The Marriage of Arthur Bigelow
to Miss Hazel Murdock
Town of Inlet

 Donated by Donald Murdock who originally obtained these articles from Sandra Peters

5 December 1907 Issue Lowville Journal and Republican


Arthur Bigelow's Marriage to Miss Hazel Murdock Causes Father to Have Him Arrested.

        Arthur Bigelow, until recently a resident of Richville, St. Lawrence county, has become involved in a matrimonial venture which is proving rather complicated.  While boarding at the home of Fred Murdock at Inlet, Hamilton county, he became enamored with Murdock's daughter, Miss Hazel Murdock.  His confessions of love struck a responsive chord in Hazel's heart, and they thought of getting married.  But the father had not been reckoned in the proceedings and when approached on the subject, he flatly refused.  Last Wednesday Hazel obtained permission to attend a dance at Forestport, and at that time she suddenly disappeared, and it was also noticed that Bigelow had also left for parts unknown.  Thanksgiving day Murdock received a letter from Bigelow stating that they had been married and had started on a visit to Canada.  The letter was sent from Carthage and the father went to that place on a search for the couple.  Not finding them there he went to Richville, and there discovered the pair at the home of Bigelow's father.  Hazel refused to return home with her father, and still protested her love for Bigelow.  Leaving Bigelow in charge of a constable, Murdock returned home and swore out a warrant for his arrest on a charge of defrauding him of his board bill.  Later a charge of abduction will be made against him and steps have already been taken for an annulment of the marriage, as it is claimed that the girl is only just 16 years of age.  The Murdock family are well known at Inlet, both the father and daughter being prominently identified in fraternal circles.  They formerly resided in Antwerp.  But little is known concerning Bigelow.

12 December 1907 Issue Journal and Republican Lowville, NY


        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bigelow, who recently ran away from Inlet and were married, and finally located in Richville, have been taken back to Inlet by the bride's father, Fred Murdock.  It is said that Murdock has relented a bit in his attitude toward the couple, and that he has given Bigelow a chance to proved his worth as a son-in-law and has practically forgiven them.


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