Family Bible of John Brown and Polly Earl

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The family record from a rare Mathew Carey of Philadelphia 1810 Bible. Mathew Carey, a printer in his native Ireland, moved to Paris due to his political writings critical of the Irish Penal Code. While in Paris, he met Benjamin Franklin, then Ambassador to France, and went to Philadelphia to work at Franklin's printing press. After a brief return to Ireland, where he again wrote and printed polemic politically publications, he finally emigrated to the U.S. in 1794. A loan from General Lafayette allowed Carey to set up his own printing business. Carey printed the first American version of the Douay Bible, and also published a version of the King James Bible, the latter of which the Brown family Bible is an early example.

The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments: together with the Apocrypha. Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by the Special command of His Majesty King Jams I. of England. With Marginal N otes and References. To which are added, An Index; An Alphabetical Tables of all the Names in the Old and New Testaments, with their Significations, Tabls of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins.

Philadelphia: Printed and Published by Mathew Carey.
No. 122, Market-Street. 1810.



John Prentice Brown
Was Born february the 12 1775

Polly Earl was Born
May the 19 1781 mmmn (don't know what those letters mean)

John was born September the 30 1798

Electa was Born January the 29 1800

Lydia was Born July the 28 1801

Prentice was Born march the 13 1804

Josiah was Born febuary (sic) the 24 1807

James was Born January the 24 1809

Caroline was Born December the 9 1810

Joseph was Born January the 23 1813

Ralph was Born October the 14 1815

Annis was Born september the 29 1816

William was Born October the 22 1818

Jonathan was Born October the 11 1821

Maryann was Born December the 13 1823


John P Brown
Died August 23 1839
Aged 69

Polly Brown Died
June 10th 1860
Aged 79 years.

Transcriber's Notes:

The birth entries were all written at one time in handwriting of someone who would have learned their penmanship in the 18th century. John's death entry is written in another hand, also early penmanship, and probably written by Polly. Polly's 1860 death entry is in another handwriting in 19th century style.

The entries have been transcribed exactly as written and are all that is in the Bible's family record. They did not note where the children were born and it's not noted where John and Polly's deaths took place or who their parents were. There is no gift presentation, so it's likely that the couple bought this Bible for themselves after the birth of the last child in 1823.

John Brown and Polly Earl appear to be the grandparents of Josiah P. Brown of Indian Lake, through their son John (b. 1798). This is from information available on the internet and is not "proven" in any way. It appears that Josiah is living next door to his parents in Warren county in the 1850 census. If you have proof of the ancestors of Josiah P. Brown of Indian Lake, please contact me! Thanks!


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