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Transcribed by Annie Weaver

Note: These obits were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1970s and are taken from the later papers.

The community of Wells mourned the death of Rev. I. Duane Hall, who died at Galway Aug. 27, 1938. Interment was in the Westmoreland Cemetery, Galway. The Rev. Hall was pastor of the Wells Baptist Church from 1901 to 1904. He was 86 years old June 21, 1938.

Dr. John G. W. Knoll of Buffalo and Wells, 73, died unexpectedly at his summer home near Well's Sacandaga Campsite at 3:30 p.m., Aug. 26, 1938. Death was believe due to acute food poisoning with heart disease a contributing factor. Dr. Knoll and friends from Buffalo had arrived in camp, and became ill shortly after having breakfast on the morning of Aug. 26.
    It was later learned that Dr. Knoll had made a patch of pancakes for himself and his guests, apparently using the contents of a can of baking powder that was analyzed at the Nathan Littauer Hospital and was said to contain arsenic. The poison had been in the container long enough that corrosion had taken place. Bits of the pancake from one of the plates were also tested and was said to contain the same poison.
    Dr. Knoll's sister, Mrs. Wilhelmina VanArnam of Buffalo, 70, died at the camp between Aug. 5 and 17 while she was there alone. She was thought to have a fortune. Death was pronounced due to natural causes.

Allen C. Murdock, 76, died at his home Aug. 27, 1938, after a short illness. He was born in South Glens Falls, Feb. 3, 1862; a son of the late Elisha B. and Mary Enos Murdock, Woodgate. He married the late Estelle Matteson at Gouverneur, March 16, 1886. She died Dec. 30, 1915.
    The deceased, a carpenter, lived at Inlet 40 years. He was survived by two daughters, Mrs. R. J. Lewis and Mrs. G. A. Kenwell, both of Inlet; three sons, Don Murdock, Carthage; Matteson M. and Guy G. Murdock, Inlet; one brother, Fred O. Murdock, Natural Bridge; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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