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Morrison / White

JoAnne Raymond Tues Nov 30, 1999
I am also looking for information on the Morrison family from Speculator/Lake Pleasant area. My grandfather and grandmother were Robert Morrison and Nina White. If anyone has any information on this family I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Carpenter / Coulumbe / Dunn

Marcia Buffett Mon Nov 15, 1999
In the will of Herbert Carpenter he mentions: Maude Dunn born 1888 married to Nerie Coulumbe, Frank H. born 1890, Fred, Leon, Clyde, Smith, and Julia. I'm quite sure that these are the children of Charles Dunn and Myra Carpenter. In an obituary of Alice "Allie" Malumphy Dunn married to Frank H.(listed above), it mentions her children: Julia, Francis H., Clyde R., Roger M., William C. and Clark B.Dunn. I would greatly appreciate any information about this family that lived in Wells, Hamilton Co., Northville, Gloversville, and Glens Falls, NY. Have pictures and information that I would be glad to share. 

Abrams / Call / Fish

Jim Call Wed Oct 13, 1999
I am inquiring about Joseph Fish b.abt.1830, married Adeline Content Call. They had two children Mary Florine 5/21/1852 & Adeline Halvina 7/31/1853. I have a large amount of Call Family Data. The parents of Adeline Call are Samuel & Sally (Abrams) Call. My brick wall is anything about the parents of Samuel Call. I would like very much to hear anything about these people. If you need anything, please advise. I was born in Gloversville, NY. My Grandfather was Ed Call, Hope NY. We now live in Broomfield, Colorado. Thank you.


Janet in Florida Wed Oct 06, 1999
Looking for information on *Alexander Fuller, b1811, Hamilton Cty, NY married Jane (need maiden name) and their children are:
Harriet M., b. 1833 ; Lydia A., b. 1835 ; Isaiah H., b. 1839 ; Oresemus (Oresenius), b. 1841 ; William, b. 1843 ; Charles E., b. 1846 ; and *Alexander E., b 1851 , Saratoga County, NY. I believe that all but my grandfather were born in Hamilton County, do any of the above names sound familiar to anyone ? ***I have just learned that Alexander Fuller was a native american (iriquios) would anyone be able to tell me how to go about looking up native american geneaology. thank you.

Dack / Grant

Audrey Annable Franklin Tues Oct 05, 1999
In about 1837, my GGGgrandfather, Michael Grant and his wife Jane Dack Grant, left Ontario for Hamilton County, NY. They remained about three years and had one or two children there. Then they homesteaded in Henry County, IL. I believe he may have gone to Hamilton Cty because his family had originally come from there and are possible UELs. I would like to determine if any Grants were in Hamilton Cty in the 18th and 19th centuries. I appreciate any information. 

Barker / Sampson

Désirée de Nantes Mon Sep 06, 1999
I descend from James Lawrence SAMPSON who was born (5 November 1831), in, we are told, Hamilton County, New York. His unknown mother was from New York and his unknown SAMPSON father was from either Vermont or New Hampshire. Hopefully, he had siblings whose descendants are researching this line, too. James Lawrence SAMPSON was gone from New York, probably to Indiana, by 19 September 1860 when he married Miss Amelia Lucy BARKER (born Yates County, New York). If any of this sounds familiar, please e-mail me. THANK YOU !

Higgins / Ladew

Debbie ? Mon Sep 06, 1999
I am searching for information about Jerusha Higgins, Albert Ladew, John C. Ladew ...all related to Cephas and Mary E. Ladew(Ladiew, Ladue). Mary E. mentioned all these heirs, husband Cephas executor, in her will when she died in approx. 1884. They all are listed as living in Morehouseville, Hamilton, NY. Any help greatly appreciated!!


Arlowiene M Plumley Tue Aug 24, 1999
I'm looking for any info concerning... Riley Plumley, Honest John Plumley, or Joel Plumley. I'm pretty sure they are from the surroundoing area. I believe the name goes back to at least the 1700s. Thank you for any help.


