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Note: These obits were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1950s and are taken from the later papers.

Fred Becraft, 69, an old-time resident of Morehouseville, died after a long illness. Funeral was Fri. May 26, 1893.

Supervisor Giles Becraft, 43, of Morehouseville was found dead of a heart attack in the road near Piseco the following day. Although he had suffered from the disease for many years, he had served as a guide, earning the reputation of having a better knowledge of the woods than any of the men who undertook his profession. The son of Frederick Becraft and Matilda Rickard, both born in Schoharie, his father died in May 1893 and his mother lived in Illion. He left a widow, Margaret M., and five young children.

Hattie Berry, 47, born in Fulton Co. daughter of Joseph and Lucy M. Bennett, died in Northville on May 25, 1893.

On April 4, 1893 Thomas H. Brown, age 102, died at Northville. He was born in Massachusetts of Abel Brown.

Mrs. Lucy Buel, wife of former Assemblyman S. W. Buel, died at her home at South Ballston on Monday, Sept. 4. She was born in Benson, the second daughter of Hon. Cyrus H. Brownell. The funeral was on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

A fatal accident at Piseco occurred on Saturday, September 2. John Burns went to work as usual in the Piseco Tannery. Mr. Hayden, the boss, entered the tannery soon after and missed Burns but supposed he had gone out. When the employee failed to return, Hayden made inquiries but no one had seen Burns since he started work.
    Shortly thereafter, Hayden discovered the employee's hat and remembering that he was subject to falling fits, began a search in a vat from which Burns had taken a few sides of leather. Here he discovered one lifeless body.
    The remains were brought to Wells and the funeral was held in St. Ann's Church. John Patrick Joseph Burns, 22, was born in the United States of Thomas Burns and Margaret Miron, both born in Ireland. He was unmarried.

The youngest child of Horace and Ella Buyce of Gilmantown was found dead in bed the last week of March 1893.

Newspaper for May 1-15, 1893:
River driving accidents were heavy. Alexander White of Wells was drowned while driving logs on Beaver River. Adam Carnahan, brother of Sol Carnahan, was killed while driving logs on Canada Creek in Town of Wilmurt.

The death of Mrs. Daniel Collins, 20, occurred Sunday, Apr 16, 1893 at Piseco after a lingering illness from consumption. She had been married for less than a year. She was born Alice Donohue, daughter of Dennis and Mary Donohue, who survived together with her husband, 4 sisters and 2 brothers.

On July 25, Vera K. Crapo, aged one year, died at Blue Mountain Lake. She was a daughter of B. C. Crapo, born Valley Falls, and Kittie Wadsworth born Boyntonville. The Rev. Joseph M. Woodruff officiated. Burial was at Blue Mountain Lake.

Funeral services were held at St. Mary's Catholic Church after Mass of Christian Burial by Rev. Msgr. Devan. Interment was in Cedar River Cemetery. Mrs. Mary Cooke was communicant of St. Mary's Church of Indian Lake and member of Indian lake Senior Citizens. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Frederick (Jean) Turner, and Mrs. Robert (June) Baird, both of Indian lake; also 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

On Sept. 9 Ester Ann Duane, 44, died at Long Lake. She was born in Chester, Warren County of Lucius Henderson and Elizabeth Houton, both born Chester. Burial was in Minerva.

James S. Dunham, 79, died Apr 8, 1893 at Northville and was buried in Gifford Valley Cemetery.

The funeral of Joseph Duntley's youngest child was held May 2, 1893 at Wells Methodist Church.

On Oct. 7, 1893, D. Bradford Fountain, 52, laborer, died at Lake Pleasant of typhoid fever. He was born in Wells of Stephen and Lizzie Fountain. Dr. Thomas McGann was the attending physician. Burial was at Wells.

The funeral of Miss Mahala Fountain at Wells was largely attended. She had served for years as housekeeper for Dave Sturges at the Sturges House at Newton's Corners. Now Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Fountain would replace her. (Apr 1-14, 1893)

The death of 9 months old Nancy Fuller occurred at Wells on April 5, 1893. Daughter of John Fuller b. Essex Co. and Emily Baker.

Thomas Gibson of Hope died Feb. 10, 1893, age 84 yrs. Buried Hope Falls Cemetery.

April 30, 1893, Sidney Gifford, 66, died at Northville. He was born in Mayfield, son of Albert Gifford and Lucy Blowers. He was buried in King's Yard at Sacanadaga.

Miss Lille Hagadorn, 18, died at Morehouseville early in month of March 1893.

Cora Bell Hall, 8, died at Long Lake on March 16, 1893. She was daughter of Charles Hall born Vermont and Abi Z. Hall b. Long Lake.

On Sept. 21 at Newton's Corners, Grace Hill, 18, daughter of Atty. John T. Hill of Brooklyn, died of typhoid fever. The funeral was held at Waterford, Rensselaer County. It was the second death of a daughter in a limited time.

