Civil War Soldiers
Buried in Hamilton county

  • Service records- NYS Adj.Gen.Reports various volumes for the regiments listed.
  • (  )* "History of Hamilton County," by Ted Aber and Stella King, 1965, Great Wilderness Books, Lake Pleasant, NY  974.752
  • Burial sites- local from personal notes of Charles Shaw
  • Thank you Charles Shaw!!

    This is a listing of soldiers who were buried in Hamilton county from Charles Shaw who used the above sources to compile service records for many Hamilton county Civil War veterans.  From these sources it is unknown which of these men were residents of the county at the time of enlistment (although most likely those who enlisted within the county were residents).  This list was originally compiled in 1993-94, it may or may not be a complete listing.  Many of these men do not show up on the Regimental listings previously provided by Charles Shaw.

    Please note that although this is an extensive listing, it may not be a complete listing of all soldiers buried within Hamilton county!  Also note that information from the 1890 census records, now online, is not part of this compilation!  Look for the 1890 census records on our Military Page.

    Info includes (but may be missing portions thereof):  name, company, regiment, enlistment date, enlistment location, place of residence according to Aber & King in (  )*, age at enlistment, service record [discharge date, reason, muster out info, etc.], burial place, cemetery and gravestone dates.


    Co. Regt.
    Service and Cemetery Information
    Abbott, Edwin O Cpl. E 2Cav 8/24/64 Plattsburg 35-6/5/65 mo/co Wells Cem. 1829-1917
    Aldous, Wm. J. K 2VetCav 10/16/63 Johnsburg 23-11/8/65 mo/co Indian Lake Cemetery 1839-1929
    Anibal, Samuel G. D 4Art 1/5/64 Johnstown 18-6/5/65 Benson Cem. 1847-1943
    Anibal, Samuel Maj. 7Art 8/15/62 Albany (Benson)* 39-6/16/65
    Baldwin, Wm K 142Inf 9/1/64 Schenectady (Hope)* 28-7/2/65 hospital
    Bass, Alpheus C 32Inf 5/7/61 Hope Falls 22-dod 8/14/62 Phil. Pa. buried Phil. Pa
    Bennett, John W. 1 Sgt. E 4Art 8/8/62 Northampton 19-6/3/63 S. Hope Cem. 1844-1912
    Blanchard, Chas 1 25MassInf Blue Mt. Lake Cemetery 1842-1927
    Bostock, James W. H 9Art 1/8/64 Onondaga 27-nfr Long Lake Cem 1836-1905
    Brady, James F 67Inf 7/15/61 Ft. Schuyler 24-diswds 1/28/63 Long Lake Cemetery 1845-1890
    Braley, James O. Cpl. E 118Inf 8/11/62 Newcomb 21-6/13/65 mo/co Long Lake Cemetery 1836-1896
    Brooks, Alien B 22Inf 10/1/61 Ft. Edward 23-6/19/63 mo/co Indian Lake Cemetery 1838-1898
    Brooks, Joel B 22Inf 10/1/61 Ft. Edward 21-disdis 10/6/62 2nd enl. Co. K 2VetCav 9/6/64 Plattsburg 23-8/23/65 Indian Lake Cemetery 1839-1904
    Carr, Clement E 169Inf 8/22/62 Ft. Edward 25-kia 6/30/64 Petersburg, Va. Wells Cemetery no dates
    Colby, Blanchard C 2Cav 9/2/64 Plattsburg 31-6/5/65 mo/co Wells Cem._-1900
    Cole, Alba F 192Inf 3/2/65 Plattsburg 24-8/28/65 mo/co Long Lake Cem. 1845-1908
    Damphier, Wm. US Navy "Marine" Wells Cemetery 1840-1897
    Daniels, Dyer S.   (Indian Lake from town historian)* Indian Lake Cem.
    Dunham, Cyrus D 4Art 8/24/64 Schenectady 18-6/3/65 Higgins Bay Cem. 1846-1929
    Dunham, J G D 4Art 8/13/62 Northampton 21-6/3/65 Wells Cem. no dates
    Dunham, Simeon C.   GAR marker Wells Cemetery 1848-1932
    Dunham, Thomas D 4Art 8/13/62 Northampton 23-6/3/65 Wells Cem. 1839-1929
    Dunham, Wm. H. D 4Art 9/2/64 Albany 24-6/3/65 Wells Cem. 1840-1913
    Dupree, Alexander   "A soldier of the Civil War" Blue Mt. Lake Cem. 1841-1917
    Estay, Chas S. U 142Inf 9/1/64 Schenectady (L. Pleasant)* 20-nfr
    Estay, Lester D 142Inf 9/1/64 Schenectady (L. Pleasant)* 23-6/7/65 mo/co
    Fitzgerald, David Cpl. F 25Cav 2/5/64 Schenectady 24-6/27/65 mo/co South Hope Cem. 1842-1891
    Floyd, Michael H 2VetCav 12/15/63 Plattsburg 21-7/1/65 Wells Cem. 1844-1922
    Gray, Alvah Sgt. D 146Inf 8/28/62 Boonville 20-7/16/65 mo/co Wells Cem. 1842-1919