Arleen Craig Ellis Sun Jun 27, 1999
I am looking for information on Joseph Gillis and his family. He was a resident of Hope, Hamilton Co., NY when applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War service.


Ray Warner Sun Jun 27, 1999
I am looking for any information that I can find about the HOLMES family in Hamilton County. According to the Aber "History of Hamilton County", Lemuel Holmes was one of the first settlers of Lake Pleasant, living on what is now Page Hill north of Speculator. I'm hoping to find any information I can on him and his ancestors and descendants, including his wife Abigail and his son Lyman. Thanks for any help.


Gail Meehan Mon Jun 7, 1999
I am researching my grandfather, Almon A. Cole, and great grandfather, James Shelden Cole. Both lived at one time at Long Lake. James Cole is described in a book about Cranberry Lake as having been a caretaker and guide at the Indian Mountain Club. (He lost an arm in a logging accident) Almon was a 'sawyer', and a 'sometime' square dance caller. Thank you. 


Georgia Anderson Sat May 29, 1999
I am searching for the family of Hiram Bell of Indian Lake. I am specially interested in his two sons Hiram Jr. and Charles. One of these two killed a man when he caught him mistreating his sister. We have been led to believe it was Hiram by what we heard. This we assume happened somewhere between 1875 and 1900. I am also looking for the death record of Sarah (Sally) Bell, this occurred between 1895 and 1900. We believe she lived somewhere near Bell Mountain. Thank you for any help you can give me. 

Hayes / McMcoy

Ruth Haynes Tue May 4, 1999
I am researching my grandfather Matthew McMcoy. He was born in Lake Pleasant, N.Y. about 1856. He married Nellie Hayes born in Chestertown,N.Y.[I know not when]. He had one daughter,Mildred, born in 1907.He died in Northville N.Y. in 1929. I think he had a brother[ I seem to remember my grandmother speak of one]. any help would be most appreciated. 

Groff / Jones / Sutherland

Marcia Buffett Tue May 4, 1999
Looking for SUTHERLAND family of Hamilton Co: JANE SUTHERLAND (b) about 1820 married ALBERT GROFF (b) 1820, son of John P. Groff.. They had a son James (b) 1840 and a daughter Julia who married Willard Jones. Have info on Jones family and Groff. would appreciate any info on Sutherland.


Ginger Ludolph Sun May 2, 1999
I am looking for any information on any Thompson's who lived in Long Lake West in the 1890's. I believe my grandfather was born there in 1896, his name is Harry Alexander Thompson. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Allen / Burns (Barns) / Parker

Debbie L. Dunn Sat Apr 10, 1999
I'm looking for as much information as I can on my grt-grt-grandfather, David Shotwell Parker, who served in the Civil War. He is listed on his discharge paper as living in Hamilton county, although he was born in the town of Elba, near Rochester. Born in 834, he married Mary Burns (or Barns) in 1865 and had 5 children; three daughters who all died of tuberculosis as young women, and a son and daughter who lived to adulthood. His father was named Orange Parker, and Orange was married to a grt-granddaughter of Ethan Allen. I'd like as much information about David's life before the war as possible, and also anything about his wife's family would be deeply appreciated.

Brundage / Brush / Craig / Harris / Osborn / Platt / Turner / Vanderhoof / Wadsworth / Whitman / Williams

Marcia Buffett Sat Apr 3, 1999
Isaiah WHITMAN (b) 5 Jun 1756 at Dix Hills, Huntington, NY m. Ame/Amy BRUSH had children Pheobe 1775 and Jesse 1779 (m. Catherine VANDERHOOF). Isaiah m.2nd Hannah PLATT 1782. Children were: Polly Whitman (b) 19 Jun 1784 at Dix Hills who m. Josiah WADSWORTH, Kittery m.Giles VANDERHOOF at Wells, Hamilton Co.and died at South Bend Indiana, Zebulon (b) 24Sep 1789 at Dix Hills m. Betsey CRAIG, Platt (b) 2 Feb.1791 at Dix Hills m. Susanna TURNER, Hannah (b) 23 Jul 1797 at Wells m. Asher OSBORN, Isaiah (b) 1799 at Wells m. Sarah TURNER.

