Family Bibles of the
Brown Family
of Wells

Info submitted by Barb Ekiss


The Bible of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown:

The front page of the Bible, title page dated 1874 says:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown
The pages from this Bible were photocopied and sent to me by a descendant of Lyman Brown of Wells, NY
- Barb Ekiss



Lyman B. Brown, Aug 27, 1808
Wells, Hamilton Co. NY

Jerusha Vanderhoof Feb. 2, 1813
Wells, Hamilton Co., NY

Richard W. Jones Sept 26, 1817
Conklin, Broome Co. NY

Cynthia Cordelia Park Agu 29, 1815
Canaan, Columbia Co., NY

Corty Park Jones Oct. 21 1830
Kirkwood, Broome Co.NY


Lyman B. Brown
Jerusha Vanderhoof    Dec 17, 1830
Wells, Hamilton Co.

Richard W. Jones
Cordelia C. Park      Oct 1, 1840
Conklin, Broome Co., NY

Frank Brown
Mary Eliza Jones      Nov. 5, 1861
Kirkwood, Broome Co., NY

Henry C. Wilson
Alice West Brown    Mar. 8, 1885
Lee Mars, Iowa

Albert T. Wilkinson
Ardella May Brown    Sept. 5, 1894
Windsor, Broome Co., NY


Frank Brown  Nov 27, 1836
Wells, Hamilton Co., NY

Mary Eliza Jones  Nov. 22, 1842
Kirkwood, Broome Co., NY

Alice West Brown   May 15, 1860
Adopted June 9, 1865
Windsor, Broome Co., NY

Morton Jones Brown  Aug 30, 1868
Windsor, Broome Co., NY

Ardella May Brown Oct 18, 1870
Windsor, Broome Co., NY

Mary Ella Brown  Jan. 30 1875
Windsor, Broome Co., NY

Mabel Eliza Wilkinson  Oct 27, 1895
Utica, Oneida Co., NY

Lawrence Brown Wilkinson
Utica, Oneida Co., NY
Jan. 24, 1902


Frank Brown  Apr 10, 1885
Windsor, Broome Co., NY
"Not died but gone before"

Mary Ella Brown  Sept. 4, 1880

Corty P. Jones  Dec. 4, 1881
Bath, NY

Alice West Brown Wilson  Jan 28, 1907
Lee Mars., Iowa

All the above are in the same handwriting.
That below it seems each was written by a different person.

Ardella B. Wilkinson
Camden, NY  Feb 20, 1921

Morton J. Brown
Windsor, NY  Dec 27, 1924

Mary Eliza Brown
Windsor, NY  Jan 10, 1927


The families of the second bible (below) are related to those in the first bible (above) as follows:

Franklin Brown and Mary Eliza Jones had Ardella Mae Brown 17 Oct 1870-20 Feb 1921

Ardella Mae Brown mar. Albert Thomas Wilkinson (12 June 1870-21 Mar 1948) on 5 Sept 1894.  They both died at Camden, Oneida Co. NY

Albert Thomas Wilkinson was the son of Phanette Wilkinson (b. Oct. 1839) and Lydia Ann Sommers (16 July 1839-7 Aug 1915).  They both are listed as living all their lives in Oneida, NY

Lydia Ann Sommers was the dau. of Thomas Sommers and his wife Sally Ann Shaver.  Sally Ann appears to be the dau. of Zechariah Shaver [residence/location unknown]


The following was taken from a different Bible:

no Title page so no date
[probably the bible of Thomas Sommers and his wife Sally Ann Shaver]


Thomas Somers was born October 5, 1816
Sally Ann Somers was born February 17, 1819
Lydia Ann Somers was born July 16, 1839
George Zech Somers was born November 16, 1841
Emily M. Somers was born February 10, 1844
Cornelia Elizabeth Somers was born September 10, 1847
Sarah L. Somers was born February 22, 1850
Clara A. Somers was born February 4, 1852
Charles F. Somers was born September 18, 1854

Charles H. Myer   Nov. 13, 1845
Emily M. Myer     Feb 10, 1844
David R. Myer     Jan 12, 1882
Frank G. Myer     April 24, 1886


Thomas Somers died March 8, 1871 aged 54 years 5 mo and 2 days
Mrs. Sally Ann Somers died Jan. 11, 1888 aged 68 years 10 months 23 days
George Zech Somers died May 22, 1890 aged 48 years 6 months 6 days
Emily M. Somers wife of Charles H. Myer died March 31, 1918 aged 69 years and one month and 18 days
Lydia Ann Somers, wife of Phanette A. Wilkinson died Aug 7, 1915, aged 76 years and 22 days.
David R. Myer died June 6, 1890 aged 8 years 4 months 24 days
Charles H. Myer died Nov 25, 1910 aged 65 years 12 days


Zechariah Shaver was born September the 25th in the year of our Lord 1790
wife Margaret Shaver was born November the 29th in the year of our Lord 1792

My Son John Wm. Shaver was born November the 29th in the year of our Lord 1813
My Son Jacob Shaver was born February the 5th in the year of Lord 1814
My Son Henry E. Shaver was born June the 26th in the year of our Lord 1824

The sons are listed on the left hand side of the page, the daughters on the right.

My Daughter Elizabeth was born August the 17 in the year of our Lord 1817
My Daughter Sally Ann was born February the 17, 1819
My Daughter Catharine was born July the 25th in the year of our Lord 1822
My Daughter Susannah was born September teh 14 in the year of our Lord 1830


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