World War II
as Told by the People of
Hamilton County

This movie was created in August of 2006 by the Hamilton County Historian at that time, Paul Wilbur, and his assistant, John T. Seifts.

This video is copyrighted!

All audio, video and images contained in this movie are property of the Hamilton County Historian, Hamilton County, NY.

No material contained in this movie may be copied or reproduced without permission from the Office of the Hamilton County Historian.

Express permission has been granted for me to post this on our site. If you wish a copy of the movie, please contact:

The Office of the Hamilton County Historian
Hamilton County Complex
South Shore Road
Lake Pleasant, NY, 12108

This is my first time trying to post a movie and for now it is a bit clumsy, but at least it makes it available to you. When I have a little more time to devote to it, I'll look into better ways to do this!

The movie has been broken down into various sections (as originally provided for on the DVD provided to me):

Introduction by Paul Wilbur
Interview of Rodney and Marion Moulton, Indian Lake
Interview of Ed Schuurman, Speculator, Infantry Replacement
Interview of Charles Avery, Inlet, Infantry, P.O.W.
Interview of Corydon Orne, Lake Pleasant, Tail Gunner
Interview of Herb Helms, Long Lake, Navigator, 8th Air Force
Interview of Carl Reece, Wells; Karl Bohringer, Indian Lake; Eve Harrison, Lake Pleasant; John O'Connell, Lake Pleasant; Josephine O'Connell, Lake Pleasant; George Linck, Lake Pleasant; Jane Linck, Lake Pleasant
Interview of James "Mickey" O'Rourke, Lake Pleasant, USS Washington
Interview of Bill Guyon, Benson, Combat Photographer
Interview of Carl Reece, Wells, Mortarman, Born and Raised in Griffin
Interview of Hank Setlock, Lake Pleasant, USS Kidd
Interview of George Linck, Lake Pleasant, P.T. Boat Second Officer
Interview of Ted Payne, Inlet, ward of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Conclusion including list of soldiers, and credits


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