Children of Polly WHITMAN and Josiah WADSWORTH were: Hannah, Caroline, Theodosia, Mary Ann, Sarah, Harry, Josiah, Daniel (m. Lydia BRUNDAGE), Platt, Nancy, Harriet (m. John WILLIAMS), Susan born at Wells m. William HARRIS.

The problem is I have a large gap between the above and; William Wadsworth born 1854 and Joseph Wadsworth born 1858 who were listed in the 1910 census of Hope, Hamilton Co. Also have a Philip 1817 parentage? and a Daniel born 1785 (brother to Josiah?) m. to Mary Vanderhoof. Would appreciate any help.

Conklin / Olmstead / Williams

Douglas V. Smith Sun Mar 21, 1999
Catalina, daughter of Tunis and Gitty (Conklin) Williams, born about 1838 in Hope, supposedly married a Mr. Olmstead? Who was he and whatever happened to Catalina and her family? Douglas V. Smith, Box 65, Sharon, VT 05065 

Gerard / King / Payne

Carol Paine Wed Mar 3, 1999
I'm looking for any info on Napoleon King (1839 to ?) married to Jane Payne. At one time he was elected to constable of Indian Lake. He also died young.(?) In 1860 at age 21 list as living in the home of Lewis and Elizabeth Gerard. I'm looking for the name of his and Jane's children and how many.

Vanderhoof / Wadsworth

Marcia Buffett Wed Mar 3, 1999
Am searching for the lineage of Daniel M. Wadsworth (ca. 1785) married to Mary Vanderhoof . And also looking for Josiah Wadsworth born Sept. 20, 1780. Daniel had a sawmill in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY. He sold land to his nephews, Josiah and Philip (brothers). Josiah, Jr. sold Wadsworth House ( built in 1853, located between Hope and Wells) to his cousin Philip. I have census information and gravesite information about the Wadsworth of this area, but would like help putting it together.

Hathorn, Hawthorn, Hawthorne

D. Hawthorne Sat Feb 13, 1999
Hathorn, Hawthorn, Hawthorne all of Hamilton County. James and wife Elizabeth were buried in Lane Seminary Walnut Hills Cemetery in 1855 and moved to Spring Grove Cemetery in Oct 1878. He was originally buried on his land in Mill Creek Township when he died in 1835. She died in 1843. Can provide information regarding James and family prior to his move to Hamilton County. Need information regarding the family members after the move there.


Audrey Annable Franklin Thu Feb 11, 1999
I would appreciate any information on the Grant family as follows: In about 1836, Michael and Jane Dack GRANT left Ontario with three children and went to Hamilton Cty, NY where they lived the next three years and had two daughters: Letitia and Mary Jane. They then purchased govt. land in Henry Cty, IL and went there to homestead. Michael was born in Kitley, Ontario in 1810 but I have always wondered if he did not have family to return to in Hamilton County. Could his father have been U.E.L. is Loyalist during the Revolution and had to leave the country? I would appreciate any information. 


Marilyn Meyers Mon Jan 25, 1999
I am interested in researching the Dowen family of Hope, Hamilton County, NY. There appear to be Francis, Sr. & Jr., Daniel W., and John in the early 1800's. I have done quite a bit of research on them and would be interested in sharing with other researchers. Thank you. 

Dowen / Groff

Marilyn Meyers Mon Jan 25, 1999
I am interested in researching the origins of Overacker Groff, who md. Abigail Dowen and moved to Saratoga County by 1850. Any information appreciated.

Dorrance / Goff

Sharon Garrett Mon Jan 18, 1999
Looking for info on the Dorrance family. My g-g-grandmother, Elizabeth Dorrance is listed as being born in Hamilton Co. in 1836. She later was in Onondaga Co., NY where she married Thomas Goff. Any help appreciated.


