D.A.R., another partial reading from Mary Slack Maynard, and a third recent reading by Annie Weaver and her son, Nathaniel! Where there were differences in the readings, I placed the discrepancy in italics. Notes in the last column with a white background are Mary's notes, those with the yellow background are from Annie.

More info about the 3 readings:

Many of these stones were transcribed by Mary Slack Maynard during research trips in 1975, 1976 and 1977. The information was transcribed as accurately as possible, but I cannot guarantee that it is error free. Also, some of the information in the My Notes shaded area is verified by census records, vital records, Bible records etc. and some comes from relatives in the area. Do not presume that it is accurate, but use it for further research. - Mary Slack Maynard

The original list provided herein is a partial reading by Mary Maynard for her family research. However, discrepancies (italicized) as well as additional stones (after Mary's listing) have been added from an older transcription performed by the D.A.R. and published in Vol. 265, "Unpublished Miscellaneous General Records of NYS D.A.R.," 1964-65.  Based on what information was left off of this reading compared to the partial reading done by Mary Maynard, it was likely read in 1962 by the D.A.R. - Lisa Slaski

Additional stones added at the bottom of the table from a new reading by Annie Weaver and her son, Nathaniel!  Also a few corrections to both the D.A.R. and Mary's reading were provided.  This reading makes this list complete as of Apr 2000. - Lisa Slaski

Airdville Cemetery

Town of Lake Pleasant, half-way between Lake Pleasant and Piseco on Route 8, south side of highway

