Cashville / Ashton / Pumpkin Hollow Cemetery
town of Wells

Anne Weaver and Hugh Peters of Hope went to this cemetery in July, 2000. Other records were obtained from Leona Aird, Wells Historian, that were done by her parents, Leon and Agnes Perry, the past Wells historians.

Pumpkin Hollow Road, Town of Wells New York
Surname First Name Birth Death Age Comments
Willis Melvin       Only a cross with his name on it. Hugh Peters says he was the last person buried here.
Fuller Lila   Sept. 28,1889 Age 9 mos. D/O J and Susan E. Fuller
Thompson Ira   October 28,1915 Age 63yrs. 5 mos.  
Thompson Nancy   Aug.30,1890 Age 17yrs. His Wife
Thompson William   April 24,1921 Age 81yrs., 10mos., 24 dys  
Thompson Elizabeth   April24,1867 Age 36yrs., 2mos., 25 dys W/O William Thompson
Weaver Mary E.   Nov.30,1889 Age 30yrs., 6mos., 2 dys. W/O Wm J Weaver
Weaver Lula E.   April 10,1900 Age 13yrs. D/O William and Mary Weaver
Kage Eli       Co.B 2nd NY Inf.
Rhodea Alice 1855 1926    
Dunham Ebenezer   Feb.15,1864 Age 64yrs., 3 mos.  
Dunham George E.   Feb.12,1864 Age 19yrs., 3 mos. S/O E and L Dunham
Dunham George E.   Jan.16,1870 Age 2mos., 21 dys. S/O N and M Dunham
Dunham Maria   Feb.10,1872 Age 33yrs., 3 mos. W/O N Dunham
Fremont Jasper Dec.23,1852 April 25,1918    
Fremont Betsey Anne Thompson March 24,1859     His Wife
Fremont George L.   May 28,1892 Age 6yrs., 16 dys.  
Fremont Anna J.   March 23,1892 Age 4 yrs., 4 mos., 2 dys. Children of Jasper and B Fremont
Fremont Matie   Aug.18,1881 Age 1 yr., 8 mos., 3 dys. D/O J and BA Fremont
Fremont Eugene   May 20,1882 Age 7 yrs., 11 mos., 20 dys. S/O Jasper and Betsey Fremont
Grinnell Charlie   March 26,1864 Age 1 mo., 9 dys. S/O A.W. and L. Grinnell
Grinnell Anna   Nov.25,1861 Age on broken stone W/O A.W. Grinnell
Sutherland Betsy A.   Oct.1,1855 Age 23 yrs., 4 mos., 24 dys. W/O William Sutherland
Sutherland Emma   May 7,1854 Age 8 mos., 19 dys. D/O William and Betsy Sutherland
Thompson Betsy   March 18,1865 Age 72 yrs., 9 mos., 18 dys. W/O John Thompson
Thompson John Jr. June 27,1822 Feb.15,1903   Co.E 4 NY H Art.
Thompson Julia A. Groff April 29,1820 Dec.1,1893   His Wife
Thompson Peter   Sept. 25,1898 Age 41 yrs., 6 mos.  
Thompson Flora   Feb.14,1902 Age 20 yrs. Then stone is broken  
Thompson Willie   July 19,1899 Age 10 mos. Their son
Collet Francis June 3,1874 March 29,1910    
Grinnell A. W. 1825 1901    
Thompson Emily       D/O Wm and Elizabeth Thompson
Thompson Ida S.   Sept.12,1881  Age 4 yrs  
Thompson John P. March 7,1849 Oct.20,1851   S/O JohnP. And Julia Thompson
Wilcox Willie   Nov.27,1892 Age 20 yrs.  


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