Doug Babcock Sat Jan 02, 1999
I'm looking for information on the Babcock family in Hamilton County. Specifically, John W. and Hiram Babcock. Who was their father? When did they first arrive in Hamilton County? Where did they come from and what attracted them there? Thanks for any assistance.

Paine, Payne

Carol Paine Mon Dec 28, 1998
I'm looking for a relative, who is buried somewhere around Indian Lake. Name is Samuel Paine/Payne, (he died from gunshot in youth) between 1863 to 1868. Was there newspapers back then? Or any type of notices? Or death certificates? His parent's were Samuel and Mary Paine. Thank-you


Janet Mitchell Mon Dec 28, 1998
Looking for information on Alexander Fuller born 1811 in Hamilton County. His wife was named Jane. Would like any info on either of these ggggrandparents. Thanks, Jan in FL

Showerman / Weaver

[William] Peter Weaver Wed Dec 9, 1998
I am looking for information on descendents of Peter Weaver, born about 1810 in Stone Arabia NY and his wife Christina Showerman. They moved to Wells about 1832, (West Hill). Their children, including my grandfather William Weaver (b. 1840) were born there. I have no idea who my grandfather William Weaver's brothers and sisters are, and who their descendents are. Gravestones have weathered and are not helpful.

Carpenter / Groff / Scribner

Marsha Buffett Sat Nov 7, 1998
I'm looking for information on the families of: Henry Groff, Danford (Danforth) Carpenter, and John Scribner. They all resided in the Hope/Wells area of Hamilton Co. and according to "History of Hamilton Co" enlisted in a home guard unit on Jan 16, 1863, 26th regiment 17th battalion and may have gone on to join other regiments. I have been unable to locate graves or other family information. I have Groff/Carpenter/Scribner relatives from that area and believe these men are related. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Marilyn Reynolds Sun Oct 25, 1998
I have a Dollar family from New York I am searching. I am not sure of the county. I noticed that there is a Dollar Island in Hamilton. Could someone tell me where I can find some history about it. Where the name came from. Thank you very much. 

Carpenter / Dowen / Groff / Kathan / Overocker

Marsha Buffett Fri Oct 23, 1998
(1)Looking for parents of Eliphlet GROFF, b. 1826 d. 1889, married to Martha J. ? He may be one of John P. Groff's seven sons listed in 1830 census. Does anyone have a list of John P. and Olive Groff's sons? One of them was Matthew who died at the age of 25. John P. was born about 1790.

(2) Overocker GROFF b. 1798 married to Abigail Dowen, Looking for his parents. They could be John Groff b. 1762 and probably wife with the surname of OVEROCKER as he is buried in Hope Cemetery also. Overocker Groff had three sons: Nicholas, Francis, and Jacob and several dau.

(3) Caleb R. CARPENTER b. 1834 d.1896 married to Adeline S. Kathan; dau was Carrie (Carolyn) Groff who married Albert Groff. Caleb enlisted in Civil War as sargt. They had three children who died young that are buried in Hope Cemetery, Hamilton Co. Also buried in the same cemetery is: Robert Carpenter b.1789 d.1876 and his wife Betsey b. 1791 d. 1876. Anyone have a list of their children?

Harvey / Torrey, Lorrey

Gene C. Mon Sep 28, 1998
Searching for info on the family of Edwin Winfred Harvey in Hope, Hamiltom county. He was married to a Torrey or Lorrey. Dates around early 1800's. 

Groat, Grote

Douglas V. Smith Mon Sep 28, 1998
Abraham and Sophia (COREY) GROAT/GROTE were in Hope in the 1820's. Did they stick around? What eventually happened to them and their family? 

Wells, Wels

MaryBeth Johnson Mon Aug 31, 1998
I am researching my family history, and have gone back to the WELLS family that originally settled Mayfield and Wells. I am having difficulty in determining how the original WELLS are related. I know that Abraham WELLS came to Mayfield in 1793 from Coxsackie, and I believe his parents were Jeams and Annaetje WELS. I know that other early settlers were William, Russel, John and Joshua. Does anyone have any info on how (or if) they are related or anything at all about the WELLS family? Thank you! 