SurnameFirst NameDatesOther information
from gravestone
My notes:
S/O son of, D/O daughter of
W/O wife of
        Born                Died        
ParslowRuth Slack19081938W/O J. Frank ParslowD/O Benajah O. Slack
& Jennie Aird
ParslowNorman19381938 S/O Frank Parslow & Ruth Slack
19351936 S/O Frank Parslow & Ruth Slack
J. Frank
18771942 S/O John M. Parslow & Lucy Nichols
ParslowLucy M. NicholsMar 17, 1845Feb 21, 1903 
Feb 2, 1903
Wife of John M.
D/O Willis Nichols & Elizabeth Fish
ParslowJohn M.July 17, 1823Dec 6, 1894 S/O Abram R.L. Parslow
AirdJamie M. and Jessie I.  Infant children of John C & Maggie J AirdChildren of John C. Aird
& Margaret McVeigh
WickesCharles19061972 s/o Frederick Wickes & Lydia Tibbit
WickesDoris Slack1916  d/o Harry Raymond Slack & Lena [private]
w/o Charles Wickes
AirdAnna S.May 25, 1890July 24, 1964 D/O William Scanlon &
Jennie Niles, W/O
Pierson Aird
AirdPierson GeorgeNov 3, 1894Dec 12, 1956Pvt., Co. A., 22nd Engrs,WWIS/O George C Aird & Jeanette Call
AirdGeorge C.18641946 Geo. Crombie Aird, S/O David Aird & Margaret Crombie
AirdJeanette C.
Jenette C.
18661932Wife of George C.D/O David Call & Elizabeth Ronald
AirdMorgan O.
Morgan C.
18901906Son of George C. and Jenette C.S/O George C Aird & Jeanette Call
AirdDouglas C.19001949 S/O George C Aird & Jeanette Call
AirdMary E. Nov 7, 1890Wife of Asa Aird, 
age 27
D/O Charles Letson & Margaret Courtney
AirdDavidJune 8, 1835Mar 14, 1903 S/O James Aird & Margaret Cochran
AirdMargaret CrombiaMay 17, 1842Mar 27, 1913
Mar 27, 1919
His wife [David Aird]D/O George Crombie & Jane
AirdJames O.18771942 S/O David Aird & Margaret Crombie
AirdSarah S.18751963 D/O Joel Stillwell & Thebe VanMeter, W/O James O Aird
PelcherMargaret G. AirdNov 28, 1880May 3, 1923Wife of Alfred L.
D/O David Aird & Margaret Crombie
PelcherAlfred E.Dec 12, 1880June 14, 1947 S/O Joseph Pelcher & Alinda
PelcherClarence A.19061957 S/O Alfred Pelcher & Margaret Aird
AirdCharlotte Elizabeth19211975 D/O Howard and Florence Rutland Norris
Aird,Alton A.1920  S/O Arvin Ford Aird and his wife Nina Kaufmann Aird
The following stones are added to this list from the D.A.R. reading.
(the last column contains notes added by Annie Weaver)
ScidmoreElijahJul 23, 1803Apr 1, 1839  
AdamsThomas C.18971961WWII 
ScidmoreLydia18041884W/O James 
ParslowJohn K. Jul 18, 1892  
ParslowElla E. Jul 5, 1903W/O J. Frank, age 18 
ParslowSusan G.18891923 w/o J.Frank Parslow   d/o Joseph Warren Courtney and Mary Morrill
ParslowDorothy19201932D/O Frank and Susan 
ParslowWalter William19141925S/O Earl and Cora 
WoodWellingtonFeb 12, 1847Oct 5, 1926  
WoodElizabeth T.Oct 31, 1852Aug 19, 1908W/O Wellington 
PelcherMaria A. Scidmore6 May 1845May 17, 1925W/O Mitchel Pelcher 
The following stones are added to this list from Annie and NathanielWeaver, Apr 2000
(the last column contains notes added by Annie)
ParslowChancy T.Nov. 29,1909Apr 18,1986PVT US Army WWIIs/o J.F.Parslow and Susan Courtney
ParslowPheobe O.1915  w/o Chancy Parslow
D/o Samuel Lawrence & Elizabeth [private]
SpearCynthia L.May 15,1962April 20,1983  
StantonGladys19011966motherw/o Charles Smith
SmithCharles F.19001967father 
SmithDavid A.Dec.15, 1947Sept 13,1972Beloved son of Loretta and William Smith 
SmithLoretta B.1926 wifew/o William Smith
SmithWilliam C.April 14,1923Nov 7,1990AMM2 US Navy WWII 
MillerGeorge L.1902   
MillerBlanche M.19091965 w/o George Miller
PetersMark R.Sept 6,1921Aug 4, 1978US Army WWII 
ShermanJoyce Cook19311992  
GrahamMarion19101975 w/o  Harold Graham
GrahamVenetta19061964 w/o DeWitt Graham
WinchellHerbert M.19051987  
WinchellGwendolyn E.19081986 w/o Herbert Winchell
GarrettElecta Knapp19141991  
KnappBeverly J.19291984  
KnappFrederick B.Dec. 9,1924Dec. 6,1996  
HowardWilliam R.1931   
HowardKatherine E.1931  w/o William Howard
YoungJohn O.19151994  
YoungLouise E.19161968  
DelaneyThomas NicholasDec 9,1903Jan 17,1989  
DelaneyMary McGloneOct 16,1903July 30,1993 w/o Thomas Delaney
FinkleAllan M.Sept 3,1925Aug 22,1985PHM3 US Navy WWII 
