R. B. Nichols, Game Warden,
Indian Lake, 1910

Many thanks to Jim Claffee a great-grandson of R. B. Nichols and William Zullo, Town of Indian Lake Historian for sharing this material!
Robert Burns Nichols
Robert Burns Nichols was born May 30,1858, in Elmcroft, New Brunswick, Canada. R.B., one of six children, married Henrietta C. Brown of Indian Lake, who was from a family of eleven children. "Etta" was born in 1863 to Josiah and Sarah Louisa Bennett Brown.

R.B. Nichols, six feet tall and 230 pounds, was Game Warden for the Indian Lake area for over twenty years. Robert Burns Nichols and Etta later moved to Warrensburg, where he died in 1928. They are both buried in Warrensburg Cemetery.

Their oldest daughter, Lena, married A.T. Claffee, a graduate of Geneseo,who was principal of Indian Lake High School when they graduated their first class, in 1908. Another daughter, Estella, married John H. Farrell. In 1926, "Jack" Farrell succeeded his father-in-law as Game Warden.

Diary of a Game Warden
Indian Lake, 1910

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