Simons / Smith

Alaine Thorne Mon Aug 31, 1998
I'm looking for any information on James H. Simons.He was born in 1856 possibly town of Hope--He was living there in 1860 with his parents George [H.?] Simons and his wife, Catherine, and several siblings. In app.1880 he married Rachel Smith

Abrams / Day

Mary kate (daughter of Midnight Sun) Thu Jul 30, 1998
I have been searching for years to find information on my great-great-grandfather. His name was Simon Day and enlisted for the North. He was from Hamilton County and was married to Ellen Abrams. They had children, including three girls that I strongly suspect they adopted as they were definately Native American and beautiful girls. My great grandmothers name was Bertha Day. I do not know anything else. She was born November 23, 1881 and was one of the girls. I do know that Simon had a pension from the Civil War and a brother supposedly who was called Earnest. Any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated.

Cleveland / Rist / Turner

Robin DeVito Thu Jul 30, 1998
I am looking for any information regarding my great grandmother, Bessie Cleveland, and her ancestors. Bessie resided in Hamilton Co. (Blue Mountain area) and was married to my great grandfather, Arthur Turner. Bessie and Aurthur had 7 children (Elsie, Thomas, Florence, Julia, Maude, Herbert, and Lester Turner). Arthur was born October 3, 1871 to Richard Turner and Julia Ann Rist Turner and died March 5, 1930. Arthur and Bessie were married September 18, 1902. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ackley / Bishop

Darrell Mundy Thu Jul 30, 1998
I am looking for John D. Bishop (middle name probably Devoe or Defoe) who may have lived in Hamilton County. Based upon the 1850 and 1860 New York Censuses, I believe he was born in 1832 and married Mary Ackley prior to 1855. His oldest son's name was William Bishop born in 1855 and moved to St. Johns, Michigan prior to 1900. Any information is appreciated. I only found him on the 1850 New York Census and did find several Ackley family members living in Ossining. Thanks in advance for your help. 


Sue Bedson Sun Jul 05, 1998
Searching for information regarding an Elijah D. Conklin, there is a listing in the 1860 census:
Individual: Conklin, Eli ; County/State: Hamilton Co., NY ; Location: Hope ; Page #: 050 ; Year: 1860 I am not sure if this is the one I am looking for but hopefully it is. Any help would be appreciated.

Carpenter / Draper / Penock

Ken Warkentin Sat May 23, 1998
Searching for information about the ancestors or descendants of Reuban S. CARPENTER. (Born: Oct 1, 1821,Town of Hope, Montgomery County (now Hamilton County) NY,) He married Hannah C. PENOCK (born: Aug 15, 1823 Hebron, Washington County) in Oswego County, January 7, 1841. Daughter, Harriet Carpenter was born Feb 5, 1852 in Chittenango, Madison County. Harriet married Charles DRAPER in Canastota Aug 6, 1865. Charles was the son of Ari Draper.The Charles Draper family eventually moved to Phillips Wisconsin, then to Oconto Nebraska, about 1895. From there they emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1902.

Other children of Reuban and Hannah Carpenter are: George W., born:1844; Mary Phidilia, Aug 6, 1865 - Oct 1929; William Elwin, Apr 28, 1854 -1925; Elizabeth Jane, July 31, 1857 - Apr 1, 1897; Clara Aldora, Mar 24, 1860 - 1926; Nettie Alnora, born: July 31, 1871. All believed to be born in or near Madison County, New York.

Rudler, Roudler / Wolf

Nancy Donald Wed May 20, 1998
I am searching for information on the following surnames RUDLER/ROUDLER and WOLF. These two families lived in Morehouseville from about 1840 - 1854 time frame.

