Truman Brown of Wells

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Although this is not truly an obituary for Truman Brown, it is certainly written about his death and printed in a newspaper!  Thus the inclusion of this poem under the obits section! - Lisa Slaski


This is a newspaper clipping that was kept by the Frank Brown family.

Truman Brown 1812-1856 was a brother of Lyman and they were both sons of Isaac Brown who came to Wells with Joshua Wells as surveyors.  It certainly shows what a good education the children of Wells received 1840-1850's.  (I'm guessing that Truman had a long and painful illness) - Barb Ekiss


DIED MAY 28, 1856
written by Frank Brown

Dear uncle, thou art gone
  From the busy scenes of life;
Yet our loss will be thy gain,
  For thou hast eternal life.

Thy, weeping and praying are done,
  And thou art forever blest,
In thine upper and better home,
  Where the weary are at rest.

Thou hast gone from a world of sin
   To one of joy and light,
Where the sun will ne'er grow dim,
  But shine forever bright.

No more thy voice will falter,
  Made feeble by disease;
But around the golden altar
  Now thou canst sing and praise.

Praise Jesus who has saved thee,
  And redeemed thee with His blood,
Who hath brought thee home to glory,
  To God in heaven above.

Yes, sing on dearest uncle.
  Oh, sing they songs of praise.
Till the trumpet shall be blown
  And the dead in Christ are raised.

Then all they friends and neighbors
  That have loved the Lord before,
Can fly with thee to Jesus,
  Where parting is no more.

To gain the blood washed throng
  Of Christ, our heavenly King;
To God be all the glory,
  Forever and amen.


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