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Transcribed by Annie Weaver

Note: These Births were reprinted in the newspaper in the 1950s and are taken from the earlier papers.

George Vernham Blanchard was born March 4, 1893 at Indian Lake to Jennie Kenyon, 17, born Thurman, and George Blanchard, 22, born Washington County. The infant passed away the same day.

On May 7, 1893, Allen Kenneth Bostock was born to Julia J. Lapell, 35, born Long Lake, and William A.Bostock, 31, born Lafayette, Onondaga County.

On July 26, a daughter was born at Indian Lake to Mr. And Mrs. Fred Brown.

On August 3 at Indian Lake, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lige Brown.

September 1-15, 1893
Mr. And Mrs. S. M. Brownell of Hope Falls were parents of a baby girl weighing 6 pounds.

On August 28 at Wells, Gertie Craig was born to Nancy Brown, 18, and Thomas Craig, 22, farmer, born Wells. Dr. Thomas McGann was the attending physician.

On July 7, Gladys Myra Danforth was born to Albert Danforth and Charity R. Sturges at Newton's Corners.

On Sept. 7 at Long Lake, Lewis A. Duane was born to Mary Dutt and Henry Duane. 25, both born in Canada.

On May 14, 1893 Evelyn F. Durkin was born at Blue Mountain Lake to Lena E. Barker, 17, born Minerva, and James Durkin, 32, born Indian Lake.

On Sept. 29, Rose Maggie Erb was born at Morehouseville to Christian Erb, 27 born Germany and Annie Klise, 21, born Morehouseville.

On June 26, 1893 at Indian Lake, James L. Fish was born to Christanna McGane, born Indian Lake and Norman L. Fish, born Fort Ann. Dr. Fred Stevenson was the attending physician.

Carl A. Girard was born March 30, 1893 at Long Lake to Elizabeth A. Miner, 17, born in Vermont and Adolphe Girard, 29, born in Canada.

A son was born August 27 to Mrs. Julia Harrison of Wells.

August 16-31, 1893
O. L. Howland, the old sport and T Lake guide, says he can't discount anything in the county as a guide or in raising large boys, as his wife, Ella, presented him with a son, Oscar R. weighing 12 pounds.

On September 5, Lee Harry Ingram was born in Hope Falls to Tarquin Ingram, born 1843 and Binda Paige both born in New York State.

On April 18, 1893, Orcelia Josephine Irving was born at Morehouseville to A. James Irving, 38, born Herkimer County and Frederica Louft, 37, born Wittenburg Germany.

On Sept. 30 Elsie Elizabeth Jones was born at Raquette Lake to Martha Gylander, 24, born Ireland and John A. Jones, 27, guide, born U. S.

On April 23, 1893 at Indian Lake, Clayton Juckett was born to Addie Stevenson, 26, born Fort Ann and Julius Juckett, 28, born West Haven.

On April 26 at Long Lake, Hampton Lapell was born to Bessie Dodge, 30, born Jay, Essex County and Orrin B. Lapell, 34, born Long Lake. Mrs. H. D. Austin was the attendant.

On May 18 at Indian Lake, Sarah Ellen Locke was born to Maria Wilson, 30, born Dresden and Marvin K. Locke, 34, born Indian Lake.

On April 2, 1893 at Indian Lakes, Gerrie King was born to Nancy St. Onge, 21 and Franklin King, 26, both born at Indian Lake.

Martin George Lamphere was born Nov. 28, 1893, at Indian Lake to Christina Steves, 17 and Stillman Lamphere, 29, both born at Fort Ann.

A son was born February 24, 1893 to Mr. and Mrs. James Maloney of Blue Mountain Lake. Dr. Fred Stevenson was the attending physician assisted by Mrs. Duane Fuller.

On Feb. 7, 1893, twin sons were born to Abby Babcock, 36, born in New York State and Michael Malumphy, 49, born in Poland. Dr. Thomas McGann was the attending physician.

On August 18, a son was born to the Rev. and Mrs. F. J. Marvin, pastor of the Wells Baptist Church.

On April 10, 1893 at Indian Lake, Hazel E. McCane was born to Meta J. Reed, 24, born Minerva and George McCane, 27, liveryman, born at Fort Ann.

On Sept. 30 at Newton's Corners a son, Carl McIntyre was born to Addison C. and Ida C. McIntyre.

Jeanette Morehouse was born March 13, 1893 at Indian Lake to Rillie E. Porter, 28, born Indian Lake, and George S. Morehouse, 33, born Johnsburg. Dr. Fred Stevenson was the attending physician.

A daughter was born to Deputy Postmaster Thomas Ostrander and Mary Gray on April 6, 1893 at Wells.

On Sept. 28 at Indian Lake a son was born to Mr. And Mrs. Walter Payne.

On April 21, 1893 at Indian Lake, Fred W. Payne was born to Sarah Johnson, 22, born Potsdam and George Payne, 26, born Indian Lake. Dr. Fred Stevenson was the attending physician.

On May 31, Eva Millicent Pierce was born at Blue Mountain Lake to Anna Skinner, 26, born Fort Ann and Seth Pierce, 34, guide. On July 21, at Long Lake, George Henry Plumley was born to Eliza C. Plumley, 20, born Canada and Rodney D. Plumley, 23, born Long Lake.

Lee H. Plumley was born at Long Lake on March 3, 1893 to Maggie Austin, 29, born in North Creek and Frank Plumley, 37, born Long Lake. Mrs. H. D. Austin was the attendant.

February 14, 1893 at Indian Lake, Edith Viola Parker was born to Charlotte Kelso, 39, born in Olmstedville and Elmer Porter, 33, b. Indian Lake.

On Sept. 7 at Long Lake, Ross Wilfred Ricketson was born to Louise S. Sutton, born Newcomb, and John H. Ricketson, 37, born Clinton County.

June 1-15, 1893 newspaper:
At Indian Lake Mr. And Mrs. Fred Smith became the happy parents of a bright young son.

Byron Tomson was born July 27 at Long Lake to Dora C. Sabattis, 26, born Long Lake and Frank W. Tomson, 34, born Glens Falls.

On Oct. 10, 1893 at Morehouseville, Amalay C. Uebele was born to Lorenz Uebele, 38 born Germany and Adele Maheux, 26, born Morehouse.

May 16-31, 1893 newspaper:
A daughter was born to Mr. And Mrs. Gilbert Washburn at Wells.

On June 17, 1893 German K. Wood, 29, born Lake Pleasant of Joseph Wood and Phebe Price, was married to Jane Bell Fisher, 20, born Gilmantown of Charles Fisher and Sarah Letson, by Rev. J. Grimshaw at the Methodist parsonage at Wells.


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