GramlichJoseph R.19111997  
GramlichKatherine E.1916  w/o Joseph Gramlich
DarlingKenneth E.19091985  
DarlingMargaret V.19121987 w/o Kenneth Darling
PhilsonRobert R.July 31,1922Oct 8,1983CPL US Army WWII 
PhilsonMona R.Jan 9,1926  w/o Robert Philson
VanSchaickCharles F.March 27,1913Jan 29,1997  
VanSchaickMillicent B.May 29,1915  w/o Charles VanSchaick
LaVarnwayLewis G.Aug 3,1917Jan 26,1991PVT US Army WWII 
LaVarnwayTheresa F.1921  w/o Lewis LaVarnway
AlexanderWilliam R. Sr.Jan 26,1937Nov 9,1985SSG US Army 
DesrochersLeo "Blackie"19111986Married Sept 13,1945 
[private]Olive1923 His wifew/o Leo Desrochers
D/o [private]
WeaverFloyd R.Apr 12,1926 Our sons Peter, William, John, Andrew, Charles s/o [private]
Married [private]
LamphearMarionOct 4,1936  d/o [private]
w/o Floyd Weaver
LamphearCyrus18741980 s/o Gilbert Lamphear &
Catherine Page
LamphearJoyce S.19341985daughterd/o Jesse Brann
BrannJesse S.19051982father 
ParslowSandford L.Aug 1,1911Oct 12,1951New York TEC4 USArmy WWIIs/o J F Parslow &
Susan Courtney
RavenhallDysart189719911st SGT US Army
Mexican Border
WinchellClarence C.19021985  
WinchellAnna B.19061985 w/o Clarence Winchell
BerubeBeverly Winchell19321969  
PelcherDorthea L.19051992 w/o Clarence Pelcher
EricksonDavid J. IIMar 11,1934 Married July 26,1958 
EricksonBarbara MaryJuly 3,1936July 30,1991 w/o David Erickson
AirdEdgar18871972 s/o George Aird &
Jeanette Call
HorseyEmmerett F.19071971  
HorseyEugene C.19071985  
TraceyCharles S.Jan 16,1905May 23,1971  
TraceyMary P.   w/o Charles Tracey
LinscottJulia E.June 25,1911  w/o Alexander Linscott
LinscottAlexander R.May 21,1912   
PowellWillard R.19011987  
PowellMildred W.19001987 w/o Willard Powell
TablerRuthMarch 31, 1905April 10,1985  
BuckRobert B.18861980  
BuckVincenza P.19141999  
AndrewsRoy Leon19091982  
AndrewsStella H.1918  w/o Roy Andrews
McHaleJames L.18831975  
AndersonBeatrice19061972 w/o Ernest Anderson
MoreheadOlive E.19151991 w/oArthur Morehead
MoreheadArthur W.19131997  
MilletRichard F.19361997  
MilletBeverly A.1936  w/o Richard Millet
MilletCheryl1958  d/o Richard and Beverly
MilletDonna M.1960  d/o Richard and Beverly
MilletKathleen L.1963  d/o Richard and Beverly
HealyJamie VodronOct 23,1965June 24,1984  
AirdLawrence1925  s/o Douglas Aird &
Ruby Lawrence
AirdJoan1929  w/o Lawrence Aird
KnappVictor S.19111989  
KnappJosephine A.19121987 w/o Victor Knapp
MorrisonCharles W.Mar 5,1909May 14, 1981PL SGT US Marine Corps WWII 
MorrisonJoan A.1926  w/o Charles Morrison
GranathMildred19141992 w/o Oscar Granath
 OlgaJune 1981  d/o Gary and Sylvia Howard
WilsonClarence W.19131982  
[Private]Iona1923  w/o Clarence Wilson
d/o [private]
PageHalsey N.Sept 13,1905July 22,1984CPL US Army WWIIs/o Nathan Page &
Nell Sturges
PageAgnes N.19071994 w/o Halsey Page
d/o Lewis Nichols &
Cora White
AirdMildred I.1921 sisterd/o Emory Aird &
Irene [private]
RemiasJohn Jr.Apr 3,1924Aug 21,1992PFC US Army WWII  
RemiasBarbara E.July 21,1932  w/o John Remias

There is also a tombstone that says the following:

This land was given by Mrs. Halsey Page in memory of her husband Halsey N. Page and her parents Lewis and Cora Nichols  1989   (She donated more land to expand the cemetery)

The following notes were sent by Florence Braunius (related to the Aird family) and updated in the listing above:

I found a few errors on your listing for Airdville Cemetary.

  • First, Anna Aird was the wife of Pierson Aird (previously listed as the wife of George C. Aird). I grew up next door to Anna and Pierson.
  • Second, Alton A. Aird is the son of Arvin Ford Aird and his wife Nina Kaufmann Aird (previously listed as son of Fred A. Aird & Marian A. [private]). Arvin and Nina are buried in Ferndale Cemetary in Johnstown NY.
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Aird (nee) Norris is buried in Airdville, married to Alton and daughter of Howard and Florence Rutland Norris. (added middle name and parents names to previous listing)

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