Births from the
"Hamilton County News"

Reprinted with permission from the
Hamilton County News!
Transcribed by Annie Weaver

Note: These Births were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1950s and are taken from the earlier papers.

May 16-31, 1909
On May 23, Ulric Celestin Pelon was born at Indian Lake to Olive Sevarjie, 28 born in Indian Lake and Ephrem Pelon, laborer born in Canada.

May 16-31, 1909
On May 28, Gerald Schuyler was born at Lake Pleasant to Henry L. Schuyler, 25, and Esther Ryan Schuyler, 22.

May 16-31, 1909
Births: On May 17, Marie Wilbur was born at Speculator, the ninth child of Amelia Wilcox born in Bakers Mills and Calvin R. Wilbur, 44, guide born in Wells. Dr. Robert C. Mooney attended.


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