Methodist Cemetery
Town of Morehouse
Hamilton County, NY

(at the Methodist Church, which is now the Morehouse Museum.)

View of the cemetery with the War Monuments in the foreground


  • Reading performed by Elaine Scantlebury, April 2000
  • "Vol 265 Unpublished Misc. Genealogical Records of NYS DAR," 1964-5
  • "Cemetery Index and Listing for the Town of Morehouse, Vol. I," by Douglas M. Jones, copyright 1997 (graciously donated by the author)
  • Social Security Death Index
  • Please note: Many stones are difficult to read and of course errors can occur during transcribing large amounts of information. For the best possible accuracy, please visit the cemetery yourself or request help from the local town historian.

    Dates in [ ] are from the Social Security Death Index.
    Notes in ( ) are from Elaine Scantlebury.

    Harter, Kenneth L.[22 Apr] 1910[Apr] 1974Morehouse F.D.
    Harter, Doris Sweet[25 May] 1907[Jan] 1980his wife
    Kreuzer, Freddie H. 9 Oct 1895age 3 yrs 9 mos 9 days, son of Henry F. & Jessie M. Kreuzer
    Brown, James L.18911965 
    Bedal, Manuel18801958 
    Kreuzer, Fredrick L.18691899son of William K. & Eugenia Kreuzer
    Kreuzer, Eugenia J. Marache18431923wife of William L. Kreuzer
    Kreuzer, William L.18331905 
    Kreuzer, George W.18751948 
    Kreuzer, Ella Ryan18801938wife of George W. Kreuzer
    Scheer, Ernest G18641906Husband
    Scheer, Ernest A.18881907son of Ernest G. Scheer
    Shriner, John18551915 
    Shriner, Albert E.18751907 
    Kreuzer, Micheal J.  (no dates)
    Kreuzer, Bridget K.  (no dates)
    Kreuzer, Michael 1 Oct 1878age 84 yrs
    **Kreuzer, Frederick 2 Jun 1890age 59 yrs, 10 mo., 8 days
    Tuttle, K.H.  (no dates), Co.K, 152nd NY Inf
    Rickard, Gideon  (no dates), Co.C, 97th NY Inf
    Collemberg, Raould 27 Aug 1892age 37, 2 small stones beside say Father - Mother? G.A.R. marker?
    Bedal, Doloreus M.18641946age 82 yrs
    Partello, Syreen Warner[27 Jun] 1890[Jun] 1973 
    Partello, Lester J[30 Jan] 1881[May] 1964 
    Partello, Daniel T.18501906 
    Partello, Josephine E. Maheux18551917 
    Partello, Walter A.18761963 
    Partello, Charles M.[8 Oct] 1892[Dec] 1983Veteran of WWI
    *Dupont, Alexander J. 7 Nov 1887aged 54 yrs
    Dupont, Josephine E. 24 Apr 1870age 9 yrs, child of Alexander Dupont
    Dupont, Robert P. 16 Mar 1880age 2 yrs, child of Alexander Dupont
    Dupont, Issabel V. 16 Apr 1870age 11 yrs, child of Alexander Dupont
    Dupont, Anna 16 Apr 1870age 2 yrs, child of Alexander Dupont
    Tetlock, Frederick W. 12 Mar 1871age 2 yrs, 28 days, son of J.T. & M. A. Tetlock, name on rounded top of gravestone
    Hoffmeister, Frederick A. 19 Apr 1880age 66 yrs 8 mos 3 days
    Hoffmeister, Louisa 13 Oct 1900wife of Frederick A. Hoffmeister
    Boh, H.F. 10 Dec 1883age 14y, 1m, 28d, son of M.N. and M.A. Boh
    Hoffmeister, William F.18501934Mason
    Hoffmeister, Christina M.18591944 
    Hoffmeister, Charles V.18551936 
    Schriner, Ruth P.18941895 
    Hurter, George18361900 
    Hurter, Amelia Schall18531925wife of George Hurter
    Hurter, George J.18811954son of George and Amelia (Schall) Hurter
    Lawson, Arhtur18831946 
    Lawson, Amelia18901964wife of Arthur Lawson
    Palm, Edward G.18741940 
    Palm, Fannie E.18861959wife of Edward G. Palm
    Palm. Helen19091913daughter of Edward & Fannie Palm
    Lawson, Arthur18831946I.O.O.F. member
    Lawson, Clara L.18851908wife of Arthur Lawson
    Hagadorn, Lilia18741892 
    Hagadorn, Tammy18521929 
    Hagadorn, Andrew18461891 
    Hagadorn, Mother18041889 
    Hagedorn, Henry 22 Dec 1868age 61 yrs 3 mo
    Santmier, Robert A.[3 Jun] 1918[28 Dec 2002] 
    Santmier, Shirley M.[8 Mar] 1923[13 Dec] 1996 
    Wasnenack, Carl G.[29 Jan] 1909[28 Oct] 1987Crp. US Army, 10th Mountain Div.
    LaMoore, Helen J.[5 Oct] 1923[19 Mar] 1989wife of Burton H. LaMoore
    LaMoore, Burton H.[29 Dec] 1914[Aug] 1985Morehouse F.D.
    Adamo, Alfred F.20 Jan 190511 Jan 1994age 88 yrs
    Lewis, R. Thomas[26 Oct] 1941[May] 1975 
    VanHyning, Virginia[8 Apr] 1915[Dec] 1983wife of Raymond D. VanHyning
    Kreuzer, Albert Francis18711935Father
    Kreuzer, Earl8 Dec 19011 Mar 1996 
    Friel, Charles E.27 Mar 192720 Nov 1953Veteran of WWII
    Blackledge, George Newton18991942 
    Remonda, George F.27 Dec 192212 Sep 1943Pvt. Sig-Corp, US Army WWII
    Remonda, Fred M.18801953 
    Remonda, Eva M. (Hagadorn)18861955wife of Fred M. Remonda
    Mosher, Alfred19091952 
    Tichner, James L.22 Feb 192019 Oct 1997 

    *----This is a Big monument, with names on all sides (for Dupont and his children). Some are unreadable
    **---This is a grouping of stones and plaques (for Kreuzer), enclosed inside a big iron railing. Some of these are unreadable.


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