Nathaniel Hinckley, 56, of Northville, died suddenly on June 19, 1893. A shoemaker, he was born in Wells of George Hinckley and Rosanna Cowles. Burial was at Northville.

Col. Johnson of Herkimer, who had spent his summers at Piseco with Alphonso Casler, was buried July 14, 1893 at Herkimer. He had many friends in the county.

May 27, 1893 William Johnson, driver of Wells and Lake Pleasant stage, received a telegram that his wife was ill at Mayfield. He started immediately to the Lake and then headed for Sageville before leaving for Mayfield. In about an hour, another telegram arrived stating that she was dead.

On Sept. 10 at Long Lake. Minta Kellogg, 28, died. She was born at long Lake of Lysander and Harriet Hall. Her husband, Cecil Kellogg, survived her.

On May 28, 1893 Lathrop Lovejoy, 19, born Indian Lake son of John M. Lovejoy and Sophie Brown, died after an illness of 5 days. Dr. Fred Stevenson attended. Burial was at Indian Lake.

On Sept. 9, the infant son of Rev. F. J. and Mrs. Marvin, died at Wells. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon Sept. 10 at the Wells Baptist Church.

Feb. 28, 1893 at Wells
    Jacob McIntyre, 68, farmer born Schoharie Co., son of Jacob and Rose McIntyre, died of dropsy. He had served as district attorney for 2 terms and for the past 25 years had always held town offices. Dr. F. N. Wright attended. Burial was in Wells.

William Murphy, 52, living in Piseco for 8 yr., d. July 8, 1893 after a long illness. He was a Civil War Veteran whose parents and place of birth unknown. Funeral held at Catholic Church in Wells. Burial was by William H. Whitman, Post GAR whose quartermaster, William Dunham, was allotted #35 by the Board of Supervisors for this purpose.

On July 22, Ardin Ostrander, 30, died at his home in Wells. Born Jan. 31, 1863, he was the son of Thomas L. Ostrander, born Dutchess County and Mary Grey, born Dorset, Vt. He left a widow, the former Minnie Burton and one daughter, Blanche, born 1891. The funeral on Monday July 24 was attended by a large delegation of the members of Fish House Lodge and other lodges.

Mrs. Bion Page, 55, died at her home st Newton Corner on Wed. May 10, 1893 after an illness of several months. She was born Phebe J. Nichols in 1838, daughter of Willis Nichols and Elizabeth Fish. The funeral was held Fri., May 12, 1893, the Rev. J. Grimshaw officiating.

Miss Deborah Parslow, 44, died at Newton's Corners and the funeral was held there on Sunday, June 18, 1893. Although she had been the wife of Fitch Buyce, she preferred the use of her maiden name. In her will, Deborah J. Parslow left one half interest in her estate to each of her sons, John F. and Alvah W. Buyce. The sons were made executors.

The death at Benson of Diana, 78, wife of William P. Rhodes, occurred April 12, 1893. She was buried in Middle Benson Cemetery.

The death of William P. Rhodes, 81, occurred Nov. 20 at the home of his son, G. D. Rhodes in Benson. A Civil War veteran, he had served in Co. I, 10 NY Cavalry. The atherson post of Northville attended the funeral on Wednesday, Nov. 22. The Rev. H. W. Leigh officiated and burial was in Middle Benson Cemetery.

On Tuesday, August 1, Toles Satterlee, 85, died at Newton's Corners of asthma. He was born in 1841 at Newton's Corners of Clark Satterlee and Sylvia Dunning. For several years he was storekeeper at Newton's Corners and was appointed postmaster as of Feb. 29, 1872. Mr. Satterlee sold the store on Dec. 4, 1884 to Reuben Willard and moved to Gloversville. He was visiting at Newton's Corners when death came. He was married to the former Mary E. Page, who survives him.

In mid-March 1893, Mrs. Shall of Morehouseville pass peacefully away. She was an elderly lady and had been a town charge for a number of years.

Feb. 23, 1893
    While working at Paine's, Joseph Slack, 24, and his brother Ira, 17, sons of Roswell Slack, were asphyxiated by escaping coal gas. O. S. Griffing and David Courtney drove to Wells to get caskets. Justice of Peace John Aird acting coroner, called an inquest, each juror serving one day - George Maveigh, George W. Courtney, David Courtney, Fred Kaufman, J. D. Morely and James Rourke.

The death of Norris Snyder, 34, occurred March 12, 1893 at Long Lake. Born in Newcomb of Anthony and Emeline Snyder, both born in Vermont. Dr. N. C. King was the attending physician. Burial was in Minerva.

The death of George Youmans, 77, son of William and Mariah Youmans, occurred at Piseco Lake on Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 30. The funeral was held at the home on Saturday. He left a widow, the former Anne M. Courtney, born of Lake Pleasant of George and Elizabeth Courtney.(1893)


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