The Marriage of
William Forrest and Abigail Hunter

Donated by Laura Brandis

The following is a transcription of a family letter from William Forrest to Abigail Hunter, daughter of David Hunter and Affiah Rich Hunter, early settlers of Benson. William Forrest was a resident of Russia, Herkimer County. Abigail was a resident of Benson, Montgomery County at that time. The transcription is as follows:

Russia, May 11th 1834                               

Dear Abigail,

I now sit down to write you a third and last Letter, the next you have from me will be a Verbal Letter which I shall come and bring to you Myself—I Received your Letter bearing date April 18th Which was verry Exceptable. I was very glad to hear from you and that you were enjoying good health. I have rested contented since I received your Letter-as you told me in it that you intended to comply with my Request. The time seems long to me when we shall not part no more until Death shall part us—I have not much to write only to let you know that I am well at present and hope this may find you the same—I will tell you as near as I can the time you may expect me there. Exterordinanies Excepted I shall See you as near the tenth as I can it is impossible for me to tell the day Exactly it may be a few days before or after that time but I shall Endeavor to be there as near that time as possible—I should be very glad to know whether you have anything to move but yourself if not I will come with a single carriage only and if you have, please write as soon as convenient after you receive my Letter—you may think I have meddled with that which is none of my business and I think so too were not circumstances as they are it is necessary that we commence housekeeping as soon as possible after we return as I have a hired man for six months and I am hiring our board which is too expensive—please write as soon as possible and let me know so I can make preparations myself—I add no more but (let?) you that my sister Martha was married 2 weeks ago last Thursday—I Write no more but hope you will write as soon as you receive this as hour letters have been some time getting to me.

William Forrest                               

The letter was written on yellow lined paper in very neat handwriting. The other letters mentioned have been lost or in the possession of other family members unknown to me.

The marriage was performed by Joseph F. Spier of the Northville Methodist Episcopal Church and took place on June 19, 1834 at the bride’s parent’s in Benson. The groom’s name was listed as William DeForest according to the records posted on the Hamilton County genweb site.

I am a descendent of William and Abigail through their daughter Angeline Forrest who married Levi Fretts. - Laura Brandis


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