    Griffin, Erastus 23IndpBaty 9/28/61 Lewiston 18-7/14/65 mo/co Wells Cem. 1841-1911
    Harden, Hiram B 175Inf Wells Cemetery 1825-1880
    Harey, Hiram C 1PaVol South Hope Cemetery 1841-1889
    Hayes, Samuel K 115_ Wells Cemetery no dates
    Hemstead, Charles Y. A 13ConnInf Long Lake Cemetery 1838-1890
    Hough, W. R. I 5Art 8/4/62 New Breman 31-6/24/65 Long Lake Cemetery no dates [a vet from my (Lewis)county] !
    Houghton, Josiah Cpl. G 93Inf 9/28/61 Minerva 30-disdis 6/16/62 Long Lake Cem. 1831-1906
    Jackson, R. B. (Richard)   (Indian Lake - cem. records)* Indian Lake Cem.
    Jennings, Walter D. A 1MassCav Long Lake Cemetery 1847-1930
    Lawrence, Roswell A 59Inf 3/8/64 Albany 18-6/30/65 mo/co Wells Cem. 1846-1920
    Locke, Hosea G 46Inf 8/30/64 Plattsburg 17-6/3/65 Indian Lake Cemetery 1848-1937
    Locke, Willard R. D 175Inf 9/6/64 Plattsburg 19-6/30/65 mo/co Indian Lake Cem. 1844-1910
    McCormick, Hugh E 2Cav 9/1/64 Plattsburg 18-6/14/65 mo/co Indian Lake Cem. 1847-1906
    McCormick, James D ll8Inf 8/11/62 Johnsburg 19-6/13/65 mo/co Indian Lake Cemetery 1844-1911
    McGuire, Michael F 22NYVol Blue Mt. Lake Cemetery 1832-1896
    McGuire, Wm G 57MassVol Wells Cemetery 1842-1892
    Morrison, Isaiah H llInf Wells Cemetery 1830-1891
    Nichols, Joseph F. A 121Inf 7/20/62 Salisbury 21-disdis 12/13/62 Fish Mt. Cem. 1842-1899
    Nichols, Paul A. D 142Inf 9/1/64 Schenectady 38-6/10/65 hospital Fish Mt. Cem. 1830-1890
    O'Connell, Mathew B 12USInf Long Lake Cemetery 1831-1894
    Osgood, Aaron   (Indian Lake - Cem records)* Indian Lake Cem.
    Parker, C. Capt.   GAR marker Long Lake Cemetery 1815-1912
    Parker, Richard T. F 192Inf 3/2/65 Plattsburg 19-8/28/65 mo/co Long Lake Cem. no dates
    Payne, Charles G 5Inf 9/1/64 Plattsburg 21-5/31/65 Indian Lake Cem. 1843-_
    Peck, W. B. Capt. G 7WisInf Wells Cemetery no dates
    Pelcher, Nelson H 177OhioInf Wells Cemetery 1846-1904
    Pettit, Levi K ll5Inf 8/21/62 Broadalbin 37-kia 2/20/64 Olustee, Fla. Wells Cemetery no dates
    Plumley, Jeremiah D. K 14NTVol not found K 48NYVol not found (E 118Inf) 8/9/62 Newconb 24-VRC 10/18/63-nfr Long Lake Cem. 1832-1916
    Porter, Justin G. D 175Inf 9/3/64 Plattsburg 30-5/11/65 hospital Indian Lake Cemetery 1824-1903
    Putnam, H.R. D 118Inf 8/11/62 Johnsburg 28-kia Cold Harbor no date Wells Cemetery no dates
    Reed, Freeman, A. Cpl. G 46Inf 9/1/64 Plattsburg 21-6/3/65 Indian Lake Cem. 1843-1894
    Ryan, Wm R C 159Inf Wells Cemetery 1842-1896
    Satterlee, Toles F.   GAR marker Speculator Cem. 1849-1893
    Simons, John B. G 3Inf 2/21/62 Albany 24-promoted 6/21/64 2Lt. USCT Wells Cemetery 1838-1915
    Smith, John C. C 25CVI Long Lake Cemetery 1818-1904
    Smith, Myron E 46Inf 9/2/64 Plattsburg 23-6/3/65 Long Lake Cemetery 1843-1931
    Stanton, Alexander R   GAR marker Long Lake Cemetery no dates
    Tarbell, Samuel S. B 22Cav 12/19/63 Syracuse 44-VRC 6/26/64 nfr Long Lake Cemetery 1819-1906
    Thompson, Frank W. A 34Inf 10/17/61 W. Troy 17-6/30/63 mo/co Long Lake Cemetery no dates [wife's stone]
    Town, Alexander B 2USInf Long Lake Cemetery 1828-1908
    Town, Lorenzo B.   GAR marker Long Lake Cemetery 1839-1915
    Treadwell, Richard H. 1Lt. G 152Inf 9/6/62 Otego 24-6/15/65 Blue Mt. Lake Cem. 1839-1903
    Tuttle, J. H. K 152Inf 8/23/62 Herkimer 22-dishonorable discharge 6/19/65 Morehouseville Cemetery no dates
    Wadsworth, Daniel P. H 142Inf 2nd enl. 9/3/64 Plattsburg 21-6/7/65 mo/co (prior 97th Inf) Wells Cemetery 1844-1907
    Whitney, Joseph Sgt. G 169Inf 9/29/62 NY City 39-7/19/65 Long Lake Cemetery died 74yrs.
    Wilbur, Alonzo R.   "Civil War Veteran" Speculator Cem. 1837-1918
    Willard, Norman J. C 4Art 1/2/64 Northampton 44-nfr S. Hope Cem. 1820-1864
    Wilson, Geo K 2VetCav 11/4/63 Stony Creek 19-5/26/65 hospital Long Lake Cemetery 1845-1922
    Wood, J.N. A 2VetCav 9/25/63 Glens Falls 18-11/8/65 mo/co Cpl. 2NYlnf Wells Cemetery no dates

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