Morehouse Catholic cemetery


  • "Cemetery Index and Listing for the Town of Morehouse Vol. 1 Hamilton County, State of New York," by Douglas M Jones, copyright 1997 (permission graciously given by author for posting)
  • Reading performed by Elaine Scantlebury, April 2000
  • "Vol 265 Unpublished Misc. Genealogical Records of NYS DAR, 1964-5"

    The Catholic Cemetery is located on the south side of Route 8, just passed the junction with French Road (the western junction) in the Town of Morehouse. It is set back a bit from the road.

    [-] Information from researchers
    {-} discrepancies between sources that haven't been checked closely

    gravestone order

    French, Elizabeth18971989Wife of Edward French
    French, Edward M.[28 Sep] 1894[Sep] 1972Husband
    Morehouse F.D.
    [day/month from SSDI]
    Dealing, Margaret E.[25 Nov] 1909[Feb] 1972[day/month from SSDI]
    Fraser, James E.19 Oct 19045 Aug 1978Pvt. US Army, WWII
    Morehouse F.D.
    Am Lgn
    Pelisse, C. 186984 yrs
    native of France
    (iron fence)
    French, Lizzie 12 Jul 190142 yrs
    wife of Francis M.
    [daughter of John Fayle]
    French, Mary 13 Sep 18875 mo.
    dau. of Francis M. and Lizzy French
    French, Emma 13 Sep 18875 mo.
    dau. of Francis M. and Lizzy French
    Fayle, John 9 Jun 187554 yrs
    on same stone as Lizzie French and her daughters
    DeBraine, Victor 2 Mar 185461 yrs
    DeBraine, Alexandrine 31 Dec 189183 yrs
    wife of Victor DeBraine
    Brand, Amelia G.{or C.} 1 Feb 18631 yr 6 mo.
    daughter of T H & Mary Brand
    Pelisse, Augustus17 Jul 18266 Nov 1886 
    Pelisse, Infants of  Children of A. & E.
    no names or dates
    "Our Little Ones"
    Pelisse, Mary  dau of A. & E. Pelisse
    French, Albert18841960 
    French, Emma K.18901960wife of Albert French
    Russ, "Little Willie"14 Mar 187717 Jan 1878son of Mary B. & Daniel Russ
    Russ, Mary B.18491935wife of Daniel Russ
    Russ, Daniel18411915 
    Bennett, Josephine 5 May 1864Wife of [Basile] Bennett
    65 yrs
    Bennett, A. J. 22 Feb 186220 yrs 4 mos.
    Maheux, Adell10 Apr 183618 May 1902[dau of Basile Bennett]
    [wife of Eugene Maheux]
    Portaro, Richard P. [Dick][19 Oct] 1942[Apr] 1980[day/month from SSDI]
    Dietch, Hubert "SARG"[20 Jul] 1918[27 May] 1997WWI Veteran
    Dietch, Shirley W.[18 Jul] 1924[28 Feb] 1981Morehouse F.D. Aux.
    [wife of Hubert Dietch]


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