Our Wonderful Past and Present Contributors!

I can't say enough "thank you"s to everyone who has contributed to this site! Without everyone, it just wouldn't be the site that it is today! Many of the individuals contributed small pieces of their own research. But I've also been blessed with a bunch who have contributed large amounts of their own research and a few who have gone "beyond the call of duty" to perform research that focuses on the county rather than on their own genealogy and have done so for a year or more! This last group deserves an extra special thank you! These include Marcia Buffett and Elaine Scantlebury, who in the past have been contributing editors to the site, as well as our current contributing editors, Joanne Murray and Annie Weaver! These four individuals have given a lot of their time to provide resources to help you in your research.

The following is a list of all individuals who have contributed to this site. I hope that I haven't missed anyone! If you know of someone who should also be on this list, please send it in!

Lisa K. Slaski - coordinator, Hamilton county, NYGenWeb / 16 Dec 2004

Roberta Abrams
Adirondack Museum
Leona Aird
Georgia Anderson Email
Doug Benson Email
Ken Berry Email
Laura Brandis
Judy Breedlove
Marcia Buffett Email
Harry Buyce Email
Jim Call
Duncan Cameron Email
Joyanna Carlton
Jim Claffee Email
Ellen Craig / Hamilton County News
Gail Cramer
Lois Cunniff Email
Joyce Cummings Email
Jennifer Donovan
Russell Dunham
Debbie Dunn Email
Barb Ekiss Email
Arleen Craig Ellis Email
Carol Ford Email
Audrey Annable Franklin Email
James Fraser Email
Lee Garlock Email
Pat Groves Email
Jean EMERY Hickey Email
Carl Hommel Email
Malcolm D. Horton
John H. Houck
Brenda Howard
Walter D. Jennings Email
Julie Jones
Catherine Kenyon
William Kerr
Clara Sue King Email
Dennis Lawrence website
Cindy LaVallee Email
Pat LeBlanc Email
Steve Loose Email
Robert Lorick
Martha Magill
Edward MacDonald Email [302 N Pecatonica St. / Winnebago, IL 61088]
Mary Slack Maynard Email [P. O. Box 265 / Palm Harbor, FL 34684]
Betsy Carpenter-McCulloch
Larry Miller
Lois Mogren Email
Robert G. Moore Email
Donald Murdock
Laura Perkins
Hugh Peters
Tamara Plant Email
Jimmy Polk
Bob Porter Email
George Prentice
Anne Rudolph Email
Elaine Scantlebury Email
Charles Shaw
Jeanette Shiel
Lisa Slaski Email
Raymond Smith
Annie Tanyeri
Phillip Vanderwarker
Carolyn Varga Email
Ken Warkentin
Annie Weaver
Nathaniel Weaver
Helen Wheatley
William Zullo Email


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