St. Henry's Catholic Church
adult baptisms
Long Lake

Source:  LDS/FHC, microfilm #1450551, item 7


The original record has hand written entries in Latin (using a form).  I have transcribed the names as they appear in the original, thus the names are typically given in their Latin equivalents.  This record is quite legible for the most part, but as the record is handwritten script as well as in Latin and I'm not familiar with all the names in the area, nor am I particularly familiar with Latin, I may well have misread some of the information.  The column labeled "Location" was a handwritten location on many of the baptisms.  I do not know if this is the place of the baptism, or the place of the birth of the child.  It may be a mixture of both.   The original records can be viewed at the LDS/FHC, microfilm #1450551, item 7 (baptisms, marriages and deaths 1901-1915).

For individuals born prior to 31 Dec 1900 and baptized within this church a full transcription of the record has been provided below.  However, as there is a possibility that individuals born after 1901 are still alive today, I did not feel comfortable transcribing all of the personal information for posting on the net.  Therefore, I have created an index with name, baptism date and location only for these individuals.  The index is in order of the baptisms as recorded, with the exception of the extractions for those born before 31 Dec 1900.  I have noted that a few baptisms were dated out of order.  If you find an individual for whom you are interested in the full record, please consult the LDS/FHC, microfilm #1450551, item 7.  To find the nearest local LDS/FHC go to the Family Search site!  If your local LDS/FHC is too far away, or for other reasons you cannot conveniently order this film yourself, then contact the site coordinator for a transcript.  However, please use this as a "last resort"; if I receive too many requests for this info, I will have to retract my offer.
Baptisms of Individuals born prior to 31 Dec 1900
Index of Baptisms of Individuals born after 31 Dec 1900: 1901-1905 1906-1910 1911-1915


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