Vital records, 1849-1851

New York State enacted a law in 1847 to require school districts to record births, marriages and deaths within their districts.  The latest these events were recorded was 1852.  However, some areas completely ignored the law and others adhered to it, but generally did not keep complete records, even for the years that were recorded.  On top of that, I rather doubt that all communities within Hamilton county had school districts, especially the smaller communities within the county.  For example in the 1850 census, the Indian Lake settlement (then part of the town of Wells) consisted of approximately 11 families and did not have a single child attending school during the year!  However, even with the short comings of this listing, it will still help some of us fill in one or two of those gaps that we all face in researching our ancestors in this time frame!

The only towns that I know of that recorded these events were Lake Pleasant and Morehouse, as given below.

Lake Pleasant

Name of ChildName of ParentsDate
Couch, Samuell AgustaFranklin and Sarah Jane Couch3 May 1848
Courtney, John EdwinGeorge W. and Deliverance Courtney8 Aug 1848
Esty, (no first name given)William and Sally Jane Esty22 Mar 1848
Grinman, HelenJohn H. and Emily Mariah Grinman17 Feb 1848
Morrill, Nancy Ann GustaNathaniel and Caroline Morrill20 Apr 1848
Page, OliveIsaac and Rebecca Page5 Mar 1848
Satterlee, BarberSeley and Mariah Satterlee20 Aug 1848
Slack, Henry B.Nathan and Semantha Slack2 Mar 1848
Smith, JamesDavid and Sharlot Smith30 May 1848
Tubbs, Isaiah C.Ira and Elisabeth Tubbs16 Jan 1848
Gilman, William, age 21
Courtney, Emily, age 20
both of Lake Pleasant,
married by I. F. Cannon, clergyman
10 Sep 1848
Morehouse, Charles B., age 26,
Gilman, Elisabeth, age 22
Charles was of Goherburg, Warren Co.,
Elisabeth was of Gilman,
married by I. F. Cannon, clergyman
15 Oct 1848
Saterlee, Nancy M.age 1 year, died of inflammation12 Nov 1848



Name of ChildName of ParentsDate
Becraft, GilesFrederick and Matilda Rickard Becraft12 Nov 1850
Becraft, NathanielJacob H. and Surrena Becraft7 Jan 1851
Becraft, Peter HenryJacob and Surrena Becraft6 May 1849
Bleuet, ErnestHippolite and Virginia Bleuet1 Sep 1850
Bourquin, JustineFrancis and Justine Bourguin5 Sep 1850
Bourquin, SophiaFrancis and Justine Bourquin15 Mar 1849
Brandt, CarolineFrederick and Mary Brandt10 Apr 1851
Durand, Lorenzo ThurstonGeorge Henry and Margaret Durand9 Dec 1849
Hacker, Henry GetholtHenry and Mary Hacker23 Oct 1850
Hacker, Sinbrelda {Hulda}{Henry} Joseph and Mary Hacker8 Mar 1849
Hagadorn, Helen MargarethaHenry and Margaretha A. Hagadorn,
both born in Germany
13 Mar 1849
Haremaker, Mary AnnaPeter and Eleanora Marash Haremaker, 
Peter was born in Holland,
Eleanora was born in France
18 Nov 1849
Heiland, LouisSevert and Louisa Heiland14 Oct 1851
Heiland, LucySevert and Louisa Heiland18 Nov 1849
Heiland, VictorSevert and Tasa {Theresa} Heiland27 Feb 1849
Kassing, Rebecca DyerFrancis and Catherine Kassing14 Oct 1849
Lane, Tammany CatherineJoel and Margaret David Lane,
Joel was born in Ohio, NY,
Margaret was born in Cold Brook, NY
12 Dec 1849
Remonda, Albert EugeneFrederick and Sophie Remonda(listed last
no date)
Remonda, Mary LydiaFrederick and Sophia Remonda4 Nov 1849
Rickard, Sylvester HansonFrancis and Elvira Rickard10 Feb 1849
Rickard, Jason M.Francis and Elvyra Rickard31 Aug 1850
Rudler, EleanorHenry and Mina Rudler9 Jun 1849
Rudler, JohnHenry and Mina Rudler16 May 1850
Schlichert, Gustavus JosephAndrew and Jacobina A. Schlichert28 Mar 1851
Smets, Josephine AnnaWilliam A. and Margaret Smets9 Dec 1850
Smets, Mary AntoinetteWilliam A. and Margaretha Smets6 Nov 1849
Thompson, Margaret HelenaJames and Elizath Thompson12 Dec 1849
Tucker, Caroline TheodosiaA. Judson and Catherine Tucker11 Oct 1849
Tucker, Minetta A.A. Judson and Catherine Tucker8 Mar 1851
Weaver, Henry AugustusJohn and Harriet Weaver29 Jan 1849
Weaver, Lucy Permellia (twin)John and Harriett Weaver15 May 1851
Weaver, Nancy Cordella (twin)John and Harriett Weaver15 May 1851
Winchell, AmeliaHavilla and Josephine Winchell26 Feb 1849
{George H. Durand - M.E. church preacher}
{Basile Bennet - Justice of the Peace}
Becraft, Francis Freeman, age 25
Rickard, Elisabeth, age 19
married by George H. Durand1 Mar 1851
Hoffman, Augustus, age 22
Muller, Fredericka, age 16
married by George H. Durand13 Jun 1850
Makemp, Peter, age 51
Barbara, Berna, age 38
Peter's of Morehouse,
Berna's of New York {City?}
married by John Cummings, justice of the peace
2 Jul 1849
Pelletier, Joseph Omand, age 68
Lavergne, Henrietta, age 68
married by Bazil Bennet Esq.20 Apr 1850
Schall, Gustavus C., age 42
Wessen, Mary, age 30
married by George H. Durand16 Sep 1851
Tucker, Derwett, age 22
Marache, Lodvisha, age 16
married by Jonathan L. Tifft26 Jan 1851
Becraft, Peterage 50, farmer, died of diabetes17 Feb 1849
Becraft, Peter H.age 2, cause unknown17 Jun 1851
Frederickson, Augustusage 1, of dysentary27 Oct 1851
Hacker, Juliusage 6, scaldedMay 1849
Kreckler, {Henry} Williamage 1, of dysentery25 Oct 1851
Smets, Mary Antoinette8 days old, cause unknown14 Nov 1849


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