Births from the
"Hamilton County News"

Reprinted with permission from the
Hamilton County News!
Transcribed by Annie Weaver

Note: These Births were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1970s and are taken from the earlier papers.

On March 13, 1906,
Freddie Edward Blanchard was born to Lena Hewitt, 16, Sodom, Warren County, and Fred Blanchard, 22, laborer b. Indian Lake.

January 5, 1906:
a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Buyce of Lake Pleasant.

January 2, 1906:
Henry Francis Carlin was born at Raquette Lake of Frank D. Carlin, 33, born N. Y. S. and Mary Pelletier, 30, of Raquette Lake.

On March 15, 1906
at Benson, Minnie Conklin was born to Myrtle Sweet, 21, b. Northampton, and George Conklin, 26, farmer, b. NYS.

On March 25, 1906
at Inlet, Gerald Arthur Dobson was born to Austin A. Dobson, 46, a farmer, and Nellie A. Breen, 41, b. Canada.

February 10, 1906,
a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Duckett at Long Lake.

On April 28, 1906,
Helen Elizabeth Eldridge was born at Indian Lake to Anna A. Moulton, 25, b. Warren County and William Eldridge, 24, farmer, b. Indian Lake.

On April 16, 1906
Elizabeth Helms was born at Blue Mt. Lake.

On March 7, 1906,
Dorothy Agnes Houghton was born to Minnie McGinn, 37, Wevertown, and Frank Houghton, 45, farmer, b. Maine.

On March 27, 1906
at Rudeston, Clifford Jennings Lamkey was born at Rudeston to Hellen Rudes Lamkey, 32 b. Rudeston, and William Lamkey, 46, farmer, b. Kent Co., N. B.

On April 23, 1906
Ruby Jane Lawrence was born at Speculator to Samuel Lawrence and Lizzie Satterlee.

On March 13, 1906,
Francis C. Locke was born to Lucy Vanderwarker, 35, b. Chestertown, and James N. Locke, 38, laborer, b. Indian Lake.

On April 1, 1906,
Milford Merton McCane was born at Indian Lake

On May 7, 1906
Maurice Parker was born at Long Lake to Durwood Parker, 22, guide, and Flory Lapell, 22 b. Long Lake.

On April 24, 1906
Nelson Parker was born at Wells to Mary Buyce, 35, b. Wells, and Napoleon Parker, 37, farmer b. Oswego.

On March 15, 1906
at Speculator, George Clifford Parslow was born to Bradley Firch and Calara May Parslow.

On March 22, 1906
at Speculator, Mary Parslow was born to Atwell and May Parslow.

January 4, 1906:
Laura Persons was born at Indian Lazke to the former Ida B. Fish, 45, born Fort Ann, and George F. Persons, 48, mechanic, born Indian Lake.

On April 4, 1906,
Florence Elizabeth Robinson was born at Long Lake to Clarence Robinson, 32, b. Long Lake and Elizabeth Ryan, 34.

On February 14, 1906,
at Indian Lake, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Root.

On February 24, 1906,
Max Seigal was born at the second child of Fannie Gould, 25, and Jake Seigal, both born in Russia.

On March 20, 1906
at Indian Lake, Ruth Ethel Southwick was born to Nina Baker, 23, b. Indian Lake and Oscar H. Southwick, 33, decorator, b. Santa Barbara, California.

On March 24, 1906
at Indian Lake, Thomas Henry Starbuck was born to Maggie Wilson, 43, b. Minerva, and William Starbuck, 53, stonemason, b. Warren County.

On February 13, 1906,
Arthur Clayton Sturges was born to George and Eunice Sturges at Speculator.

On February 20, 1906,
a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. T. C. D. Sullivan of Long Lake.

On May 10,
Harold James Sutliff was born at Blue Mt. Lake of Minnie A. Blanchard, 24, b. Blue Mt. Lake, and James N. Sutliff, 29, guide, b. Conklingville.

January 28, 1906:
a daughter, Mary, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Wadsworth of Hope.

On February 8, 1906
Margaret Weaver was born at Wells, the third child of Emma Morrison, 28, and Roma Weaver, 35, laborer.

On May 10, 1906,
Lovenia Wilber was born to Calvin and Amelia Wilber of Speculator.


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