RUDLER - John, Wilhelmina or Miniforce, Martin, Thomas, Henry, Anthony, Joseph and Josephine.
WOLF- John Gottlof or Gotheb, Charles, Carl, Wilhelmina, Fredreka, Fredrick, Christianna or Christine, Susan, Helen and William F.

Any Information would be appreciated.

LaJeunesse / Trepanier / Young

Judy King Mon April 27, 1998
I am looking for information my ggggrandparents believed to have lived in Old Forge, NY. May have came from Canada...Telesphore LaJeunesse b:1846..d:8/6/1921.. at 75...may also been known as John Young...was married to Salome Trepanier..b:?..d:?...may also been know as Sally Trippany Young..a son born in Old Forge named...John Young b:1/2/1872..d:12/31/1954 in Malone, NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Carpenter / Fountain

Lois Mogren Wed Feb 11, 1998
Stephen Fountain born abt 1755 in NY (father of Benjamin) married Charity Carpenter.Charity Carpenter Fountain died 3 Aug 1831 in Gorham, Ontario Co., NY. She was daughter of Benjamin Carpenter born 1737 in NY. Benjamin Fountain b. 19 Mar 1780 and d. 30 Jan 1831 in Hamilton Co. (Wells) . I am looking for the ancestry of Stephen. Could he have come from Canada? Also a Deanna Fountain died in Hamilton Co. in 1994. Does anyone know who her parents were or anything about her. She never married. 

Olmsted / Wells

Carl Hommel Wed Jan 07, 1998

I am looking for the parents of Mercy Wells, who married Jeremiah Olmsted. She was born in 1768, and died in 1861 in Spafford, Onondaga County. Her husband was one of the first settler in Hope, NY. Could she be related to Joshea Wells, or to William Wells, early settlers in Wells, NY? (See French's Gazetteer.)

Olmstead / Wells

John de Marrais Wed Jan 07, 1998

Searching surames WELLS and OLMSTEAD in town of Hope, Hamilton Co.,NY. I am researching the family of Mercy WELLS, her married name being OLMSTEAD. Anything information will be greatly appreciated. She supposedly had 11 children in Hope, Hamilton Co.,NY.

Mercy Wells - Born 16 July 1768 place unknown. Married - ca. early 1800's to Jeremiah OLMSTEAD. He was b. 6 Jan 1762 in West Stockbridge, Mass. and died 18 December 1846 in Spafford,Onondaga Co., NY. Mercy died 29 April 1861 in Spafford, Onondaga Co., NY

Children - alledgedly 11 born in Hope, Hamilton Co., NY:
Timothy - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Dat[sic] - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Jabez - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Almon - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Issac - b. 17 Aug 1808 Hope, NY;
Hannah - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Kimmie - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Sarah - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Cynthia - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Lucinda - b. Hope, date unkn.;
Mercy - b. 17 March 1812 in Hope, NY. 

Doage / Ingraham

Marlene McFate Burkheimer Wed Jan 07, 1998

INGRAHAM: Lorenzo Ingraham (1819-1915) married Jennett Doage 9/9/1841 in Northville, Hamilton County NY. Would like to know their siblings and parents. 

Hall / Washburn

Pat Groves Fri Nov 28, 1997
Am looking for b. m. d. dates for Eliphalet WASHBURN who married Pamelia HALL (have only a name for her also). Their dau, Nancy Maria WASHBURN was born in or near Benson, Hamilton Co., NY 17 May 1829. Would appreciate any info. Have most dates for Nancy forward and only names for the WASHBURN line going back to about1680. Willing to share whatever info that I have. 

Craig / Overacker / Vanderhoof

Betty Fink Sat Oct 25, 1997
I am searching for the parentage of the wife of Michael Overacker who moved to Wells, Hamilton County at about 1800 from Schaghticoke, Rensselaer County, NY. Several researchers have concluded that Michael's wife, Catherine, was a Vanderhoof, and that her father was Henry. Michael Overacker was born at about 1760, therefore, Catherine would presumably have been born at or about the same time. Catherine died in Wells at about 1809 and Michael married secondly, Lorena _____, the widow of Moses Craig. I would also like to find the maiden name of Lorena, and where this family lived before going to Wells. Even the smallest of clues would be helpful. 

