Upper Benson Cemetery

Reading performed by Lewis G. Decker for the Fulton County C.E.T.A. Cemetery Recording Project

This cemetery is located outside our County of Fulton, not to far from the County's border and the town of Bleecker boundary line.  It's closeness to the town of Bleecker and the burials within it include some of the early residents of the old Town of Bleecker.  The cemetery's location has to be reached by traveling through our County of Fulton, so we found this cemetery important to include here in the Town of Bleecker records.

This cemetery can be reached by traveling County Highway #125 North out of Bleecker toward Benson and Northville, just past the Fulton County line.  Take the first road in the Town of Benson (a dirt road) which is the Washburn Road.  A few feet down this road, on your left or weterly direction, on a knoll with a fence about it is the cemetery.

It appeared in our 1979 Spring recording to be well kept up and attended, with present day burials.  There is evidence of numerious burials unmarked or only marked with a field stone.  We did not know of any local records on this cemetery but would suggest checking with the Town Clerk for further information.

Recorded April, 1979 (Saturday afternoons) for the Fulton County C.E.T.A. Cemetery Recording Project, Lewis G. Decker and James F. Morrison

Last NameFirst NameBornDiedComment
 Section A   
 Row 1   
PolitschLudwig 3/22/1906age 78yrs 6 mo.14 da., "father"
PolitschElizabeth 2/12/1906age 76yrs.1 mo. 28 da., w/o Ludwig
PolitschLute E. 12/25/188?age 26yrs.4 mo.21, s/o L. & E.
PolitschGustave 1/31/1878age 80 yrs. 1 mo
Henrich  10/20/1877infant s/o L. & D.
 Row 2   
LeslieJames 5/3/1872age 80 yrs.
CramerGeorge L. 9/16/1882age 21 s/o John & Winnie, "gone but not forgotten"
CramerJohn no dates 
MillerMinnie no datesw/o John Cramer
TolsonEliza J. 10/11/1861age 3 yrs. 9 mo. 2 da., d/o John & Mary
TolsonGeorge B. 10/15/1861age 2 yrs 8 mo. 5 da., d/o John & Mary
 Row 3   
GrahamEdward W. 4/14/1878age 1 mo. s/o W & H., "gladly when life's work is over will we meet my darling one"
GrahamI.H. 11/11/1882age 70 yrs.
GrahamAlice E. 9/17/1887age 17yrs 5 mo. 6 da.
GodfreyMary 2/29/1880w/o Thomas Godfrey, "Nor rarest flower nor fairest face can one longtrusted friends replace"
TrimbleGeorge 5/25/1856age 48 yrs.
TrimbleAnn 4/6/1873age 47 yrs.20 days.
 Row 4   
EglinGrace 12/13/1890w/o W. T. Eglin
GrahamAlice 11/17/1858age 5 mo. 24 days, d/o I. H. & N., "O angel thy sacred bonds are [risen], but whispers to our morning household, band [that] you meet us all the gates of heaven and [guide] the dear / ones in that fairer land"
M.C.E.  no dates 
J.K.E.  no dates 
EglinKatie A. 1/10/1881age7 yrs.3 mo. 10 da. d/o, M.T. & Mary C.
GrahamCharles 5/29/1859age 3 yrs. 8 mo. 2 da., s/o I. H. & N., "Sweet child so fondly loved his [guildes prattle] hath ceased to echo in our lonly home the angels know how rough is lifes grat battle and bore our little Charlie home"
RhodesSarah 3/12/1870age 11 mo. 5 da. d/o T. & S. Rhodes
Bowler (Fowler?)Samuel 2/16/1859age 25 yrs., "Behold my friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepaire to die and follow me"
 Row 5   
WashburnEliphelet 12/16/1887age 88 yrs. 6 mo.
WashburnCatherine 2/18/1887age 58 yrs. 3 mos., w/o Eliphalet Washburn
WashburnPamelia H. 1/14/1848age 44 yrs. 8 mo. 20 da., w/o Eliphalet Washburn
WashburnCalvin 3/12/1870age 30 yrs., s/o E. & P.
WashburnCatherine S. 4/2/1838age 1 yr 5 mo 27 da., d/o Eliphalet & Pamelia
 Row 6   
PlaceAdeline E. 9/5/1849age 34 yrs 6 mo. 15 da., "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
HallWilliam S. 6/9/1844age 28 yrs. 
Hall William 3/27/183?age 60 yrs. 5 mos. 21 da.
HallPhebe 6/15/1838age 57 yrs 1 mo. 9 da., w/o William Hall
HallGeorge W. 5/30/1840age 22 yrs.
HallJohn W. 11/2/1842age 20 yrs.
 Row 7   
HallKing H. 5/11/1872age 59 yrs 3 mos.
Hall Adella "Chloe" 1861age 55 yrs., w/o King Hall
HallWilliam A. 3/26/1866age 28 yrs. 8 mos.
HallAdelia L. 4/15/1848age 6 yrs. 10 mos., d/o King H. & Adelia C. Hall
HallHerbert G. 6/21/1844age 1 yrs. 1 mo. 2 da., s/o King H. & Adelia C. Hall
HallJohn P. no dateage 3 yrs. 3 mo., s/o King H. & Adelia C. Hall
 Section B   
 Row 1   
BrownSarah 9/7/1889age 76 yrs. mother of W. Brown
BrownAlice M. 3/19/01age 42 yrs. wife of W. Brown
EglinWilliam T.2/19/18371/10/1921 
EglinEthel 3/30/1901age 1 yr. 11 mos. 26 da., d/o W. T. & Louisa Eglin
 Row 2   
HenrichHenry 10/24/1903age 84 yrs. "Father"
HenrichMargaret 10/24/1909age 84 yrs. "Mother"
HenrichJennie Eva5/31/18663/33/1932daugther"
GrahamPheobe O.12/8/18485/15/1920w/o Oscar Graham
GrahamArcher A.9/24/18713/18/1913 
GrahamWalter E.9/28/18794/29/1904 
 Row 3   
Rogers  1905infant s/o J&C. Rodgers
RogersCarrie A.18681940w/o John
RogersMinnie Alice8/11/18964/8/1952 
RogersCarrie Mae3/21/19024/6/1954 
 Row 4   
UngerPearl R.19001940 
UngerRoy E.1/28/18919/19/1965WWI U.S. Pfc. Army
 Row 5   
DimezzaCarlo1908no date 
DimezzaJennie LeQuay19001965w/o Carlo
 Row 6   
MerrihewJoseph R.19031976 


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