Family Bible of
Joel Brooks
of Indian Lake

Info submitted by Barb Ekiss

"The Title page from this Bible is missing. My Mother has the original Bible which I have seen and photocopied." - Barb Ekiss



Joel Brooks and Helen Irene Morehouse where married in the town of Thurman, Warren Co., NY Sept 9th 1864

W. Edward Brooks and Jeannette Williams where married March 16, 1892 at Indian Lake, NY

Ernest Brooks and Myra O'Kane where married November 8, 1894 at Indian Lake, NY

Lena Brooks and Dennis Donohue where married February 20th 1905 at Indian Lake NY

Stella Marguerite Brooks and Francis C. Packard where married October 26, 1909 at Indian Lake NY

Clarence Brooks and Eva Savarie where married October 6, 1913 at Indian Lake NY

Ernest Brooks and Nora Payge where married February 6, 1915 at Speculator NY



Joel Brooks born April 14, 1840 In town of Thurman, Warren Co., NY

Helen Irene Morehouse born March 22, 1851 in town of Johnsburg, Warren Co., NY

William A. Brooks born August 9, 1866 at Indian Lake, Hamilton Co., NY
Franklin E. Brooks born Jan 21, 1868 at Indian Lake
Edward W. Brooks born Jan. 14, 1870 at Indian Lake
Ernest D. Brooks born Jan. 7, 1872 at Indian Lake
Bert Brooks born December 25, 1873 at Indian Lake
Laura V. Brooks born March 10, 1875 at Indian Lake
Waldo J. Brooks born March 26, 1877 at Indian Lake
Howard D. Brooks born Arpil 10, 1879 at Indian Lake
Clarence E. Brooks born Dec. 8, 1881 at Indian Lake
Alena Gertrude Brooks born June 10, 1884 at Indian Lake
Estella Margueite Brooks born June 21, 1887 at Indian Lake
Gordon D. Brooks born August 10, 1889 at Indian Lake

Edward Brooks Children Birth
Pearl Cathleen b. Oct. 4, 1896-died same day
Mildred Beatrice Brooks born August  21, 1897 at Indian Lake, Hamilton Co. NY
Evelyn Brooks born December 21, 1908 Indian Lake Hamilton Co. NY

Clarence Brooks Children Birth
Stella Gertrude Brooks born March 31, 1915 at Indian Lake Hamilton Co., NY
Joel Brooks born May (crossed out) and April 29 written above 1918 at Indian Lake NY.  d. Orlando Fl. 1/7/74

Births of Ernest Brooks Children by Myra O'Kane
Amy Brooks born September 15, 1895 in the town of Indian Lake Hamilton Co., NY
Francis J. Brooks born September 8, 1897 in the town of Indian Lake Hamilton Co., NY
Pearl Kathleen Brooks born August 13, 1899 at Indian Lake
Gertrude Brooks born January 26, 1903 at Indian Lake
Ernest Edward Brooks Jr.  by Nora Page June 22, 1916

Lena Donohue's Childrens Birth
Helen E. or C. Donohue born in July 7, 1908 at Indian Lake Hamilton Co., NY



William A. Brooks died July 6th, 1870 at Indian Lake, Hamilton Co., NY
Bert Brooks died February 15, 1874 at Indian Lake
Howard D. Brooks died Sept. 24, 1881 at Indian Lake
Franklin E. Brooks died Sept 25, 1881 at Indian Lake
Waldo J. Brooks died October 8, 1881 at Indian Lake
Laura V. Brooks died October 9, 1881 at Indian Lake
Gordon D. Brooks died March 31, 1904 at Indian Lake
Myra O'Kane wife of Ernest Brooks died September 25, 1907
Mildred Brooks died November 9, 1911 at Indian Lake NY
Helen Brooks died September 26, 1917
Clarence Brooks died Nov. 8, 1918 Indian Lake
Lena Brook died August 15, 1923, Indian Lake
W. Edward died Oct 28, 1931, Indian Lake
Ernest Doland died July 21, 1934
Jeanette Williams Brooks, wife of W. Edward died August 3, 1955
( W. Edward and Ernest Doland do not have last name, but they are Brooks)



William A. Morehouse died April 25, 1859 at Johnsburg
Rachel A. Morehouse died August 3, 1869
Henry Brooks drowned February 17, 1874 in Indian River
Helen A. daughter of Louis and Rachel Morehouse died July 4, 1880
Sarah Payne died October 30, 1879
Susan H. daughter of Allen and Anis Brook died October 16 (no year)
Ann Morehouse ne Jinks died March 29, 1882
Lucinda L. Brooks wife of Isaac Pinney died Nov. 20, 188?
Allen Brooks died June 4, 1898 at Indian Lake
Chauncy Pinney died Dec 2, 1907 at Indian Lake
Geo. Sanford Brooks died March 31, 1906


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