Bratt / Overacker

Betty Fink Sat Oct 25, 1997
I am searching for the names of the children of Bernardus Bratt, the son of Anna Barbara Overacker and Nicholas Bratt. Bernardus was known to have remained in Wells or the general area until about 1830. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Dickens / Hart

Melva McClellan Wed Oct 01, 1997
Looking for any information on Joseph Hart who was listed in the 1840 census for Hamilton County, pg. 250 Township of Morehouse. I would like to know if he and Adeline Dickens got married there in about 1840 and if 4 of their boys were born there from 1842 to 1848. Thanks 

Fort / Shaut

Stanley A. Shaut Wed Sep 10, 1997
I wonder if anyone is doing, or has done, a genealogy of the Palatine FORT family. I see that my Shaut ancestors, and other families have intermarried with the Forts in Herkimer and Montgomery Counties I will be more than happy to exchange family data.

Coburn / Crane

Fred Vance Wed Sep 3, 1997
Seeking information on Amariah Crane, Sr (1759-1836) and his wife Tryphena Coburn (1761-?). I believe Amariah served in the American Revolutionary War and is buried in Cathead Mountain Cemetery, located north of Benton, New York. They possibly lived for several years in Hamilton County New York. 

Kellogg / Ostrander

John A. Mosher Tue Aug 26, 1997
KELLOGG/ OSTRANDER- Looking for info on the Daniel Kellogg of 1880 Wells, Hamilton Co. census. Especially in Edward Ostrander, age 15, in the Daniel Kellogg household. Would like any info connecting these two surnames. Thanks in advance.

Baril, Berry / Bratt

Kenneth L. Berry Fri May 30, 1997
Looking for any information on Edward Baril/Berry b. Quebec 14 Dec 1818 d. 1906 Northville, NY and his wife Lavina Bratt b. Cherry Valley, NY 1823. Edward became a citizen on 16 Jun 1852 in Wells, Hamilton Co.,NY and is found on the census of 1850, 1860, 1870 in Wells. Why did he relocate from Canada and when ? Who were his children ? Was he previously married ?

Avery / Dods / Dolson / Doremus / Eglin / Spears

Robert G. Moore Sat May 3, 1997
Looking for anyone researching the Family of Catherine Dods (1769-1845) dau. of Bartholemus Dods and Marjte Doremus. She married Schenectady 1790 to John Eglin 1769-1845) his parents u/k. Both buried Town of Benson Hamilton County, N.Y.
Children EGLIN:

Trying to do a complete family history. Will gladly share info. R. Moore 77 Metcalfe Street St Thomas Ont N5R 3K6

Misc - lookup request

Donna French Tue Apr 29, 1997
I would like to get copies of the book "Descendants of the US Presidents" part of the book relating to Zachary Taylor. I am told it is in the Hamilton County Library. I am willing to pay for the copies and postage. I am doing family tree and he is an ancestor of mine. Thank you. 

Fountain / Scribner

Cheryl Koopman Tue Apr 1, 1997
Looking for parents, of John D. Scribner, b. 1842, d. 1931, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co. He married Laura Fountain, dau of David and Elizabeth Fountain.


Steven D. Loose Sat Mar 29, 1997
Seeking descendants of Moses Craig and Lorany, his wife. Believe they had children Moses and George. Also seeking parantage of Lorany.

Allen / Davis / Eaton

Maria Bush Fri Mar 14, 1997
Edward Allen born on 4 Jan 1805 in Canada? married to Cynthia Davis 13 May 1835 and they lived in Long Lake, Hamilton Co., N.Y. They had many children: Mary, Archibald, Lyman, Wesley, Julliet, Sara J., Ida E., and Valencia some of the children died from illness around the 1860's. My ancestor is Mary Allen who married Steadman Eaton they had two children of which Edward Eaton is my great grandfather. The other child may have been a little girl but we are not sure. Did Edward Allen in fact marry Cynthia Davis ? Who were their parents ? And where did Edward Allen come from in Canada?

