Slack Family Bibles

Transcribed from Bibles owned by Ellen Mary (Helen) Slack York of Speculator, NY (who died 1994) by Mary Slack Maynard April 1977. Bibles apparently lost after Helen's death. Mary Slack Maynard

Bible of Jane Elizabeth Aird Slack

County of Hamilton, Town of Arietta, State of New York this certifies that Benajah O. Slack and Jane Aird wereby me lawfully joined in marriage this 14th day of September 1884. Signed by W. P. Courtney justice of peace and J. A. Courtney witness.

[The listing for Benajah born 1850 through James born 1884 is in one handwriting; the remainder is in another hand, written in a child-like script.]
Benajah O. Slack borned March 1 1850
Jane Elizabeth Slack borned April 14 1862
David N Slack borned February 15 1879
Ulisses A Slack borned September 13 1881
Alvah H Slack borned January 31 1882
James T Slack borned June 1 1884
George L Slack borned August 24 1886
Charlotte M Slack born February 14, 1889
Margaret Alice Slack born February 14 1889
Floyd Malchon slack born December 21 1891
Rhoimund H Slack born February 26 1894
Ellen M Slack born November 1 1898
Freddie Francis Slack born February 14 1901
Lyan R Slack born April 22 1903
Cliferd A Slack born June 6 1905
Marget Ruth Slack born March 17 1908

From the Bible of Libb Slack Brown (Samantha R. E. Slack)
Nathan Slack born May 2 1807
Samantha Slack born December 18 1812
Reckard (sic) of their Children
Edward Slack born April 28 1832 [written inside front of Bible Edward Slack died January 11 1902]
Roswell Slack born July 26 1832
Esther Jane Slack born April 15 1834
Mary Slack born September 26 1836
Mercy Ann Slack born July 22 1839
Caroline Slack born October 28 1840
Sarah Slack born April 31 1842
William Thornton Slack born October 24 1845
George Washington Slack born March 3 1847
Henry Burton Slack born March 3 1849
Benajah Osker Slack born March 1 1851
Lyman H Slack born August 17 1852 [in another handwriting Holmes]
Samantha R. E. Slack born April 27 1858


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