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Transcribed by Annie Weaver

Note: These marriages were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1950s and are taken from the later papers.

On Sept. 10 William Baldwin and Roberta Abbott were married at the home of the bride's parents in Hope Falls by the Rev. Henry W. Leigh.

W. C. Brown 27 and Miss Mary McVeigh 32, teacher, were married early in month of July 1893, at Sageville.

On July 26, Franklin G. Brown, 20, of Indian Lake, born North River of Leonard Brown and Geraldine Ovitt, was married at Indian Lake to Lena E. Fish, 16, born Indian Lake of Lowell Fish and Phebe Campney. The Rev. Nelson Chambers performed the ceremony.

On Sept. 12 at Wells, Fred S. Burgess. 27, born Wells of Samuel Burgess and Almeda Brow, was married to Eda N. Page, 29, born Newton's Corners of William Page and Mary Slack. The Rev. John Grimshaw performed the ceremony.

February 5, 1893 at Wells, William Buyce, 27, lumberman born in Wells of George B. and Malinda Morrison Buyce was married to Lilian B. Green, 24, of Wells, b. Mayfield to Alphonso Green and Caroline Hoor. The Rev. Nelson Chambers performed the ceremony.

September 1-15, 1893
Report was that William Colter of Johnsburgh and Lucy Morrison of Wells were recently married.

Vallon and Rose DeGraff of Wells were married July 5, 1893.

On Sept.12 George Deming and Ida Scribner, both of Wells, were married at Newton's Corners by Addison McIntyre, Justice of Peace.

Alex Duheme, Wells and Miss Lizzie Gainor of Wells married at North Creek on June 6, 1893.

On July 20 at Newton's Corners, George H. Fister, 31, was married to Etta J. Boehm, 22, The Rev. John Grimshaw of Wells officiating.

On Oct. 15, 1893, the Rev. John Grimshaw, Methodist minister, married Lee L. Fountain, 24, Wells, to Olive Lawrence, 20, Newton Corners.

Oct. 5, 1893 at West Superior, Wis., the marriage of the Rev. J. G. Greene and Grace M. Spencer took place.

(Oct, 16-31, 1893)
The marriage of Thomas J. Hanley of Wells to an Albany lady was reported but unverified.

The Rev. Nelson Whitman, Northville, performed the ceremony. Miss Stella Brundage, Northville was bridesmaid and Fred Harris, brother of the bride, was bestman. A 7-course dinner was served by Caterer John Miller of Gloversville. Oysters were from Keeler's of Albany.

Rumor in Benson told that C. H. Hogan and Cora Harrison were married March 5, 1893.

July 1, 1893, Peter A. Judway 29 of Piseco b. Glens Falls of David Judway and Rose Doronto was married to Lena J. Courtney 23 b. Piseco of William P. Courtney and Julia Gallup. The Rev. Grimshaw, Methodist minister, performed the ceremony. Miss Annie Courtney, sister of Bride was bridesmaid and Henry Courtney, brother of bride was best man.

On Sept. 28, William B. Kerst was married to Carrie F. Fish, both residents to Indian Lake, at North Creek by Judge Waldron at his residence.

Cards announced the marriage of B. F. Patterson at Newton Corners on March 14, 1893.

Rumor said that Walter Rudes of Rudeston and Miss Matie White of Fish St., Lake Pleasant were married the week of Feb. 20, 1893.

On Oct. 7, 1893, Joseph Russell, 40, physician of Long Lake, born Essex, NY of Joseph Russell and Martha Oliver was married to Ruth M. Houghton, 17, of Long Lake, born Chestertown of Marion Houghton and Elizabeth Mead. The Rev. Fred L. Wright officiated.

Oct 5 at West Superior Wis., the marriage of the Rev. J. G. Greene and Grace M. Spencer took place.

On May 25, 1893 at Indian Lake, Arthur Stanton, 23, and Brown. Rev. Nelson Chambers performed the ceremony. The marriage was followed 3 days later by the death of the bride's brother.

A major social event of Hope took place Feb. 15 at home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harris, when their youngest daughter, Eva A. Harris was married to William Washburn of Northville in the presence of 75 people. Mrs. C. H. Griffing provided piano music.

On Sept. 25, Calvin Wilber, 26, carpenter of Newton's Corners, born Newton's Corners of Alonzo Wilber and Elizabeth Dunning, was married at Indian Lake to Amelia Wilcox, 18, of Wevertown, born Wevertown of Daniel Wilcox and Mary Baker. The Rev. B. L. Crapo performed the ceremony.

June 17, 1893, German K. Wood, 29, b. Lake Pleasant of Joseph W. and Phebe Price Wood married to Jane Bell Fisher, 20, born Gilmantown of Charles Fisher and Sarah Letsen by Rev. J. Grimshaw of the Methodist parsonage at Wells.


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