DeMorris / Mattice

Lara A. Braley Wed Feb 27, 1997
I am looking for information on my great great grandfather and grandmother. His name was Andrew (John?) DeMorris and was born in 1850 in Canada. He purchased property in Wells, Hamilton Co., NY around 1860. His wife was Catherine Mattice. I don't know when or where she was born. Some of their children were supposedly born in Wells although I have found no proof of this. Anything known on Andrew or Catherine's families (parents/brothers/sisters/children/marriage/etc..) would be emensely appreciated!!

Baker, Bowker / Dowen / Groff / Miller / Ryder / Thayer / Vanderhoof / Williams

Mailyn Meyers Tue Jan 28, 1997
I am interested in information concerning Francis Dowen, Sr., b. abt 1750, d. 1828 in Hope, Hamilton Co., NY. Wife Eleanor Williams of Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He enlisted in the Revolutionary war in Douglas. Children: Mary m. Richard Baker; Francis, Jr., m. Rhoda Bowker or Barker; Martha m. Samuel C. Baker; Elizabeth m. Miller; Daniel m. (1)unknown (2) Satty Thayer (3) Lucy Ryder; Eleanor md. Henry Vanderhoof; Abigail md. Overacker Groff; also, possibly a John who md. Margaret Groff. I have a possible father for Francis Dowen, Sr., a John Dowen found in Fitchburg, Worcester Co., MA, in 1767 with children John, Mary and Francis. Any further information on this family is desired.

Chamberlain / Conklin / Davis / Rider

Douglas V. Smith Sun Jan 26, 1997
Looking for date and place of death and burial of the following: (1) James L. Davis, born 1834; (2) Hannah (Davis) Rider, Mrs. John, born 1828; (3) Samuel L. Conklin born 1873; and (4) Eleanor Augusta (Davis) Chamberlain, Azariah, born 1874. I would guess that all died in or near Wells but cannot confirm.

Delamater / Hathaway / Miracle, Markle

John Komar Sat Jan 25, 1997
Looking for information on Mary Delamater born 18 Jan 1813 Hamilton Cty. The family moved to London, Ontario, Canada and a Isaac gave the bride away. She married Hiram Miracle (Markle) whose family was from Broadalbin before they moved north. Lawrence Markle and Clarinda Hathaway.

Butler / Healt / Rich / Spier / Stewart

Linda Jo Letscher Wed Dec 25, 1996
Looking for information on Bell Rich, born September 16, 1874. Born in either Rome or Syracuse, Ny. Father's name unknown. Mother's name Mary Healt born in Oswego, Ny. Bell was given to distant relatives for unknown reasons possibly too many children in Rich family, she never adopted. New family name Gladys Butler, 2 brothers (Rich) were given either to a Catholic orphanage or Seminary. There were other children. Bell Rich married and moved to California. She had 4 daughters. Leah Stewart, Marcia Stewart, Lois Spier, Marion Spier


Phyllis Putnam Thu Dec 12, 1996
Gosier: Seeking anyone interested in cooperating on constructing the Family Tree of descendents of Simeon Gosier who emigrated to Rosiere, NY about 1830/

Swartwout / Whittaker

Nancy Johnsen Curran Sat Sep 21, 1996
Looking for origin of Clark Whittaker, bn abt 1804 Hamilton Co., res. Greenfield, Day and Edinburg, Saratoga Co., d aft 1887 land purch in Town of Day. He marr Margaret Swartwout, b 8 Mar 1815 Saratoga Co. Said his parents were bn in Vt. Had a brother Sylvanus living on next lot in Edinburg. Must be cousin of "the other" Clark Whittaker of Easton, Washington Co. who had a son Britton (in will). "My" Clark had a grandson, Brighton Whittaker.

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